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This blog is no longer used. I've retired it for the most part unless something very important comes up.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Skulls and Wheels: A Gallery of Skateboard Art

Skulls and Wheels: A Gallery of Skateboard Art

Sean Cliver
Mike McGill board

Sean Cliver is largely unknown to anyone who doesn’t ride a skateboard, but for two decades the Los Angeles writer and artist has played a big role shaping culture’s naughty side. He got his start drawing skateboard graphics in 1989, after winning a mail-in contest to work for Powell-Peralta, and over the next two decades produced some of the sport’s most enduring and controversial graphics (such an image of Charles Manson hanging out with the Peanuts). Later, he was editor-in-chief of Big Brother, the infamous and influential magazine that spawned the Jackass TV show. Cliver was a co-producer of the 2002 Jackass movie and still works for the Jackassworld.com web site.

Cliver recently assembled The Disposable Skateboard Bible, a book of skateboard graphics that could be described as the ultimate coffee table book for aging and nostalgic skateboarders. The book focuses on skateboard collectibles, and features boards from the 1960s through the 1990s. Cliver spoke with the Journal about the book, $10,000 skateboards and skateboard art’s influence on pop culture. This slideshow provides some illustrations. (And be warned: skateboard culture got very edgy and some of the images aren’t exactly Norman Rockwell.)

The Wall Street Journal: Tell me about the new book.

Cliver: Ultimately, what it is, is the most comprehensive visual overview of skateboards produced between the 60s and 90s. Lots and lots of pretty pictures of skateboards.

If you had to get one skateboard graphic tattooed on yourself, what would it be?

I don’t have any tattoos. But when it comes to skateboard graphics it’s safe to say that more than a few are indelibly imprinted on my brain. My first “real” board was a Powell-Peralta Mike McGill Skull & Snake model, so that graphic will probably be one of the highlights if I ever have one of those “life flash before your eyes” moments.

But if I was going to break down and get a tattoo it would probably be a full back piece of Pushead’s first John Gibson graphic on Zorlac. The idea of nerdy little me standing shirtless on a beach with that interpretively satanic cow skull covering my back would be awesome.

What graphics weren’t you able to find? Biggest omission from the Bible?

My only regret when finally going to the printer this past April—after two-and-a-half years of work compiling images—was not being able to photograph Stacy Peralta’s collection. I was briefly in touch with him, learned he still had the original Zephyr board from the one and only Zephyr ad that ran in the first new issue of Skateboarder Magazine in 1975, but unfortunately that’s as far as I was able to get with him. I guess he was neck-deep in the Crips and Bloods: Made in America documentary at the time and we were never able to hook up to shoot his stash.

What is the ultimate “rookie card” of skateboard graphics, i.e. the most expensive collectible boards?

For the longest time it was Tony Hawk’s first model on Powell-Peralta from 1982. One of those in unskated condition sold for $6,000.00 on eBay in 2002. Since that time a few other unskated “rookie” boards for Natas Kaupas (1985), Steve Caballero (1981) and Ray “Bones” Rodriquez (1979) have sold for $7,250.00, $8000.00, and $10,000.00 respectively.

How do you feel about the proliferation of fine-art skateboards and other insta-collectible boards?

I sat on the sidelines of the comic craze in the 90s when every publisher was pumping out the limited-edition madness that ultimately burned out the industry and collectors alike. And that’s kinda been happening in skateboarding. Companies putting out decks for the sake of collectibility and not necessarily skating. Obviously it was never that way with skateboarders in the 80s and there wasn’t a single limited edition thought to be had in the industry. But that’s what now makes decks produced in that era so damn attractive and collectible. They were survivors, not pre-conceived products. To play devil’s advocate, though, it’s nice to see the artists getting recognition and work.

Which of the more controversial graphics that you liked would never get printed today?

