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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Victory for Whales: We did it -- Thank You! From Captain Paul Watson

Vicotry for the Whales

Dear Suzanne,

We did it! This week, we drove the entire Japanese whaling fleet from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. They are on their way home!  

But we did not do it alone. We did it with you! Sea Shepherd is more than the ships and crew that operate them.

Yes, the crew is important - men and women from around the world from all walks of life who volunteer their time and skills and risk their lives to defend life in the seas. They are, of course, a very important reason for the success of our missions. They are the people who directly confront the killers on the high seas. It is their passion that makes Sea Shepherd all that we can be.
video thanks from captain watson
The crew on the ships could not function without our onshore crew, who make up our office staff and our many shore-based volunteers. Our onshore crewmembers are in a very real sense just as important as those who go to sea. They make budgets, answer phones, process donations, conduct legal research, respond to media inquiries, create merchandise, organize benefits like bake sales and art auctions, man information tables, prepare the ships in port, solicit donations of food and services for the ships--and so much more.

But, the foundation of what we are and what we do lies firmly upon the shoulders of our supporters from all around the world. Your financial backing puts the resources into our hands that feed our crew, put gas in the tank and paint on our hull, keep our engines running, and our safety and navigational requirements in tip top shape.

It is this trinity of sea crew, onshore crew, and financial support crew that keeps Sea Shepherd at seaand keeps the harpoons away from the whales, the clubs away from the seals, the longlines and driftnets away from the fish, turtles, and sharks, and the knives away from the dolphins.

Sea Shepherd is all of us who care about our oceans and are willing to stand up and ACT, in whatever way we are able, in defense of the wondrous diversity of life in our fragile oceans.

We are all Shepherds of the Sea and those who are not should be, because the stark reality is that if our oceans die, we die! Together we fight not just for the whales, sharks, seals, sea-birds, turtles, and fish, together we fight for our own survival.

Together we are a force for good, a force for change, a force for ecological sanity, and a force to be reckoned with!  

We will be honored if you would continue to stand with us as we imminently face battles on other fronts - bluefin tuna overfishing in the Mediterranean, pilot whale slaughter in the Faeroes, dolphin killing in Taiji, poaching in the Galapagos, and more.

To all the Shepherds of the Sea that made it possible for us to drive the whale killers from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, I think I can speak for all the citizens of the sea in saying "Thank-you."
For the oceans,
Captain Paul Watson 

Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President 
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
PO Box 2616, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 USA
Tel: +1-360-370-5650 Fax: +1-360-370-5651

Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Logo 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji, Japan 2011 — Sea Shepherd

Stop the Senseless Slaughter of Dolphins in Taiji, Japan!

Cove Guardian Reports
It is a bloodbath, cruel and barbaric. Each year, the idyllic and peaceful setting
of the village of Taiji in southern Japan is shattered by almost unspeakable
cruelty as incredible pain and ultimate death is inflicted on defenseless dolphins.
- Paul Watson, president and founder
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Taiji, JapanThe annual slaughter of dolphins at Taiji was virtually unknown until the film and photographs that Sea Shepherd released in October 2003 made headlines around the world. This was followed by the arrest of Sea Shepherd activists Allison Lance and Alex Cornelissen for cutting the nets and releasing 15 dolphins. They were held in jail for four weeks before being released. Subsequently, the fishermen erected barricades to hide their bloody slaughter from cameras.

One of the members of that 2003 Sea Shepherd crew was Ric O’Barry. He returned in 2004 and every year after, to do what he could to oppose the killing. Louis Psihoyos partnered up with Ric O’Barry to find a way around the barricades and the result was the making of The Cove, the academy award-winning film that has embarrassed Japanese society before international audiences. Sea Shepherd is honored to be featured in the movie. We are pleased that it has been widely watched and brought the world's attention to this issue.

In 2007, we returned with surfing legend Dave Rastovich and actresses Hayden Pantierre and Isobel Lucas to confront the dolphin killers and once again we were able to shine the international media spotlight on the horrors at Taiji.

It has been a long, hard fight, and thanks to Ric O’Barry, Dave Rastovich, Allison Lance, Alex Cornelissen, Louis Psihoyos, and so many others, we are making steady progress towards our goal of ending the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. We will continue with campaigns to pressure Japan to end this cruel and destructive slaughter of dolphins. Because our opposition is proud and stubborn it may take years and persistence, but determination will win the day eventually for the dolphins at Taiji. Starting in September 2010, we have positioned a crew there at the Cove to monitor and report on the situation. Read the reports and support our efforts!

