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Friday, March 23, 2012

How To Make Delicious Green Sandwiches « Perfect Formula Diet

My friends are LOVING these sandwiches so I decided to share the author of the book—and her recipes—with all of you. Enjoy! I know a lot of people are, and right now! Thank you, Janice Stanger!

Onto the Article Janice Stanger posted:
‎"Green sandwiches will be the next big thing in food, just a modest prediction. You read about it first here." —Janice Stanger, Ph.D.

How To Make Delicious Green Sandwiches

Whole grain bread, two kinds of kale, and romaine lettuce are the appetizing basis for my next green sandwich

These Toppling Creations Can Be Your Go-To Lunch
Green smoothies are everywhere. Thousands of recipes offer intriguing ways to blend leafy greens, such as kale, chard, and spinach, with fruits, plant milks, chocolate, ice, and more for a thick, cold, satisfying drink. Often filling enough to be a meal on their own, green smoothies can be a delicious part of a whole foods, plant-based diet.
Green smoothies often aim to be slightly sweet. People who are not much into leafy green vegetables can enjoy them, because the fruit and other ingredients mask the taste of the greens. So even if you are shy about leafy greens, you can get a healthy dose of raw vegetables in your drink.
Green sandwiches are different. Green leafy veggies are the stars and their taste and texture are fundamental to enjoying the sandwich.
Leafy green vegetables are wonders of taste, nutrition, and appealing color. Calorie for calorie, these foods pack in more vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals (beneficial substances found only in plants) than anything else you can eat. These vegetables also give you omega-3 fatty acids.
Remember, leaves are the nutrient factories of planet earth, harnessing sunlight to drive life on our planet. It’s no wonder that eating leafy vegetables protects against disease and spurs weight loss.
I used to eat nut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch every day in the office for probably a decade. The last few years, however, I’ve branched out to creating green sandwiches. My inspiration was a goal to get more greens effortlessly into my daily menu. I began experimenting with sandwich possibilities and quickly discovered how simple and delicious green sandwiches are.
Here’s what I’ve learned about making green sandwiches.
• Excellent bread is the foundation of a hearty, satisfying sandwich. At a minimum, you need to choose whole grain bread. Read bread ingredients carefully. The first ingredient should be whole “name of grain” flour (This is usually whole wheat.) “Wheat flour” and “unbleached wheat flour” are not whole. Just because a bread is dark, does not mean it is whole grain. Using bread made from sprouted grain or gluten-free bread is fine.
• Equally important is using a variety of fresh leafy greens. Choose from the many varieties of kale, spinach, chard, collards, bok choy,
Parsley and other fresh herbs are great on a green sandwich
dark lettuces (such as romaine), or any other leafy greens you favor. Fresh herbs, such as parsley, cilantro, chives,mint, and basil, also count and add excellent flavor and fragrance.
• Choose any add-ons you like. I usually spread the bread with a thin layer of hummus, smashed avocado, or tahini. You can also use any nut butter. It may seem strange to put peanut or almond butter on a green sandwich, but if you would put peanuts or almonds on your salad, it’s really the same thing. Additional vegetables, such as green onions or sliced tomato or onion, are also delightful on the sandwich.
Assembling the sandwich could not be easier.
• Toast the bread if it’s stale or you just like toast better
• Wash and thoroughly dry your greens and other raw ingredients, then cut large leaves into sandwich-size pieces
• Spread the bread with whatever healthy plant-based choices you want
• Make sure your sandwich wrapper is handy, because the sandwich will be messy and will tend to fall apart if you don’t wrap it quickly. A reusable sandwich wrapper is best practice.
• Pile the bread several inches thick with greens and veggies
• Press the second slice of bread on top of the sandwich, and wrap it quickly before it topples
Feel free to make the sandwich the night before and refrigerate it if you are rushed in the morning. I find it does not get soggy if I thoroughly dry the greens.
Be prepared for a messy but satisfying eating experience. If you use a mountain of greens, the sandwich will tend to fall apart. To counter this, press the two slices of bread firmly together when you pick it up. Take small bites as the sandwich is very thick. It will
You could try having a green smoothie with your green sandwich. What a combo!
take you a while to eat it all.
Why am I so addicted to my green sandwiches? The concentrated nutrients in the leaves lack one critical part of your fuel – calories. An entire pound of greens has only about 100 calories. To keep going through the rest of the day, the healthy, fiber-dense calories of the whole grain bread are a satisfying complement to the veggies. By varying the greens and bread and other fillings daily, I can make a different sandwich every day and never get bored.
Don’t like raw leafy greens? Not a problem. Your tastes can change in as little as 3 weeks. Start with a sandwich with only one layer of leaves, and pick the kind you like best (or dislike least). Over a period of months, gradually add more leaves until you’ve trained yourself to enjoy them. You may find some raw greens to be bitter. Start with spinach and lettuce, and gradually add other greens as your taste buds adapt.
Want an easy variation? Try a green wrap. It’s just like a green sandwich, but a little less messy, since everything is tightly contained in a whole grain tortilla or flat bread.
While green sandwiches might not be the world’s most gourmet whole foods, plant-based recipe, they are ultra convenient, easy to make, inexpensive, portable, nutritious, and delicious. You don’t even have to wash a blender after you make them.
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Intrigued? Now you can use our Whole Foods Blog Finder to target informative, fun postings on whole foods, plant-based nutrition. Quick information at no cost!
Blog posting by Janice Stanger, Ph.D. Janice authored The Perfect Formula Diet: How to Lose Weight and Get Healthy Now With Six Kinds of Whole Foods. This easy-to-follow eating plan is built on a whole foods, plant-based diet that can prevent, and even reverse, most chronic disease. Green sandwiches are Janice’s go-to lunch recipe.


