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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Father Had Brain Surgery — Success! NO CANCER in the Brain.

Yesterday, my father had the MRI to map his brain for the surgery. We knew the day before that brain surgery was almost the only option left, and if the MRI didn't show any roadblocks, the surgery would happen not too long after. All of us were on pins and needles, except my Dad. He knew this was his only option. He wanted the surgery.

Since last Thursday, we've all been unbelievably stressed to the maximum because of his condition. His lung cancer tumor has been shrinking, and so has the liver tumor. Both are smaller by 40%. We'd all just found out a few days earlier. He was more active and feeling better, and in fact, he was doing tax returns since it's "tax season." Suddenly, he became unable to lift his left arm, use the left hand or walk without the help of my brother. He was dizzy and tired. Even he knew that something was wrong. His hand swelled up and so did his left foot and calf. He was so tired, he could barely keep his eyes open.

By Thursday, he was almost immobilized.  All weekend, someone had to help with every move he made to make sure he didn't fall or trip. By Sunday night, it was BAD, and we were all very worried. We made a list of the observations we all noticed over the days — especially just on Sunday — and called the oncologist's on-call doctor. We were told to call 911 and get him admitted ASAP. Of course my Dad didn't want to go; he wanted to go to sleep. Earlier in the night, though, he knew something was wrong, and he told me. He said, "My brain is muddy." He told me he couldn't find words. He knew something was happening. We made the right decision in getting him into the hospital. There was swelling on the brain.

The brain cancer is gone. It was gone. CyberKnife had worked. The necrotized tumor caused pressure and swelling, and had to be removed. It was the size of a fingernail bed. My father was awake remarkably fast. The neurosurgeon said everything went amazingly well and that the right choice was made. We spoke to my Dad last night around 10pm, after they moved him from the surgical unit to the recovery ICU unit where visitation is allowed. He spoke with us and said he felt horrible. I told the nurse, and she said all brain surgery patients say that; it's the headache. Then he asked for some ice chips and said, "When can I go home?"

Today he's doing even better. The doctors all say it's remarkable. He is recovering better and faster than some people half his age.

Thank God for this wonderful blessing.

My son Harry and my Dad, summer 2008.

Mom and Dad on a trip, late winter 2008.

My Dad and his best friend since childhood, in my parents yard.

All images with my father are ©2009 Suzanne / spookie, All Rights Reserved. Not to be used without permission. Any unauthorized usage will result in prosecution. 


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