• Sea Shepherd in Taiji•  Cove Guardian Reports• The Ruthless Killing
• The Toxic Bureaucracy
• What You Can Do
• Worldwide Protest

Species At Risk

The Japanese fishermen are indiscriminate. They kill any species that approaches the coast. Sea Shepherd crew have witnessed the killing of:
  • Striped dolphins
  • Bottlenose dolphins
  • Pilot whales*
  • False killer whales
  • Melon-headed whales
Striped dolphinBottlenose dolphinPilot whaleFalse killer whaleMelon-headed whale
This is not a complete list. They kill any species that approaches the coast including those listed above and Risso dolphins.

Boat and Blood

P.O. Box 2616, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
(USA) Tel: 360-370-5650   Fax: 360-370-5651

All contents copyright ©2011 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Recent Update:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Report from Taiji: February 18video

Cove Guardians photograph an offshore capture from Mountain PassCove Guardians photograph an offshore capture
from Mountain Pass
Culture and tradition are two words that seem to be heard quite often in regards to the Taiji dolphin slaughter, and while we all know that these claims are a ridiculous attempt to justify the actions that happen in this tiny little town, the events of the past few weeks have disproven every single claim and then some. Perhaps harvesting intelligent beings from the sea was a tradition once-upon-a-time but it’s obvious that this is a part of Taiji’s history that needs to remain in the past. However, these men can in no way, shape, or form claim that taking dolphins captive is part of their so-called culture or tradition, and the fact that they try to pass it off as such is an insult and a slap in the face to the rest of the world.

There has not been a slaughter since the 9th of February, but there have been two offshore captures, one in which two dolphins escaped the nets and were chased by several banger boats for more than half an hour. We’ve all had the terribly frightening dreams in which you’re being chased by something unknown and therefore dangerous. While I was watching from the Mountain Pass as these two dolphins were being chased and herded by my own kind, all I could think was that they must be absolutely terrified. If a human were to intentionally induce that level of fear in another human, they would be considered a monster. If a human took another human captive and held them in a tiny room where they were forced to perform slave labor, the world would be horrified that someone was capable of such cruelty. Yet here in Taiji, it happens nearly every single day and the world turns a blind eye and calls it tradition. Why is the world so afraid to stand against this? Why did Hollywood’s A-listers make a PSA about how this needs to stop yet bail out when it was time to get down and dirty?
A man places his catch over the footrest of his scooter. Photo: Nicole McLachlanA man places his catch over the footrest of his
scooter. Photo: Nicole McLachlan

The Cove Guardians and I are regular people with no media influence, no red carpet and definitely no financial success, but we gave up our lives to be here and fight for something that we believe is wrong. We have invested our blood, sweat, tears, and our reputations in the eyes of Japan to raise awareness for these creatures that need us. Those of you that have stood by us and offered precious support are truly the backbone of this campaign and we will be eternally grateful. Every single time I witness a slaughter or a capture, I am astounded that this is allowed to continue. However, with the latest news of the Japanese whaling fleet pulling out of the Southern Ocean, comes a glimmer of hope for the dolphins of Taiji.

Spread the word. Raise awareness. Speak out.

Here is your opportunity to become a Cove Guardian.  To join us in Taiji (voluntarily, and completely at your own cost and risk), write to us at coveguardian@seashepherd.org.  We will get back to you, but please be patient.  We cannot keep an eye on the Cove and answer e-mails at the same time.  Contributions to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to keep our official presence here are needed and welcome.  These contributions cover the costs for transport, telephone, equipment, supplies, food, and lodging for the official Sea Shepherd representative.  We will remain here through the end of March and will return for the next season in September 2011.

Thank you to the citizens of Japan who are weighing these issues and beginning to take a stand to solve them.  Thank you to everyone who is on the frontlines of this war.  This is a war to save ourselves from ourselves.  Without your calling and writingJapanese embassies and your own governments, there will be no change.  Keep it up! Every time dolphins are pushed into the Cove, let them have it.  Every time there is blood in the water, let them have it.  Make good consumer choices.  Inform everyone you know about the tragedy here and how it is linked to the captive dolphin trade.  All who patronize a dolphin show have blood on their hands.

For the dolphins,

Libby Katsinis

Taiji dolphin killers load nets onto the gutting barge for an offshore capture
on February 18th

Video credit: Sea Shepherd (:46)
A dolphin jumps for feeding time at Dolphin BaseA dolphin jumps for feeding time at Dolphin Base
Nicole, who will be assisting me during my time in Taiji, will share her experiences on her blog.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Like Striped Bass? Read On.