The Perfect Formula Diet
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nearly 3,000 Cattle Die On A Stranded Ship

Nearly 3,000 Cattle Die On A Stranded Ship

 Nearly 3,000 Cattle Die On A Stranded Ship
One of the worst live export tragedies is finally over leaving 2,750 cattle dead out of 5,600 on board a Brazilian ship headed to Egypt. The remaining animals are on land, after being stranded in the Red Sea for a week.
Animal welfare group, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) said the Gracia Del Mar was carrying 5,600 animals from Brazil to Egypt to be slaughtered for food. The ship first got into trouble after running into bad weather. Later the converted livestock ship had problems with its ventilation and food systems. The combination of these complications caused half the cattle on board to suffer and die.
Animals Australia called the incident, “one of the worst shipboard disasters the live export industry has seen in many years.” The animal rights group pleaded with the Australian government to send resources to help the surviving cattle.
When the Gracia Del Mar arrived at Port Said, Egypt which should have been the end of their journey, they were refused permission to dock because of the dead animals. The captain made the decision to sail through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea and try three more ports in Djibouti, Sudan and Eritrea, but they were turned away again.
Ultimately the ship became stranded in the Red Sea with the suffering cows inside.
Animals Australia reported that authorities considered moving the remaining cattle onto smaller boats in the Horn of Africa and then sailing them to shore. Activists urged officials that this was inhumane and to unload the cattle directly onto dry land.
Finally on Tuesday, word was received that all of the live animals had been taken off the ship. Animal groups are now trying to learn the whereabouts of the cows.
“We have been unable to verify the latest reports but are continuing in our efforts to find out what is happening with the surviving cattle and trying to ensure their humane treatment after the harrowing journey they have been forced to endure,” CIWF said.
“What is clear at the moment is the incident is another example of why long distance travel for farm animals should be ended.”
Lyn White, Director of Animals Australia worried about the consequences to the animals if the ship had “broken down on the open ocean.” “It would have caused a catastrophe,” she said.
Peter Kane of the Australian Live Export Council condemned some of the guidelines of the Brazilian cattle export business, but touted the many safeguards and high-standards his country has in place to protect the animals being shipped overseas for slaughter.  He assured the public this sort of situation would never happen to Australian cows.
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Photo Credit: blmurch

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The live export of animals should be shutdown worldwide.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/nearly-3000-cattle-die-on-a-stranded-ship.html#ixzz1rkw2XeLn

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Fur is Flying: Barbi Twins Take on Kathy Ireland

The Fur is Flying: Barbi Twins Take on Kathy Ireland

Posted by Jordan Schaul of The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center on March 8, 2012
I’m certainly not an animal rights activist.  However, I work with captive wildlife and am well aware of the contentious debates between some advocacy groups concerning their respective interests and perhaps distorted views.  Some of their reactive discourse may pale in comparison to what has transpired in the past few days among celebrities on Twitter.

I took pause when I read the following Twitter exchange.

