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Friday, December 31, 2010

Action for Animals — Resolve to Go Vegan in 2011

Resolve to Go Vegan in 2011

Your 2011 New Year's resolution can help end animal exploitation, preserve the natural environment, and improve your own personal health! How is that you ask? It’s simple: GO VEGAN!

On average a person switching from the standard American diet to a vegan diet will prevent the abuse and killing of over 100 animals per year (some reports put the figure as high as 200 animals)! Going vegan has been widely reported as one of the best things you can do to go green. And eating a zero-cholesterol, low-saturated-fat, plant-based diet drastically reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, and many types of cancer.

If you are not already vegan please resolve to eliminate meat, eggs, dairy, and other animal products from your diet. If you don’t feel you can go vegan “cold turkey,” resolve to reduce your animal product consumption by a set amount every week until you are completely vegan.

Help animals even more by avoiding leather, wool, and down and by purchasing cruelty-free household or personal care products and avoiding products that are tested on animals. (Products and clothing you already own could be used up or worn out; no need to toss out these items. Remember, as far as the animals are concerned, future choices are what matter.)

If you would like more information on why and how to become vegan, you can request a free vegan starter pack from AFA.

Visit our literature page for PDF versions of several Veg Starter Kits, recipes, flyers, fact sheets, and more.


Resolve to Get Active in 2011

If you are already a vegan, or on your way there, please resolve to become more active for animals. Being vegan yourself is essential, but unless we educate others by promoting a vegan diet and lifestyle, billions of farmed animals and billions more fish will continue to be exploited.

It is very likely your decision to become vegan, or to start on the path towards veganism, was the direct result of someone else’s outreach and education efforts.

If you are interested in getting more involved in vegan activism please contact AFA. We can provide leaflets and videos that you can share with your friends, family, students, coworkers, or random people on the street.

Here are some great ways you can take action for animals:
-    Set up an info table at your school, at a local college, in front of a grocery store, at a Sunday Market, or at a concert, festival, or other event.
-    Leave our flyers in the free literature section of your local library, animal-friendly restaurants, stores, cafes, etc.
-    Post videos, articles, fact sheets, etc. on your Facebook or link to them on your Twitter. You may use or link to any of our flyers and use any of the videos on our YouTube. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and repost or re-tweet things we send out.
-    Have a vegan bake sale at your school and pass out flyers and videos to people who stop by.
-    Host a vegan potluck and introduce non-vegan friends to vegan food and information.
-    Start a weekly vegan lunch outing with your coworkers.
-    Host a feed-in: Get some vegan “chicken” patties or nuggets (Boca brand are tasty and widely available, as are Trader Joe’s Soy Nuggets) or Tofurky Italian Sausages or some other fake meat product. Cook and cut them into sample sizes with toothpicks in them and pass them out in a busy public place (downtown, near a school, outside a grocery store, in front of a KFC, etc.) and offer people who take a sample some vegan literature.
-    Pass out flyers about the cruelties of dairy and eggs or the myths of free-range and humane farming at your local Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc—where people might be conscious but might not yet be vegan.

You can get started right away by printing flyers yourself or by downloading and emailing them to your friends.

You may also buy materials from our online store. We only charge our printing and shipping costs for AFA flyers, and for other organizations’ materials we only charge to cover shipping.

If you can’t afford to cover costs we are happy to mail you materials for outreach. Just email us with your name and address and a list of what you need and how you will use it.

If your actions save just one animal’s life or prevent the abuse and suffering of a single individual, it is well worth your efforts. However, the outreach you do will almost certainly save hundreds of animals’ lives and prevent thousands of hours of suffering. What else can you do with your time that can help so many?

We are here to support you. If you need help going vegan or getting active for animals please email us. We are here and ready to work with you to make this a more just and peaceful world for all animals!

Thank you for caring!

P.S. You can help even more animals by supporting our vital work to stop animal cruelty and exploitation with a generous year-end donation. Your support makes it possible for us to educate and inspire people to make positive changes in their lives for animals!

a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 


Contact Us

PO Box 45843
Seattle, WA 98145
(206) 227-5752 

Download the PDF's from past mailings

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Addicted to Groupons. OMG.

Yes, I'm a Groupon Addict. I open my email every day to see what the deal of the day is. Even if I can't afford it, I sometimes wish I could buy the Groupon that I'm staring at on my screen. I have a problem, and no, I won't do anything about it. I will not unsubscribe from Groupon.

Go to their website. Check it out. If you like it, sign up. Please use my referral code. I'll be your best friend!

You can even give Groupons as gifts! Do you have any idea how happy I'd be to get a Groupon Gift Card in my Inbox? I would plotz.

Since I'm not so awesome at details, I'll take the info right off the site and post it here. Trust me, You'll love Groupons. Oh, and they aren't just for places like stores and restaurants, spas and services. You can get Groupons for photos print services and use your Groupons online. I recently got one for a photo book and calendars. Anyway, here's how it works:

  1. Get It

    Check your email, Facebook or Twitter feeds for daily deals on cool local businesses.
  2. Share It

    Groupons are more fun when used with friends. Pass along deals by email or broadcast them to your social networks.
  3. Enjoy It

    Print the voucher or bring it up on your mobile device, then present it at the business to get your deal.