The Hudson River is home to a colorful cast of creatures, from baby seals to handguns to 4.4 million gallons of sewage. And you can now add mutated freak fish to that list!
Thirty years ago, researchers found that 94 percent of two-year-old Atlantic tomcod, which are brownish, mottled fish a bit longer than a hand, collected in the Hudson carried a type of liver tumor. Discovery News reports that the tomcod have evolved and adapted since then, in order to survive living amongst all the toxins that make the Hudson one of the most polluted rivers in the U.S. We truly can't imagine what they would have evolved into if they were in the Gowanus Canal.There is one downside to their admirable survival: the tomcod's are prime meals for larger striped bass, which means that the toxins in them are getting introduced into the food chain.
Contact the author of this article or email tips@gothamist.com with further questions, comments or tips.

Via http://gothamist.com/

VSO DAY— Victory for the Whales!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Victory in the Southern Ocean Day for the Whales

Pilot Chris Aultman and crewmember Mark Cullivan in an emotional embrace. Photo: Barbara VeigaPilot Chris Aultman and crewmember Mark Cullivan in an emotional embrace.
Photo: Barbara Veiga
It’s official – the Japanese whaling fleet has called it quits in the Southern Ocean, at least for this season. And if they return next season, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will be ready to resume their efforts to obstruct and disable illegal Japanese whaling operations.
“The Nisshin Maru made a significant course change immediately after the Japanese government made it official that the whaling fleet has been recalled,” said Captain Alex Cornelissen from the Bob Barker. “She looks like she’s going home!”
The Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker has been tailing the Japanese Nisshin Maru factory ship since February 9th making it impossible for the whalers to continue their illegal whaling operations.
“I have a crew of 88 very happy people from 23 different nations including Japan and they are absolutely thrilled that the whalers are heading home and the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is now indeed a real sanctuary,” said Captain Paul Watson.
The Sea Shepherd ships Steve IrwinBob Barker, and Gojira will remain in the Southern Ocean to escort the Japanese ships northward. “We will not leave the whale sanctuary until the last whaling ship has departed,” said Gojira captain Locky MacLean.
“This is a great victory for the whales,” said Captain Watson, “but we did not do this alone. Without the support of the people of Australia and New Zealand, we would not have been able to send voyages out for seven seasons from Australian and New Zealand ports. We are grateful to Senator Bob Brown and the Australian Greens Party. We are very grateful to Mr. Bob Barker for giving us the ship that turned the tide in our efforts to force the Japanese fleet from these waters. We are grateful to all our onshore staff and volunteers, supporting members and ship crews. We are grateful to the Chilean Navy and the government of France for their support. It is a very happy day for people everywhere who love whales and our oceans.”
It’s official – the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is over for this season and the whalers did not even take 10% of their quota. Sea Shepherd estimates that over 900 whales have been saved this year.
“It’s a great day for the whales,” said Sea Shepherd Chief Cook on the Steve Irwin Laura Dakin of Canberra, Australia, “and it’s a great day for humanity!”


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Whalers Have Stopped Running East and are now Returning West

The Steve Irwin en route to the Ross Sea. Photo: Barbara ViegaThe Steve Irwin en route to the Ross Sea.
Photo: Barbara Veiga
After heading eastward at full speed for 2,000 miles, and just before entering Drake’s Passage into the Southern Ocean, the illegal Japanese whaling factory ship the Nisshin Maru recently made a complete u-turn and is now heading due west back the way it has travelled over the last week. First Officer Peter Hammarstedt of Sweden, onboard the Bob Barkerfollowing the Nisshin Maru, reported that the whale poachers acted suddenly once they reached the position of 64 degrees 4 minutes south and 074 degrees 10 minutes west at 1700 (GMT). The whalers also decreased their speed and are heading westward at 11 knots, down from a speed of 14 knots they were traveling as they headed east.
The turnabout could mean one of two things. First, they may be on a great circle route back to Japan, or second, they may be returning to the whaling grounds in the Ross Sea where the three Japanese harpoon vessels may be waiting to continue their illegal slaughter.
Reports from Japan that the Japanese Fisheries Agency has suspended the hunt have not specified how long this suspension will last. It could be permanent, for the season, for two weeks, or only a few days. The three Sea Shepherd ships Steve IrwinBob Barker, and Gojira will remain in the Southern Ocean until the whaling vessels depart.
“The Japanese Fisheries Agency had no choice but to suspend whaling operations. Sea Shepherd had already enforced a suspension of operations by blocking all whaling operations since February 9th and blocking 75% of all whaling operations for the month of January,” said Captain Paul Watson “We will not allow the Japanese whalers to kill another whale down here in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.”
Captain Alex Cornelissen of the Bob Barker is in contact with the Chilean Navy to report the movements of the whaling ship to Chile. The Chilean government is closely monitoring the movements of the Nisshin Maru, and has made it clear to the Japanese whalers that whaling and the transportation of whale meat through Chilean waters is illegal. For now, the Steve Irwinand the Gojira will remain in the Ross Sea to await the movements of the whalers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Beastie Boys - Sure Shot [video]

