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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Best Obnoxious Responses To Misspellings On Facebook | someecards.com

The Best Obnoxious Responses To Misspellings On Facebook | someecards.com

[UPDATED] The 30 best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook.
Are you someone whose day can be ruined by witnessing clumsy spelling all over the world's largest social network? Then this delightful list will let you live vicariously through the venom of others who aren't afraid to publicly challenge and humiliate sloppy wordsmiths. NOTE: If you see any improper spelling in this paragraph, please respond obnoxiously. (Via Lamebook)

(NOTE: This self-edit wasn't so much "obnoxious" as "utterly brilliant.")
UPDATE (4/11/11): Two new additions feature a confusing movie recommendation and death-defying spelling. (Via Lamebook, Failbook)
UPDATE (4/11/11): Woman inadvertently confesses to bestiality.

UPDATE (4/15/11): Four new gems including a failed teacher, a liar, and a "no"-nothing. (ViaFailbook)
UPDATE (4/15/11): Rock and roll all night with the wrong person.

UPDATE (4/23/11): Seven special new ways to constructively humiliate someone on Facebook. (Via Lamebook, Failbook)

UPDATED (4/28/11): 5 new additions include sex with mothers, grandfathers, and churchgoers. (ViaLamebook, Failbook)