I don’t know if there are really any that wouldn’t be produced … there’s always some company out there that’s small or sucker enough to take a chance. I’m guessing a few might balk at the 101 Adam McNatt Charles Manson Brown graphic for fear to retribution from an even scarier Charles Schulz.

What graphic that you drew is your favorite?

Twenty years have gone by now and I still return to my first graphic ever for Ray Barbee’s first pro model for Powell-Peralta in 1989. Maybe that’s just nostalgia talking, I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t say much for what took place in those 19 other years.

When you were a nerdy high school kid, what sort of stupid stuff did you draw on your binder?

Luckily I grew up in the 80s when punk was very much punk and scary skulls were the order of the rebellious day. Thank God I didn’t grow up during the hip-hop urbanification of the suburbs or I surely would’ve drawn really horrible interpretations of big-footed, fresh-looking characters throwing arthritic hand gestures.

As a man who drew several controversial skateboard graphics, edited an adolescent-targeted magazine that glorified drug use and worked on the TV show ”Jackass”, tell me all the ways you have made the world better for your children?

Look man, I had one kid. Then I got a vasectomy. So don’t tell me I’m not looking out for the world. By the way, my kid is now seven years old—six of which he spent in a Waldorf school—and he hasn’t watched a drop of TV or played a single video game in all that time. Yes, that includes no movies, too. So, if anything, my professional work history has taught me a thing or two about how to avoid people like me.

Ripped from SPEAKEASY / WSJ

Skateboarding's History in Graphics

Friday, September 25, 2009


Animal Liberation Front

Animal Liberation Front ; Exsisting as an army of one, a force stronger than any animal abusing fuckwit, dipshit arsehole...Our path is not one you wish to cross, so think twice before doing something we dislike because we will find out and you will be punished.


Romantic Proposal Leads to Turtle Deaths

Photo of loggerhead sea turtle from seaturtlenet.com.

Romantic proposal leads to turtle deaths

The Associated Press • September 25, 2009

HILTON HEAD ISLAND — A wedding proposal led to the deaths of dozens of federally protected loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings on a South Carolina beach.

The Island Packet of Hilton Head reports a man placed 150 waxed bags with candles inside on the beach on the resort island Tuesday night.

After the proposal, the couple left the candles lit. Sixty hatchlings emerged from a nearby nest and couldn't find the shore.

Town natural resources associate Sarah Skigen says some turtles circled the lights until they died or were eaten by crabs. Others headed toward dunes, lagoons and backyards.

The couple got a warning and Skigen says they showed remorse. The couple said they didn't know about light restrictions during nesting season.
Hilton Head is known for its wildlife. One of my favorite places in the world is the Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge, a beautiful island adjacent to Hilton Head. Anyone who is so clueless that they think they can litter this area with their candles and trash, is a dope that doesn't deserve HH beach access EVER AGAIN. But that's just my opinion, of course.

The poor turtles. :(

(reposted after reading in on Daisy's Dead Air blog.)

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: LIVE U.S. TOUR - Yo Gabba Gabba!'s MySpace Blog |

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: LIVE U.S. TOUR - Yo Gabba Gabba!'s MySpace Blog |

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Current mood: ecstatic
The Whole Cast Goes on Tour!

You asked for it!

Yo Gabba Gabba! announces our first ever U.S. tour!
Yo Gabba Gabba! Live: There's A Party In My City kicks
off Saturday, November 14th in Los Angeles! The show will feature DJ Lance Rock, and
the WHOLE CAST as well as lots of surprise super secret guests. Can you believe it?
Yes, you better.

There will mores news to come, but here are the details you need to know:
+American Express cardmembers can buy advance tickets starting September 30th at 9am
through Thursday October 8th at 9pm

+Gabba Mail subscribers are also eligible for a special pre-sale on Tuesday, October 6th
at 10am EDT.