Beastie Boys - So What Cha Want

Faith No More - Falling To Pieces

Faith No More - Epic

Faith No More - We Care A Lot

Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose

Smashing Pumpkins - Daydream

My daydream seems as one inside of you
Though it seems hard to reach through this life
Your blue and hopeless life

My daydream screams bitter 'til the end
The love I share -true- selfish to the heart
My heart, my sacred heart

My daydream dream
My daydream
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. . .

I'm going crazy
I'm going crazy
I don't want feellngs
Your feelings

I have gone crazy
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Siva- Smashing Pumpkins

That's when I bend loose my head
Throwing straight a spark instead
Yellow streak down in my hair
Dig it in the world I heal

Way down deep and in my heart
Lies a soul that's torn apart
Tell me, tell me what you're after
I just want to get there faster

I don't live - I invade
I don't give - I unveil
Don't want to live in your misery
I don't live - I invade

Sprinkle all my kisses on your head
Stars follow wishes fill your bed
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All this pain smothers me
Like a bomb that you cant see
Tell me, tell me what you're after
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I don't live - I invade
I don't give - I unveil
I don't live

Rhinoceros- Smashing Pumpkins

Kix - Blow My Fuse [HQ music video]

Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes [HQ music video]

Janes Addiction - Mountain Song

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Sir Psycho Sexy

Taste the Pain - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Friends [Video]

Red Hot Chili Peppers - True Men Don't Kill Coyotes (1984)

Pearl Jam-Black [video]

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blogger, Google, etc. Just an FYI.

Defamation, Libel, and Slander

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The language of Section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act fundamentally states that Internet services like Google.com, Blogger and many of Google's other services are republishers and not the publisher of that content. Therefore, these sites are not held liable for any allegedly defamatory, offensive or harassing content published on the site.
Please note that Blogger does not remove blogs for containing insults or negative commentary. While blogs that contain such content can be distasteful, Blogger is not in a position to arbitrate disputes.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Robin Quivers continues her vegan cooking journey on 'Vegucating Robin'

Robin Quivers has been the news anchor on The Howard Stern Show since the very early 80's and despite the usual content on the show, Robin apparently has functioning brain cells along with concern for her own well-being and some humility with a great sense of humor.

According to the website, Robin adopted a plant-based diet in 2007 and unlike the rest of us know-it-alls, took to creating a web show where she learns how to cook vegan. The latest installment, Episode 8: The Vegan Meat of Vegans, is similar to every other episode where the audience is treated to a simple vegan recipe along with Robin and her co-host, Gavan Murphy, drinking red wine and being silly.

I can't say how serious Robin is about living a vegan lifestyle. I don't know if she wears leather or wool, or if she frequents zoos or rodeos and for me, vegan isn't just about what I will or won't eat. What I can appreciate about Robin and her show is that she's using her "celebrity" status to reach out to people in a voice that says, "I admit, I have no idea what I'm doing so I've asked for help." This sentiment could easily be what stands in people's way when it comes to eliminating animal suffering specifically from their diets.

There's no Oscar nomination here, but what she's doing is fun, silly, and most importantly informative. It's wonderful that someone so well known can reach out to an audience and say, "I have no idea what I'm doing but this is important. Let's figure it out together."

Ryan Leitch 
Ryan is an Abolitionist Vegan Activist and her passion for all things vegan consumes her. Animals are here with us, not for us. Her favorite outreach activities include writing and blogging, hosting movie screenings, tabling and leafletting, demonstrations, potlucks, and Vegan Drinks. You can also find Ryan at Vegan Minneapolis.

Photo credit: Screen capture episode 2 Vegucating Robin