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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Real Life Moby Dick - Animal Planet: Animal Oddities

Real Life Moby Dick - Animal Planet: Animal Oddities

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Real Life Moby Dick


White Whale MigalooMoby Dick is real! Photos of a white whale were taken off the coast of Australia this summer. These sightings are not the first time this stunning creature has been spotted, however. First seen in 1991, it made its most recent reappearance while undergoing its annual migration. It hadn't been seen since 2007.
Whale researchers have determined that the whale is a male and have even given him a name: Migaloo. In the language of the Aboriginal Australians Migaloo means "white fella." It's a very fitting name.
Unlike the fictional Moby Dick, which was a sperm whale, Migaloo is a humpback whale. And while he might not have quite the global fame as Melville's whale, Migaloo's celebrity is growing. He has his own website where you can report a sighting and you can even become his friend on Facebook.
Until recently, Migaloo was the only known white humpback whale, but an all-white humpback calf was photographed this year in the same waters, leading some to believe that Migaloo is now a daddy!
VIDEO: See Migaloo in his all-white glory in this Australian news report.

Albino Humpback returns to Queensland waters

Migaloo the albino humpback whale swims south between Low Isles and Batt Reef off Port Douglas. Photographer: MARC McCORMACK. © 2009 The Cairns Post PTY LTD.

Migaloo, the white Humpback whale, has been seen north of Cairns
of Cairns.com.au

August 2009. Not seen since 2007, Migaloo - bigger than a truck and iridescent white - made his annual migration north past Cairns unnoticed.

Greg Kaufman, from the Pacific Whale Foundation, said the whale, estimated to be in his mid 20s, was looking well and "doing all the things whales should be doing" but warned the famous humpback may have a tumour.

Possible tumour
Mr Kaufman said "He's got a lump on the side of his head, which we think might be a tumour. It isn't uncommon for animals with albinism - it is also guessed he may have a low sperm count but we really don't know enough about him or his habits to know whether he is mating.

"He was swimming fine and blowing every three to four minutes and doing everything whales should be doing so we don't think he is sick. We've also noticed his left flank is covered with rust coloured algae, known as diatoms - all whales have it but it is more noticeable on Migaloo because of his colour."

Migaloo the albino humpback whale swims south between Low Isles and Batt Reef off Port Douglas. Photographer: MARC McCORMACK. © 2009 The Cairns Post PTY LTD.

Migaloo the albino humpback whale swims south between Low Isles and Batt Reef off Port Douglas. Photographer: MARC McCORMACK. © 2009 The Cairns Post PTY LTD.
Have you spotted Migaloo? Help track his trail by clicking here.

Mr Kaufman said Migaloo yesterday appeared to be heading southeast from Snapper Island, possibly heading out to the Reef.

"He is all by himself this time and is being pretty elusive, though he is swimming pretty close, in about 65ft (19.8m) of water. We think he was doing about 4-5 knots and once they are en route, they seem to stick with that."

First seen in 1991
Mr Kaufman, who is currently undertaking research off the coast of Port Douglas, was among the group to first spot Migaloo off the coast of Byron Bay in 1991 and took a photo of the famed mammal to Aboriginal elders who named him Migaloo - meaning "White Fella'.

The big fella was first seen off Snapper Island by a fishing boat and word quickly spread.
Click here to go to the original story on Cairns.com.au, or clic here to go to their photo gallery of Migaloo.


Leucism is a very unusual condition whereby the pigmentation cells in an animal or bird fail to develop properly. This can result in unusual white patches appearing on the animal, or, more rarely, completely white creatures.
Albinism is a different condition. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is that in albinism the eyes are usually pink or red, and albinism affects the entire animal, not just patches.
This occassionaly causes very excited biologists to think they have discovered a new species, when in fact leucism is the cause of the unusual markings they have seen. Click here to see our gallery of leucistic animals and birds.

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