Shane and Sia Barbi (Barbi Twins)

An excerpt from the “Twitter War” being waged between the world famous pin-ups and controversial animal activists Barbi Twins and mom, supermodel, and successful business woman Kathy Ireland:

Kathy Ireland:@Barbi_Twins Will stop fur design when activists join fight to save babies. 
Barbi Twins: @kathyireland Love babies too, but animal activists don’t wear, sell and design skinned babies.   Barbi Twins: @kathyireland ur luv 4 babies is g8, but saying u will stop selling #fur if #animalactivists saved babies is disguising profit 4 #compassion   Kathy Ireland: @Barbi_Twins @jmniguy Am praying for you. God bless you.   Barbi Twins: @kathyireland TY Can u also plz put a prayer n 4 the #animals that were skinned alive or anally electrocuted 4 ur #FUR line? God luvs us all.

Kathy Ireland

Shane Barbi said, “Compassion has no boundaries. Learn to love and respect beyond your own race, religion sex and species. Loving only your own species is specism; narcissistic bigotry.”
The Twins said, “If we can put a man on the moon, we can certainly find more compassionate clothes and fashion lines.”
The opposition includes a lot of people who feel that we should be more concerned about people suffering in developing countries than with animal issues.
In response to that, the Barbi Twins said, “For the most part people have choices and animals don’t. However, why does it have to be either or? If we are a so-called evolved species I feel we have an obligation and a responsibility to take care of those humans in need and non-human species that are often deemed less evolved, rather then exploit them.”
Sia Barbi remarked, “We admit that we are an oxymoron so it is silly to stereotype us. We are actually more like the Green Tea-Party Twins.”
The Barbi Twins believe that you can’t “barter compassion.” Rather, they said, “Choosing to treat animals with compassion will manifest in all other areas of your life.”
The twins were featured in Skin Trade, a film by Shannon Keith, which explored the behind-the-scenes world of the fur industry–a graphic yet compelling  documentary.
I applaud both Kathy Ireland and the Barbi Twins for their charitable work. The Barbi Twins are vegans that have rescued many companion animals, campaigned for animal bills, protested animal cruelty and have contributed a great deal to animal charities. Kathy, also a dog lover, is also quite compassionate having supported causes for children and adults with life-threatening illnesses.
I contacted Kathy Ireland’s publicist, but have yet to receive a response.
How do you as a reader feel about fur?
The views expressed in this article are those of Jordan Schaul and not necessarily those of the National Geographic Society.

© 1996-2012 National Geographic Society. All rights reserved.

Go to the news story and leave a comment. Here are some from the news article:

