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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

White Post Farms — July 7, 2009

Harry loves the animals!
© All rights reserved.

© All rights reserved.

Harry had a great time at White Post Farms with Grandma and me. White Post Farms is in Melville, NY, on Long Island, and is a great place to take kids for the day or to have a children's party. The animals are all wonderful and the staff is friendly. There's also a garden center and produce market.

White Post Farms 250 Old Country Rd. ● Melville, NY 11747 Tel: (631) 351-9373

This family friendly attraction has been voted #1 among things to do with the kids by New York Magazine as well as being voted "Best of Long Island for Children's Parties" for the past three years in a row.

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The animal farm features many animals of all different species from around the world! Children can visit with new additions to the farm, including their American Buffalo, Tibetan Yak and Oryx Antelope, as well as your everyday favorites; goats, lambs, pigs, deer and alpacas. In the last few years they've traveled far and wide to bring many exotic animals such as a family of Ring-Tailed Lemurs from the forests of Southern Madagascar, Ostriches from Africa, Grevy Zebras from Kenya, Nilgai antelopes from India, Aoudads from Northern Africa and our Exotic Cattle.

The animals are all clean, well-fed and looked after, and they are not crammed into small spaces.

The History of White Post Farms

White Post Farms, as it is today, evolved from a family-owned and operated vegetable farm. The vegetables were trucked to the Brooklyn market during a period that began in the 1920's and continued into the 1980's. There was little change in the way farming was done for the first forty years of its existence.

The 1960's brought rapid change to the character of the farm. These changes reflected the trends and interests of the second generation of family members. A roadside farm stand was opened in 1964 and Greenhouses were erected so flower and vegetable plants could be grown therein. White Post Farms was one of the first farms on Long Island to erect greenhouses for the purpose of growing plants to sell at both retail and wholesale.

The 1990's produced more changes to the farm's character, again reflecting the trends and interests of yet another generation of the family: the third generation. Across this country farms are becoming the destination for American families seeking a different kind of experience, as in years gone by when city kids used to visit their country cousins.

Today schools and camps look to farms for educational tours as well as fun experiences. Families come to experience a one-day getaway. It is a time to bond and share in a park-like setting with the added benefit of a farm environment. A treat that is hard to find now-a-days. White Post Farms Animal Farm gives everyone a chance to learn about, interact with and enjoy animals in a natural farm setting.

Brown Llama
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White Post Animal Farm uses its unique character for the benefit of the community as well as for community organizations. Through events like the Annual Fall Farm Festival White Farms continues an age old tradition of country fairs with a modern twist. The Annual Fall Festival is a fun filled family day that has become an annual tradition for many families. The Fall Festival boasts hayrides, children shows, games, food and pumpkin picking.

White Post Farms continues to support schools and organizations in their efforts to enrich the lives of those in need. Fundraisers are a big part of supporting community efforts and White Post Farms is a proud contributor.

(©2008 White Post Farms)

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