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Monday, March 30, 2015

#SAVE THE GALGOS (Greyhound Dogs)

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Every year, fifty thousand greyhound dogs called Galgos are tortured and killed in Spain.

Subjected to horrific pain, starved, burned with fire and acid, buried or skinned alive, dragged to death behind automobiles, hung from trees with just the tips of their paws touching the ground in what the Galgueros (hunters) call the piano dance because they are forced to struggle as they are slowly hung.

All of this cruelty and death is exempted from Spanish and European law protecting domestic animals because the deliberate torture and killing of Galgos is considered to be a part of Spanish culture and enshrined in their traditions just like bull-fighting.
The Galgos are greyhounds and in Spain they are used for hunting and for racing.

Around the world these dogs have been abused for hunting and racing but in Spain there is a bizarrely cruel difference. You see in Spain if the dogs do not perform up to the expectations of their owners, they are intentionally tortured and killed, usually by hanging. This is done to punish and shame the dogs for not living up to the expectations of their owners.

My wife Yana is deeply saddened by the suffering of these gentle dogs, so much so that she has decided to take action to oppose it by becoming an ambassador for Galgos Ethique Europe.

Galgos Ethique Europe was set up to focus attention on this barbarically inhumane treatment of these gentle dogs and for the purpose of rescuing them and finding them homes.

Yana wants to bring this cruelty to the attention of the world and especially to the attention of the European Union Parliament with a demand that European law prohibit the cultural persecution of these gentle dogs.


Yana Rusinovich: Photo by Benjamin Herve

Between 50,000 and 60,000 galgos are tortured and killed every year in Spain without any pity and with impunity by Spanish hunters (Galgueros). It happens here, in Europe because of the European Parliament that does not want to here about this kind of a "small problem". Please let's spread information about this problem and to finger the Spanish government and the European parliament, to show that we also have power to change, not only them. With one click of your key board you can change the sad fate of these incredible gentle, intelligent and unjustly abused dogs. ‪#‎SAVETHEGALGOS‬