  1. barb
    March 10, 5:45 pm
    P.S. Can someone please explain to Kathy Ireland that if she wants to help babies in third world countries she must go vegan? All the grain/water fed to animals to give meat/dairy to the rich countries could feed the poorer countries.
  2. barb
    March 10, 5:43 pm
    Kathy Ireland’s comment is like saying, “Don’t help children in other countries until you help all U.S. babies first.” She’s saying don’t help one group until another group is helped. Her comment was an odd way to deflect from the cruelty she causes.
  3. Bonnie Snider, National Animal Advocacy Examiner
    Atlantic Beach, Florida
    March 10, 2:58 pm
    I’m 100% behind Shane and Sia on this! These helpless animals meet their deaths in the most barbaric and painful ways and for what? So someone can drape the skins that have been ripped from the animals’ bodies because of some sick idea that it’s somehow beautiful? It was beautiful when it was on the animal who was born to wear it!
    Every creature on this earth was put here for its own purpose. Animals have the capacity to feal fear, love and pain, just as humans do. But humans exploit these animals simply because we can. We aren’t cave dwellers anymore, who have to wear animal fur in order to stave off the cold. We have evolved, and in that evolution we SHOULD have come to recognize the importance of all living beings.
    There are many choices humans can make for fashion, but those animals whose fur is torn from their bodies don’t have a choice. They are forced into the torment and agony of anal electrocution or whatever method chosen that doesn’t “damage the pelt”. They are the helpless victims of humans who merely want to fluant their wealth and make others think they’re something more than what they are. I have far more admiration for people such as the Barbi twins who make the conscious choice to speak out for those who have no voice, and take a stand against the cruel fur industry than I do for some narcissitic egomaniac who feels the need to wear that fur.
    There’s the blood and immense suffering of innocent beings in every single piece of “fur fashion”. Just because you can’t hear their screams doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They are, and they scream loudly into the ears of those of us who actually care enough to really listen.
    We all choose which causes we wish to champion. Just because some choose to fight for animals does NOT mean they care any less about humans. Quite the contrary. It’s merely the choices we each make about what we wish to stand up for and speak out about. Personal choices that don’t negate each other in any way. Keep up the fight Shane and Sia! There are countless people who support you in this cause.
  4. Bob Barnett
    United States
    March 10, 1:59 pm
    I totally agree w Kathy Ireland, as long as she’s willing to be skinned alive and worn like a hood ornament
  5. Alan Sassoon
    March 9, 11:20 pm
    I have read the story, visited Twitter and seen the back and forth comments. To use the abortion issue as a wedge to “divide and conquer” animal-rights activists to “listen to reason” is not only unreasonable, its self-destructive. I have to agree with Mr. Williams in that Ms. Ireland is dangerous. Though she seems to have changed her tweets to “help her save babies”…as it was “go out and stop killing babies” could easily be misconstrued by a weak or mentally ill mind as a demand to kill or injure people who perform abortions. Indeed Ms Ireland’s suggestion is not only Charles Manson-like, it is ten thousand-fold of what Manson suggested. He suggested to “do what had to be done” to kill a small group (horrible enough for sure); but what Ms Ireland is leaving out is; the only way to do her bidding, is actually to kill the ones’ doing it. The Constitution does not allow for someone to go in and stop an abortion that is prescribed. But a crazy person could easily read her message to go kill abortion doctors, nurses etc. and hasn’t there been enough violence and killing over this issue already. Her killing fur-animal feeling/living animals and calling it “humane ethical euthanasia” is ludicrous enough. Sadly, when caged wild animals are killed; they are already so insane and in so much pain (they travel normally 20-30 miles a day); that any kind of killing would be considered “humane”. Hasn’t she got enough money to not have to do something so sinful? Maybe not. Maybe she’s got the same kind of ponzi-scheme going as Donald Trump (I noticed she retweeted him today). She may be broke too as this fur business seems to be something relatively new in her line; maybe its a last-ditch effort to save her business; but of course it is going to sink her. How could someone we thought was so savvy, be so stupid? Well we’re adults. A lot of “heroes” have disappointed us. I put her in the league of the Sanduskys, of the world. I am now reading articles that she is also giving speeches to try to defund Planned Parenthood which of course would cause a breast cancer and AIDS Pandemic in about 6 weeks; she’s a bit mum since the Komen debacle but she was speaking with vigor before that. Google it. There’s articles up everywhere. I think we’re dealing with a true madwoman with big severe issues. I really want to feel sad for her, but I can’t. What she is doing is very willful. She could stop if she wanted. But it appears she has plenty of enablers who, of course, care nothing about her as a person, only what they can get out of her.
  6. branden hawkins
    March 9, 11:11 pm
    U go twins!! Much love :)
  7. Sasha
    March 9, 11:08 pm
    This bitch makes me sick. Cruel, cold-hearted and disgusting. To wear real fur is arrogance at its finest. You will never be as beautiful as the animal who’s coat it rightfully belongs to. Ever.
  8. Janiice
    Miami Springs,
    March 9, 9:45 pm