+Tickets go on-sale to the public on Friday, October 9th at 10am

Tickets will be available via Ticketmaster

coming to the following cities:

Los Angeles, CA Shrine Expo Hall Saturday, November 14, 2009 11AM and 3PM
New York, NY Beacon Theatre Saturday, November 21, 2009 11AM and 2PM
Chicago, IL Rosemont Theatre Saturday, December 5, 2009 11AM and 3PM

I wish I could take Harry to see Yo Gabba Gabba
at NY Beacon Theatre on Saturday, November 21, 2009… but I have no one to go with me and the DANGERBOY. Knowing Yo Gabba Gabba, the special guests in NYC might be awesome. I've yet to erase the episode of the show that featured Jack Black.

This cracked me the hell up.


Who doesn't love a delicious slice of bread for an afternoon snack? Yumtown! But what if that bread was floor-bread? That is, bread from the floor. In this week's new video, Don't Eat Me, I'm Dirty, Brobee learns that floor-bread as well as floor-pizza, floor-candy, and floor-shoes have all sorts of nasty crud on them that can make you sick if you put them in your mouth.


Well, um, sometimes floor-food isn't so bad… is it?
A little cat hair never killed anyone.
Floor-bread. How bad can it be? Now floor-pizza, cheesy side down, is another story altogether. Floor-PB&J sandwich? Kinda sketchy. Was anything goo-ing out the edges of the bread? Was there anything nasty on the floor? Hmmm.

Sorry, did I gross anyone out? :D

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Real Life Moby Dick - Animal Planet: Animal Oddities

Real Life Moby Dick - Animal Planet: Animal Oddities

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Real Life Moby Dick


White Whale MigalooMoby Dick is real! Photos of a white whale were taken off the coast of Australia this summer. These sightings are not the first time this stunning creature has been spotted, however. First seen in 1991, it made its most recent reappearance while undergoing its annual migration. It hadn't been seen since 2007.
Whale researchers have determined that the whale is a male and have even given him a name: Migaloo. In the language of the Aboriginal Australians Migaloo means "white fella." It's a very fitting name.
Unlike the fictional Moby Dick, which was a sperm whale, Migaloo is a humpback whale. And while he might not have quite the global fame as Melville's whale, Migaloo's celebrity is growing. He has his own website where you can report a sighting and you can even become his friend on Facebook.
Until recently, Migaloo was the only known white humpback whale, but an all-white humpback calf was photographed this year in the same waters, leading some to believe that Migaloo is now a daddy!
VIDEO: See Migaloo in his all-white glory in this Australian news report.

Albino Humpback returns to Queensland waters

Migaloo the albino humpback whale swims south between Low Isles and Batt Reef off Port Douglas. Photographer: MARC McCORMACK. © 2009 The Cairns Post PTY LTD.

Migaloo, the white Humpback whale, has been seen north of Cairns
of Cairns.com.au

August 2009. Not seen since 2007, Migaloo - bigger than a truck and iridescent white - made his annual migration north past Cairns unnoticed.

Greg Kaufman, from the Pacific Whale Foundation, said the whale, estimated to be in his mid 20s, was looking well and "doing all the things whales should be doing" but warned the famous humpback may have a tumour.

Possible tumour
Mr Kaufman said "He's got a lump on the side of his head, which we think might be a tumour. It isn't uncommon for animals with albinism - it is also guessed he may have a low sperm count but we really don't know enough about him or his habits to know whether he is mating.

"He was swimming fine and blowing every three to four minutes and doing everything whales should be doing so we don't think he is sick. We've also noticed his left flank is covered with rust coloured algae, known as diatoms - all whales have it but it is more noticeable on Migaloo because of his colour."

Migaloo the albino humpback whale swims south between Low Isles and Batt Reef off Port Douglas. Photographer: MARC McCORMACK. © 2009 The Cairns Post PTY LTD.

Migaloo the albino humpback whale swims south between Low Isles and Batt Reef off Port Douglas. Photographer: MARC McCORMACK. © 2009 The Cairns Post PTY LTD.
Have you spotted Migaloo? Help track his trail by clicking here.