    Personalize Your Deals

    Tell us a little about yourself—starting with your zip code, gender and age—and we'll make sure you see the deals most relevant to you. And don't worry, you'll still be able to discover cool new stuff with your city's featured deal of the day.
    Read More.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Farm to Fridge - The Truth Behind Meat Production

Mercy For Animals presents Farm to Fridge. Narrated by Oscar-nominee James Cromwell with music by internationally acclaimed producer Ben Frost, this powerful film takes viewers on an eye-opening exploration behind the closed doors of the nation's largest industrial farms, hatcheries, and slaughter plants -- revealing the often-unseen journey that animals make from Farm to Fridge.

Learn more at:


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Undercover at Smithfield Foods

  Undercover at Smithfield Foods

(Dec. 15, 2010)—The Humane Society of the United States has released findings from an undercover investigation that documented the inhumane treatment of female breeding pigs and piglets at a Virginia factory farm owned by a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, the world's largest pork producer. The investigation is the latest examination by The HSUS into the operations of the nation's top animal agribusinesses. It follows HSUS investigations last month into Cal-Maine Foods, the country's largest egg producer, and Willmar Poultry, the nation's top turkey hatchery. In each case, The HSUS found unacceptable and systemic abuses, revealing that these companies do not always observe even minimal best practices when it comes to animal welfare.
The investigator—who spent a month working inside a Smithfield-owned facility in Waverly, Va.— documented numerous abuses including the following:
  • Female breeding pigs were crammed inside "gestation crates" so small the animals could barely move for virtually their entire lives. The animals engaged in stereotypic behaviors such as biting the bars of crates, indicating poor well-being in the extreme confinement conditions. Some had bitten their bars so incessantly that blood from their mouths coated the fronts of their crates. The breeding pigs also suffered injuries from sharp crate protrusions and open pressure sores that developed from their unyielding confinement.
  • The investigator never saw a veterinarian at the operation. A barn manager told the investigator to ignore a pig with a basketball-sized abscess on her neck, and then cut the abscess open with an unsterilized razor.
  • Employees jabbed a lame pig's neck and back with gate rods to force her to move.
  • Three times, the investigator informed employees that a pig was thrown into a dumpster alive. The animal had been shot in the forehead with a captive bolt gun, which is designed to render an animal unconscious, and was thrown in the dumpster still alive and breathing.
  • Employees mishandled piglets and tossed them into carts.
  • Some piglets prematurely born in gestation crates fell through the slats into the manure pits.
"If this is the best that Smithfield can do, it is evident that there are terrible problems in the nation's pig industry," stated Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. "It is indefensible for Smithfield to allow its sows to linger in crates barely larger than their bodies for months on end."
In January 2007, Smithfield Foods pledged to phase out the use of gestation crates within 10 years, but in June 2009, the company backtracked on its self-imposed timeframe for doing so. "Now that Smithfield just posted its highest-ever quarterly profit, it's a good time to make a public pledge to honor its previous commitment," added Pacelle. "The company can no longer claim that economic circumstances don't allow for facility improvements." Other large pork producers, such as Maxwell Foods, are already gestation crate-free, while Cargill is 50 percent gestation crate-free.
An investigation summary is available, and media may download broadcast quality b-roll. High-resolution photos are available by request.


  • Murphy-Brown is the livestock production subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc., and is the world's largest producer of pigs for slaughter. The company owns approximately 888,000 sows and brings a total of 17 million pigs to slaughter annually.
  • Seven states have passed laws banning gestation crates, as has the entire European Union. Extensive scientific research confirms that confining sows in gestation crates is detrimental to animal welfare.
  • Burger King, Wendy's, Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Chipotle, Quizno's, Sonic, Wolfgang Puck, Safeway and Whole Foods have reduced or eliminated their use of pork from pigs bred using gestation crates.
  • A recent 2.5 year study by Iowa State University found that not using gestation crates can actually decrease production costs by up to 11 percent.
  • An American Farm Bureau-funded poll found that the vast majority of consumers think gestation crates are inhumane.
Media contact: 
Erin Williams, 301-721-6446, ewilliams@humanesociety.org
Follow The HSUS on Twitter. See our work for animals on your iPhone by searching "HumaneTV" in the App Store.
The Humane Society of the United States is the nation's largest animal protection organization — backed by 11 million Americans, or one of every 28. For more than a half-century, The HSUS has been fighting for the protection of all animals through advocacy, education and hands-on programs. Celebrating animals and confronting cruelty — On the Web at humanesociety.org.

Your dinner?

Remember, this is your dinner if you eat pork products.
Smithfield is just another factory farming horror.

List of BRANDS under



Hog Production

1Joint venture
2Smithfield Foods owns a 24 percent stake

All of the above is what Humane Watch doesn't want you to even think about. Humane Watch is The Center for Consumer Freedom, and they'd like nothing more than for you to keep eating factory farmed animals, buying your children fast food and all the junk foos possible in the supermarkets, all for their cause — "freedom of choice."  Funny, though, that the main backers of Humane Watch, The Center for Consumer Freedom, are restaurant owners, meat farmers, and people who really don't care how obese our kids get. Do a lot of research before believing a word they write. I did. I used to follow Humane Watch. Silly me!