    people that have fur coats need to understand that most of it comes from cruel fur farms that DO skin them alive. I feel that anyone wearing a fur coat is either a selfish person who nobody needs be associate with or an ignorant person.
  9. michelle a schlund
    March 9, 6:58 pm
  10. Paul Hester
    March 9, 3:48 pm
    Well said Barbi twins! I used to think Kathy Ireland was a very attractive woman, now I just see UGLY all over her. What a self obsorbed, warped, compasssionless person she seems to be.
  11. Tammy Lynn
    Albany, NY
    March 9, 2:24 pm
    I totally agree with the Barbi twins. Animals need a voice and are often exploited, abused, tortured, worn, etc. for the pleasure of an evolved society???? Thanks for your concern and your work with raising awareness to this very important issue.
  12. Hannah Odeal
    California, USA
    March 9, 2:21 pm
    I think one point that has sadly been missed in this discussion is that being Vegan, the Barbi Twins do care about the welfare of humans, most especially babies in under developed countries. It takes 16lbs of grain to ‘make’ 1lb of ‘beef’ and 3000 gallons of water for that very same animal. As vegans we know that what it takes to feed/water ONE Cow could feed & provide water for MANY of these starving children in these countries. The fact that factory farms cause the most pollution, not only to our air, but water & forests in many countries outside the USA are being destroyed so that we can feed the 70 BILLION farm animals slaughtered in the USA alone should be a good enough reason that people who love/care about humans go vegan. So you say you love children, well why not look into the facts. Fight againt the true demons, corporations/companies who exploit animals not only for factory farms BUT fur, vivesection, cosmetic testing. Why just fight for the animals you can bring into your home & cuddle? By going vegan you can not only save 100 animal lives a year, BUT you are helping those poor children overseas who are starving & do not have fresh water to drink. At least be open minded enough to look into these things! BARBI TWIN YOU ROCK!
  13. june bullied
    March 9, 2:19 pm
    barbi twins rock big time! kathy ireland is a doorknob. she only cares about the almighty buck. self-centered and totally absorbed in her own stupid world. view the video kathy on animals being skinned alive.
  14. Tristan L. Sullivan
    March 9, 2:11 pm
    One of the most senseless, ridiculous, cowardly justifications for abject cruelty and exploitation anyone has ever heard. Kathy Ireland’s logic is so impaired it’s a challenge to even comprehend it.
  15. nancy
    March 9, 1:30 pm
    Just because a person cares about stopping animal exploitation doesn’t mean they don’t care about humans. In fact, they usually care more about all creatures (including humans) than people who don’t have the compassion to see beyond their own speciesism. Remember, all exploitation is connected.
  16. Ian Middleton
    March 9, 10:23 am
    I agree with the twins. Respect for life doesn’t end with having opposable thumbs and the ability to work a digital watch.
    If you believe the lives of human babies are sacred then why not animals? They are both born into a world where they are at the mercy of others and in many cases unable to defend themselves. If it’s right to protect and defend one, why not the other?
    The flip side of Kathy Ireland’s comment is that the treatment of one person or species should be dependent on that of another. By the same token then none of us can expect to receive compassion or respect until all bad things in the world have been dealt with. I could equally say I’ll campaign for babies when they stop shelling civilians in Syria.
    These are non sequitur arguments thrown up by a lady who seems desperate to justify her wish to continue killing animals for completely frivolous purposes by suggesting that her support for other good works gives her impunity. It doesn’t.
  17. jt waldie
    March 9, 10:20 am
    kathy Ireland has no idea of how she obtains her skins so I have included a few educational videos. She loves her dogs? Would she then allow them to be skinned for their fur?Animals have no voice or choice in how their skin is extracted. THE BARBI TWINS HAVE GIVEN THEM THEIR VOICE! 1000000000000000% behind the Barbi Twins and ZERO, NADA, ZIP behind Kathy Ireland…..Kmart and other producers of her line of merchandise will indeed suffer for her greed!
  18. Robin0827
    Marshfield, MA
    March 9, 9:40 am
    I agree with the Barbi Twins. You cannot say you are compassionate when you have it for one species and not another. I believe if one is truly compassionate it spreads to all species , all of miraculous life on this fragile blue planet of ours.
  19. Webster Page
    Chesapeake VA
    March 9, 8:19 am
    Thank you Barbi Twins!! Humans wearing FUR is cruel.
  20. Sheila
    United States
    March 9, 4:56 am
    I am so tired of the so called animal lovers who only love some. They choose without regard for the suffering of all life. They make their filthy blood money from the pain of innocent, defenseless life.
    Remember one thing, do you want to die the way you have treated other lives?
    I hope to die in with compassion and dignity.
    Shane and Sia Barbi have also lent a huge helping hand in the battle against animal crush videos. These women ROCK!
  21. Sherlock
    March 9, 4:06 am
    Thats too bad you’re not Jordan! Interesting how they’re considered “controversial” because of the things they do. They do good for the animals….how is that “controversial”? I am truly surprised and disgusted Kathy supports such an incredibly cruel industry. She’s now on my sh** list.
  22. Kathleen
    March 9, 3:58 am