Mr Kaufman said Migaloo yesterday appeared to be heading southeast from Snapper Island, possibly heading out to the Reef.

"He is all by himself this time and is being pretty elusive, though he is swimming pretty close, in about 65ft (19.8m) of water. We think he was doing about 4-5 knots and once they are en route, they seem to stick with that."

First seen in 1991
Mr Kaufman, who is currently undertaking research off the coast of Port Douglas, was among the group to first spot Migaloo off the coast of Byron Bay in 1991 and took a photo of the famed mammal to Aboriginal elders who named him Migaloo - meaning "White Fella'.

The big fella was first seen off Snapper Island by a fishing boat and word quickly spread.
Click here to go to the original story on Cairns.com.au, or clic here to go to their photo gallery of Migaloo.


Leucism is a very unusual condition whereby the pigmentation cells in an animal or bird fail to develop properly. This can result in unusual white patches appearing on the animal, or, more rarely, completely white creatures.
Albinism is a different condition. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is that in albinism the eyes are usually pink or red, and albinism affects the entire animal, not just patches.
This occassionaly causes very excited biologists to think they have discovered a new species, when in fact leucism is the cause of the unusual markings they have seen. Click here to see our gallery of leucistic animals and birds.

Verse Upon Bank Of America Holding My Checks And Angering My Cat


"These checks will be held for two weeks", they said,
"because they are very large and from New Jersey"

This much is true
But I am now home and
my cat is angry

He looks up through
his sloth with narrowed eyes
He querulously naiows his consternation

Tonight I will sleep the sleep of a good man
but my cat will not know rest
burring hair on his back, whiskers fanned
looking out on the rooftops with disdain and contempt
at spots where other cats have sat
outdoor cats
cats with no collars no names
cats that dig through dumpsters clawing towards the smell of day-old filets
skittering perhaps like a word whispered into a wind
on a moonless night in a dark alley
behind the bank that holds my checks.

Bank of America should not be in the business of angering cats.

NOTE: In July of 2005 I changed banks. My new back only holds checks for 5 days.

copyright © 2003-2006 Life In A Mikeycosm Site Meter
copyright © 2003-2006 Life In A Mikeycosm Site Meter

The above was written by Mike. Mike is not only a really cool dude, but writes some poetry. Funny poetry I must say. He has a sense of humor that cannot be described in normal terms. I'm glad I met Mike, and I hope he continues to crack me up.


Affectionately dedicated to Christopher Hume

I have, in my time, seen some cheeses.
No stranger to Swiss or Gruyere
I may, as I wander
wherever I pleases,
pause often to ponder
the prized food of meeses
and of some poets, here and there.

(belloweth the mislactothrope)

What discord! What spite has been uttered,
to curdle my smooth creamy dream?
Who cares not for dairy
or greets with a shudder
relation to cheesecake and to butter
to milk and to thick dreamy cream?


(Unfinished work-in-progress)

NOTE: When performing this aloud, capitalized parts should be read through a megaphone.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Huntingdon Life Sciences James Murdoch Home Demo 9.18.09

Channel Icon
September 21, 2009

James Murdoch, director at GlaxoSmithKline : Activists visited your Soho apartment on Friday to introduce you to the campaign to close Huntingdon Life Sciences! Hooray for you, you're not left out!

Huntingdon Life Sciences kills 500 animals a day to test crap like toothpaste, Splenda, oven cleaner, bleach, and YOUR DRUGS.

However, Glaxo's really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, as HLS has been caught out in investigations where they're regularly falsifying safety test data.

What this means is: GSK is testing their human killing drugs at a company that fakes their safety testing data.

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) has also been caught out in numerous investigations horribly abusing the animals in their care: cutting monkeys open alive without anesthetic and punching beagle puppies in the face, to name a couple of the atrocities.

