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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Universal Break-Up Card, and A Million High Fives [#AMHF]

I started following Brandon Mendelson on Twitter many months ago. Brandon now has more followers than many celebrities. Brandon was spreading the word about Cancer Awareness (“Check Early And Check Often”); he and his wife Amanda use social publishing — networks and media — to help raise awareness and funds for charities, including cancer awareness and helping to raise funds for the homeless. His website is called
Everything You Need To Succeed Through Social Publishing

Here's a little about Brandon from the site:

Welcome To Soap Box Included

You demanded it. Join the front against student debt by signing up for the War On Literacy newsletter here. It's free!

My name is Brandon Mendelson, and I am …

1. The most followed non-celebrity / non-brand / non-media outlet on Twitter. You can follow me @BJMendelson.

2. President of Earth’s Temporary Solution. We are the production company behind the live social publishing documentary, A Million High Fives. Want to set a Guiness World Record and crowdfund A Million High Fives? All you have to do is purchase your card here.

3. A resident of Glens Falls, New York, with my wife Amanda. We have two cats (Fry and Bender), and you can learn more personal details bybecoming a fan of mine on Facebook.

4. A published columnist turned social publisher. Social publishing is how I describe: Status updates, micro-blogging, blogging, social networking, and emerging forms of creating content. You can learn more about my professional background on LinkedIn.

5. Often quoted by media outlets about social publishing, small business advice, and Generation Y. You can see my previous press appearances here.

6. I used to do consulting work, but I am not taking on any clients at this time; however, I love public speaking. If you would like to have me as a speaker at your company, event, conference, or other function, feel free to get in touch.

Speaking engagements scheduled during A Million High Fives are free.

Contact Me

-You can find me on many social networks here.

-Call Me: (518) 832-9844

-Write: PO BOX 2294, Glens Falls, NY, 12801

-I have a form you can fill out quickly and easily to email me.

This is just a repost of a humorous entry he posted today on his blog/website.

The Universal Break-Up Card



[Originally written during the Summer of 2003. Due to writer's block, here's what you're getting. But a quick lesson: Always revise the material you save. If it sucks, get rid of it, but if it was good, see what you can do to make it great. In this post, I found I used too many words, and it burys the joke.

Always make revisions. Even if you wrote the article yesterday.]

I saw the trailer for “View From The Top”, and one of the lines in it were, “You’re breaking up with me in a birthday card?” and the guy said, “Well, they don’t make break up cards.” So, to alleviate thatproblem, I proudly present to you “The Universal Break Up Card.”

Dear __________________.

____1) Its been fun, but I want to see other people.
____2) You suck in bed.
____3) I want to explore new things and meet new people.
____4) I’ve seen professional wrestlers more sensitive than you.
____5) You’re too sensitive, stop whining.
____ 7) You remind me of that guy / girl from (insert name of horror movie here).
_____8) I have to break up with you because I slept with your best friend/ dog/ sister/ neighbor.
_____9) It’s not you, it’s me. I’m a double agent and have to kill Dick Cheney.
_____10) I’m actually not straight / gay, fooled you!
_____ 11) We can’t have sex because I keep thinking about your mother/father/best friend/ cow/ neighbor.
_____ 12) Your refusal to flush the toilet / shave / kick helpless animals is too much to deal with.
_____13) I’m prejudiced against _________, so this isn’t going to work.
_____ 14) You were so awful in bed I’m quitting sex.
_____15) I now hate men / women because of you.
_____ 16) You told my parents we mate like orangutans.
_____17) You’re cheap, I don’t want much, but c’mon!
_____18) I have to leave, I pissed off the mob / government / terrorists / rap musicians.
_____19) You’re leaving for college / the military / prison, and I don’t feel like waiting.
_____20) I’ve been indicted for war crimes.
_____21) He / She is better looking than you.
_____22) This sleazy guy /girl convinced me you’re a waste of time. I’m going to hook up with them.
_____23) I’ve seen fourth graders smarter than your friends. At least the fourth graders can spell college. ___ 24) You’re from New Jersey, ’nuff said.
_____25) I love my cat / dog more than you.
_____26) I was blind when we started dating but now that my sight is back? Eeeeewwww.
_____27) I’m shallow and want a guy / girl with money.
_____28) I rather make out with a sock.
_____29) You’re standing in the way of my dream job: Professional Polar Bear Kick Boxer.
_____30) I’ve heard of sexual deviancy, but that’s too much.


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A Million High Fives

You demanded it. Join the front against student debt by signing up for the War On Literacy newsletter here. It's free!

A Million High Fives is a crowdfunded, social publishing project about empowering volunteers around the world to collect items for their local shelter and charities.

#AMHF Project Details:

Previous Projects:

The Brandon Show is Earth’s Temporary Solution’s oldest project. Tracing it’s roots to the late 90’s, The Brandon Show has appeared across multimedia outlets large and small, eventually evolving into what is now A Million High Fives.

Progress: Most video from the cancer awareness project are being used in conjunction with #AMHF footage and will air online together at a future date.

TBS Partners Included:

Sprint. Sprint is a proud sponsor of The Brandon Show’s Micro-Update series, which documented where Brandon and Amanda traveled across America to promote the early detection and prevention of cancer.

The 1 in 8 Foundation. The Brandon Show tour was operated under the 1 in 8 Foundation. The first tour’s mission was to educate students at colleges across America about the importance of early detection, particularly in fighting breast cancer. The catch phrase, “Check Early And Check Often” is still used in every video to remind our viewers of the importance of early detection.

The Photo

Pictured is Amanda Mendelson taking a photo of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, with her Samsung Rant. Brandon Mendelson took the photo with a Samsung Instinct.


http://amillionhighfives.com/A Million High Fives

A crowdfunded, social publishing project about empowering volunteers around the world
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Earth's Temporary Solution, PO BOX 2294, Glens Falls, New York, 12801

Phone: (585) 598 9018

Email: Brandon[at] brandonmendelson[dot]com

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