    Thank you, Shane & Sia, for staying true to TRUE compassion and ethics. I’m sorry but I’ll call it like I see it: it is a disingenuous diversionary tactic to respond to criticism on the fur issue by claiming or insinuating anti-fur advocates are not also advocating for babies/children/human welfare. 1st it is a complete avoidance of the fur issue, a way to deflect and change the topic because she knows she is guilty and can’t defend being responsible for the miserable lives and the ultimate deaths of all those animals. 2nd it’s insulting for Kathy Ireland to make broad generalizations that people who are anti-fur are also somehow anti-baby/child/human. This kind of response only shows the low level of intelligence and narrow mind we are dealing with. Anyone with half a brain and the ability to see beyond preconceived notions knows that this kind of generalization simply cannot be made — it is just not accurate nor fair. It’s really no different than a misogynist man claiming all women are bitches… I’m sure we won’t see Kathy Ireland supporting that!
    It’s sad but I really think Kathy Ireland is not interested in the truth, the pain, suffering and agony the animals suffer to provide fur for the clothing she sells for the almighty buck. She has firmly closed her eyes to that basic foundation of the entire issue. She is also blind to the fact that her professed love for her pets as “proof” of her compassion and love of animals is at complete odds with her very real role in the factory farming and the mass killings of thousands of animals for the sake of vanity and money.
    Our role on this earth is not to use every thing and every being in a mad rush for self-worship and adulation or for money. To live moral and ethical lives, we must respect all of God’s creations and work to “walk softly” on this planet. We owe that to our creator and to the future generations who will inherit it all from us. Do we leave them bankrupt of resources and bankrupt of soul as well via examples like Kathy Ireland gives, to kill without regard in the name of “fashion” and money?
    “They too, are created by the same loving hand of God; which created us. It is our duty to protect them and promote their well being.” ~ Mother Theresa
  23. Athena
    March 9, 3:23 am
    How wonderful that Kathy Ireland helps people in need…now why can’t she take it a step further and stop the killing, the horrific and cruel killing, of animals for her clothing line? Money, money, money…there is no other reason, none whatsoever, to use fur in her clothing line.
    Coming back at the Barbi Twins with the comment she made about stopping the use of fur when activists work to save babies lives is a typical response from people who really have no intention of changing and think that challenging others makes it all ok. It most certainly is not ok. Frankly, it is most often the people who help animals that do the most for humans, too…and why people like Kathy Ireland think activists only help animals is a mystery.
    Having said that, THE BARBI GIRLS WIN THIS ONE!!!
  24. PJB
    March 9, 2:22 am
    Interesting that the author leads with “I’m not an animal rights person”…what’s with that? And why doesn’t he say “he’s not an anti-abortion person,” then.
    From that to his complete pass on Ireland (“I admire both” parties), I think it’s clear where he stands.
    In this age of blogging, I guess any attempt at objective journalism or criticism has gone by the wayside. Too bad. The result feels like amateur manipulation.
  25. Al Jackson
    Palm Springs, CA
    March 9, 1:56 am
    Kathy Ireland seems selfish and heartless. And without much fashion sense either. Who wears fur anymore? And while Miss Ireland and co are all for killing helpless animals for profit, no animal activists are killing babies! We love babies for the same reason we love animals: they’re defenseless and they need us. Their only hope is the empathy of all of us. Miss Ireland is willing to kill for money. Anti fur activists aren’t willing to kill anything or anyone! I’ve joined the boycott on Kathy Ireland.
  26. Heather Clemenceau
    Aurora, ON
    March 9, 12:20 am
    Fur has fallen so far from grace that furriers are now trying to convince consumers that pelts are ‘eco-friendly.’ Furs are loaded with chemicals to keep them from decomposing in the buyer’s closet, and fur production pollutes the environment and gobbles up precious resources. And don’t forget: Unlike faux fur, the ‘real thing’ causes millions of animals to suffer every single year.
    Fur is mean, not green. I look away in disgust when I see someone wearing animal fur.
  27. Anja
    March 9, 12:03 am
    Fur is cruel… barbaric really. It shows the world what a self centered, superficial loser you really are. I will be sure to never buy anything that Kathy Ireland endorses, sells… whatever. Fur hags suck.
  28. JoAnne
    United States
    March 8, 11:27 pm
    Kathy Ireland has shown she will do just about anything for $$ . A shallow cold hearted money maker business woman , Boycott her line of furniture and especially the Macy’s Fur vault..line she says she designs and promotes and is not merely a model for the company..
  29. Holise E Cleveland III
    March 8, 11:25 pm
    Compassion: sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it
    ∞ “Where there is a mind, there are feelings such as pain, pleasure, and joy. No sentient being wants pain: all wants happiness instead.” – Dalai Lama
    ∞ “The systematic torture of sentient beings, whatever the pretext and in whatever form, cannot achieve anything more than it already has: to show us what is the lowest point of debasement man can reach . . . if that’s what we want to know.” – Joaquin Phoenix | quote from EARTHLINGS
    ∞ “If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us and because we are backing our own side in the struggle for existence, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reasons.” – C.S. Lewis