The campaign to close Huntingdon Life Sciences is fueled by compassion for the animals inside its walls, and activists will never back down until the killing ends.

Your contracts keep Huntingdon Life Sciences in the business of abusing animals - cut your ties to this death lab!

Monday, September 21, 2009

VANS — R. Crumb Fritz the Cat

Holy hell, R. Crumb on my kicks!
My son has food and daily needed items, my cats have food and litter. I have R. Crumb VANS.
I have priority issues? Possibly.

Go to http://www.crumbproducts.com/ for R. Crumb's history, etc.

I remember way back when — the 80's — Robert Crumb came to my class in NYC. A lowbrow cartooning artist we all idolized or thought was an amazingly odd freak… we sat there, speechless. I know I was pretty dumbfounded.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Originally uploaded by F.M.Radio

I'm with Dave on This One.

“Sometimes I really shouldn't be allowed to interact directly with humans.”
— @davenavarro6767
(and then he tweeted: “As long as there is a piece of technology between me and them, I can get by until I come out of it. Animals, I can handle.”)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

“Try to do” — A story about a big squirrel and a baby squirrel.

This is one of the most touching things I have ever seen. Please watch it--and always take the time to help others in need. ♥ I don't think I've ever watching this without crying. — A great friend and animal lover, hardcore vegan, animal rights activist and all around super person.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Herd of Bees

A Herd of Bees

Copyright Jim Willis 2001, all rights reserved

(From his best-selling book Pieces of My Heart – Writings Inspired by Animals and Nature)


A flock of seagulls may frost you

with dollops of green and white,

a murder of crows may frighten you

with caws in the middle of night.

A gaggle of geese may warn you

of winter’s approaching gloom,

but a swarm of bees is unwelcome,

unless you give ‘em plenty of room.

A shrewdness of apes may impress you,

their brains like ours on a par,

a pace of asses might strike you,

with just how like us they are!

A quiver of cobras might evict you,

unless a kettle of hawks is about,

but an intrusion of (shudder) cockroaches

is very difficult to rout out!

A bed of oysters may lull you

with the temptation to take a nap,

a rhumba of rattlesnakes is definitely not

something you’d want in your lap.

A clamour of rooks may clamor,

a host of sparrows may host,

but if you’re having a party, you wouldn’t invite

a flink (twelve cows at the most).

A clutch of chicks may grip you,

a clowder of cats detain,

a trip of goats impede you from

your composure to maintain.

A cete of badgers may unnerve you,

a culture of bacteria invade,

but a band of gorillas won’t hurt you,

though they’re liable to upset your maid.

A yoke of oxen may tow you

should you suffer a breakdown,

an unkindness of ravens won’t help you

catch a lift to the nearest town.

A string of ponies might squire you

along a country road,

and an army of frogs will strike you as

not as quiet as a dead toad.

A smack of jellyfish may accost you,

a mob of kangaroos might, too,

a gang of elk could alarm you,

a horde of gnats you might rue.

A stud of mares might confuse you,

a bouquet of pheasants, too,

but a charm of finches won’t bother you,

unless they decide to nest in your “do.”

A husk of hares could tell you,

where to find delicious corn,

a lamentation of swimming swans

might sound like blaring horns.

A pod of porpoises can outswim

your best efforts, you must admit,

and a skulk of foxes won’t ever tell

where they’ve hidden their kits.

A wisp of snipes might swipe you,

a dray of squirrels annoy,

a flock of swifts might swat you,

mustering storks bring bundles of joy.

A bevy of quail might warn you

about a swarm of rats,

and there’s few things cuter in this world

than a kindle of baby cats.

And as you attempt to memorize,

study hard to learn the groups,

you’ll learn a pack from a pod,

and not to call a team a troop.

When you’re done you may figure out

that most don’t give a clue,

which is why animals are often smarter

than a Congress of humans – ‘tis true!