  1. Sam Johnson
    March 8, 10:57 pm
    What Ms Ireland is asking is Unconstitutional, and a felony criminal. She is asking us to stop the “killing of babies”‘ I imagine in her mind that means “stop abortions”. The only way to do that would be to commit a felony; and could cause harm to other human beings; in fact would cause injury.
    She is using social media to use others to do this for her. Any lawyer could look at this (even not a very good one) and see there’s not a big difference with her request, and Charles Manson’s request to The Family.
    On the other hand, The Barbi Twins are simply asking Ms Ireland to stop raising and selling fur. She is not asking for anyone to intervene, to hurt Ms. Ireland, to cause damage to the farm, simply to stop. A simple request.
    Someone in the legal business should look at this story very carefully.
    Ms Ireland seems dangerous to me…not to mention extremely cruel.
  2. Sam Johnson
    March 8, 10:29 pm
    I believe
  3. Paul Jefferies
    Aurora Colorado
    March 8, 9:14 pm
    The fur industry is inherently cruel. Every aspect of it is designed to maximize profit, with no concern whatsoever for animal welfare. All for a product which is not even needed. Merely a fashion item for the rich.
  4. Yvette Busot
    Los Angeles
    March 8, 7:52 pm
    Kathy Ireland is just being defensive and deflecting. That’s great that she has championed social causes. Unfortunately, fur is extreme animal cruelty. Killing animals for vanity, skinning them alive, anal electrocution, clubbing… I don’t know why anyone would want to put their name on that. She is also propagating the myth that Human and animal rights are competing interests, which they are NOT–at least they don’t have to be.  Compassion has no boundaries and conscientiousness has no limits….they’re as big, or small, as your your mind. 
  5. Katrin Kirschner
    March 8, 7:15 pm
    What a b*tch! We’re talking “skinning alive” and you try to compromise this discussion by talking about babies!??
    Are you insane?
    No wonder nobody likes you!
    We won’t stop until you’re bankrupt!
  6. milan cronje
    south africa
    March 8, 7:09 pm
    To ‘Curious’: You state that people make ill informed statements about the fur-industry fueled by cult groups(where did you get that from?) like Peta.You also state that people would be very surprised to learn what really happens on furfarms.You are absolutely right; People have been very surprised to learn what really happens to animals on furfarms and if you have a drop of compassion you would be repulsed to the bone! I,unlike you, I am very informed about what really happens on furfarms and you have to be psychotic to support the immense cruelty these beings suffer.I would be correct in assuming that you think these beings are ‘humanely’ killed.The outcome is exactly the same;Innocent beings are being slaughtered for the vulgar vanity of some humans.Barbi Twins have my complete support !
  7. Bridget Curran
    Halifax, NS Canada
    March 8, 5:22 pm
    The fur industry is inherently cruel. Anyone with an ounce of compassion in their heart and common sense in their head knows this to be true. Kathy Ireland talks of charitable work for babies and loves dogs, yet she turns a profit on the suffering of others, in this case fur-bearing animals. She is the worst kind of hypocrite. Shane and Sia Barbi have my full support to end the brutal skin and fur trade. Kathy Ireland should find an ounce of compassion in that ice cold heart of hers and stop paying someone to torture and murder animals for ugly clothes.
  8. Curious
    March 8, 4:58 pm
    Everywhere there are hypocrites and ignorant people…..just seems like you can’t be rid of them. First of all….if you want to make statements about the fur industry and how the animals are treated, then maybe you should be informed, and learn about what actually happens out there. Your info is wrong, and skewed by cult groups such as PETA. Seriously look into the fur farming industry and I bet you would be surprised by what you find. On the other hand…seriously look into PETA…..what they do is not what they represent. On a last and (to me) pretty funny note, I wonder if these Barbi twins have ever been questioned on the product they are wearing IN their lips. Wearing fur has always happened…probably always will, but paying extreme amounts of money to inject your body with a product that is tested and KILLING thousands of animals just so you can look like you are going in anaphylaxis, seems pretty stupid to me. Check the facts people!
  9. Jonathan Livesley
    March 8, 4:41 pm
    Go Barbi Twins indeed! Of course we should all show compassion to mankind, but not at the expense of showing compassion to animals. We can and should do both. It makes no sense at all to be campaigning ‘compassionately’ for people whilst profiting from the incarceration, torture, brutality and murder of fellow creatures. Especially when we have evolved so many cruelty free fashion alternatives. “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all livings things, man will not himself find peace.” Albert Schweitzer. Beauty isn’t a coat made from tortured animals. Beauty is a compassionate soul.
  10. Cili Robertson
    March 8, 4:34 pm
    I’m with the Barbi twins, anyone who parades around with the pelts of animals who are skinned alive, and murdered in other horrible ways,thinking they look glamorous
    need to really take a good look at their black heart.
  11. Lindie0
    March 8, 4:10 pm
    When I was younger, I used to think that animals were bred, raised and euthanized humanely for the use of their pelts, hides, and other body parts. Then, to my horror, the truth came crashing in on waves of campaigns from organizations like The Humane Society and PETA. I realized then how terribly naïve I’d been to think that animals were treated with respect by owners raising them for profit. Quite the opposite, animals are abused in heinous ways to make money off their bodies.
    But that was then, and this is now. And NOW, with social media, I’m getting an even wider glimpse into the tortured hell on earth animals suffer every day to provide human(kind?) with fur to use in their “creations.” I am so sickened and appalled now, I would never buy fur, leather, feathers, and have also evolved to vegetarianism. And frankly, I can live with that. Easily.
    Animal advocates like the Barbi Twins are heroes. They speak up for the voiceless and the choiceless; and I support them – all the way.
  12. Ariel Rose
    March 8, 4:01 pm
    I am not sure how somebody, in this case Kathy Ireland, who engages in and supports violence on a level causing extreme suffering, could be congratulated for their compassion. I suppose that is the world we live in, one can contribute to horrendous things, but as long as they also do charity for the sake of looking good for the public they will continue to be hero’s.
    The true hero’s are the Barbi Twins who have compassion for people and animals. Kathy Ireland has no compassion as far as I am concerned.
  13. Mia
    March 8, 3:50 pm
    I am with the twins 100%. Fur is unacceptable. To rip the skin off a live animal for vanity is barbaric. Anyone who wears fur should have their head checked.
  14. Simone Netherlands
    March 8, 3:47 pm
    “Until we expand the circle of our compassion to all living beings, man himself will not find peace”. Albert Schweitzer.
    How come that Albert Schweitzer and Albert Einstein had these wisdoms such a long time ago , how come people took to the streets in the 70′s to protest fur and the clubbing of baby seals, (which worked pretty well), yet today, we seem to be right back at square one?
    Since when is it ok again to blatantly show off what suffering you have caused? Do we really need to freeze over our hearts to make our necks feel warm? I think not, we have plenty of fabrics that accomplish the same. We need to rethink “necessary”.
    I believe it is a lack of being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. A lack of imagination to understand what it would feel like to be that innocent animal.
    With Kathy it might not be a lack of compassion but a lack of imagination. If she would be there witnessing the process, the compassion might be there. Is it simply too difficult to begin to understand what it would be like to be another species? If it was her own dog that was being skinned alive, would she be able to understand? I do wonder.
    Everyone who wears fur needs to go visit a fur farm and witness the killing process, in which they are skinned alive. They are skinned alive because in a more humane way, the fur would be damaged, and after death the skin does not come off as easily therefore it makes the process less time and profit efficient and thats what its all about, profit efficiency.
    The saddest fact that I can think of about living in this day and age is that there is no limit to what people will do for a buck. It is the world we live in. We will not stop, until we have used every last resource on earth.
    “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight”. Albert Einstein.
  15. Kathy
    Indiana, USA
    March 8, 3:44 pm
    The Barbi twins argument is one that is truth.
    One can not turn on & off compassion when there is profit for them. kathy ireland is a disgrace to compassionate women who know that if we can not learn compassion and tolerance for God’s animals,, then mankind will never learn compassion and tolerance for mankind. kathy ireland is further ignorant in her comment about animal rights activists. We help other activists and bond with them in their fight for the environment, & human rights. A zillion points to the Barbi twins. ZERO for greedy, uneducated, no compassion kathy ireland
  16. Patricia Betty
    United kingdom
    March 8, 2:59 pm
    I feel sad that people like Kathy Ireland cannot embrace all life human and animal and work towards ending all suffering. The barbi twins are my absolute heroes. I wish all people could see the bigger picture like they do
  17. George Coon
    March 8, 2:40 pm
    How do I feel about wearing fur? Put it this way. GO BARBI TWINS !

    UPDATE (I just had to add this comment)

    Tess Faulkner
    March 12, 1:55 am
    Fur on anybody but the animal born with it sucks and now I know that Kathy Ireland does too. Caring about animals does not equate to not caring about babies or people, in fact, I would argue to the obviously ignorant and uneducated Ms. Ireland that having compassion for animals will do far more for the exploited humans of the world since it is through the exploitation of this earth through factory/torture farming, etc. that is going to wreak havoc on the earth and all that inhabit it including babies and especially the poorest people of the world. While climate change causes tsunamis and tornados and all kinds of other natural disasters Ms. Ireland can donate her time and money to the end result while continuing to dismiss those who are working at the roots to make this a better world for all. Wow, I did not realize that Ms. Ireland was so ignorant.