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Unfortunately, my blog isn't what I set out for it to be. A sick woman in Orleans, MA began stalking me in 2007 on Myspace. Since that time, this woman obsessed over me to the point of having the police come to her home and threaten to confiscate her laptop. She is a racist and anti-Semite.I could no longer blog freely, knowing this nutbag was just going to take the photos I'd post and put them on a child exploitation website.

This site is only up for the information it has that others might need to know about. That information is about "Seal Shepherd" aka Michael McDade, Kat McAboy aka Marilyn McAboy and Veronika Hompo, a self-proclaimed Nazi.

I'm a real person. I'm real and I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. After years of putting up with online abuse by manipulative, pathological liars, attention whores or narcissists, I've had it. Don't bother me with pathetic drama. I have no time for these types of people and their need to absorb others' time and attention.

This blog is no longer used. I've retired it for the most part unless something very important comes up.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Online Stalker/Cyberbully Has Escalated Her Hostilities and Libel.

The Improper Adoptee.

She already religiously read my blog that documents her sick and cruel libel about me. She's now lurking my personal blog, and still lurks my MySpace profiles and wishes, oh so badly, she could see my other sites I'm on.

Tsk, tsk, too bad. The more I know about her, the more wacko she gets. She has to be stopped before she does something rash, something harmful, something dangerous.

Insanities on the Internets!: KB, you say? So, WHO'S the Con Artist?

Insanities on the Internets!: The Improper Adoptee Can't Understand CEASE and DESIST? More Insane Harassment Posted by IA.

You use YOUR OWN DAUGHTER. That's SICK. Once I posted proof that "OH, CANADA!" was logging on to my blog all the time, over 40+ times and hosting your images of me and other images on your blog, "Canada" stopped using her regular IP to log on and started using another. NOT coincidental. I'm sorry, but no one is that naivé.

As for your abuse towards me, I've asked you since 2007 and I repeat it again:

To The Improper Adoptee:
Click the link below in purple for information on

I did a search, (when I posted the blog entry "KB, you say? So, WHO'S the Con Artist?") and found out a Kristina B. is connected to "The Improper Adoptee." I'll not post The Improper Adoptee's real name, because she will surely burst a blood vessel. But the coincidence was listed as odd, and IA never commented on it — until tonight.

Why is Kristina's blog listed as "The Improper Adoptee?"
Why is Kristina's location the same location as all the IP entries that have posted on the same exact time and date as The Improper Adoptee on my comments?
Why, after all this time has passed, has The Improper Adoptee just threatened me to never mention a person named Kristina?
Why did this young woman move so very far away from IA at such a young age? If she is her daughter, did the father get full custody? That would not be surprise. Seeing the unstable mental state of SFC, The Improper Adoptee, I can see the state handing over a child to any father and not this woman who is obviously out of her mind.

It's time for her to stop harassing me. Enough is enough. No one is aware of the requests to remove the libel that go back over a year. No one is aware of the calm and polite messages just asking her to please cut it out. No one knows how many times I asked this woman to stop bothering me. And lastly, no one knows how many times she was sent CEASE and DESIST letters and chose to ignore them.

YOU can Google yourself.

KB, you say? So, WHO'S the Con Artist?

(Original blog entry below)
The original comment by this compassionate woman is posted on my personal blog, in response to my cat's FIV+ status and hospitalization.

The Improper Adoptee said...

Oh wow-what a mooching loser you are trying to get money from people on line. You are such a con artist on so many levels it isn't even funny. I bet your cat isn't even sick. You are just another online cyber theif like DL or KB or don't want to pay your own bills and wants everyone on line to do it for you. You will pay for the abuse towards me this blog too. And btw, EVERYONE is on to you spookie. You have no idea how much legal action is going to be taken against you and by how many people.

December 4, 2008 4:36:00 PM EST

You might want to explain this. Why is KB the same exact age as your supposed daughter?

Those images are on your blog. Why is KB hosting them?

Oh, there's more. A lot more. You might want to explain this. Maybe it's all a big mistake, just purely coincidental, you know. I don't post libel, like you do, or cruel hate-filled lies and hurtful toilet rot. That's your forté. Feel free to fill in the blanks here. I have no qualms with you explaining this "oddity." It's also odd that you listed yourself as an accountant on MySpace, (and someplace else, but that's not important right now) and she, too, is an accountant. Isn't that amazing.

And now for the update.

You're threatening me after I asked you dozens of times to stop posting libel about me? You're threatening me after I asked you to remove my photo, and then you not only did NOT comply, you stole and posted another? You have some nerve. To top that off, you posted to my blog dozens of times! What are you smoking? It's apparent you don't take psychiatric medications which you so desperately need, but you are taking something, and it's not helping you one bit. You're a paranoid, delusional abusive being. You want to have your cake and eat it, too? Who do you think you are?

By the way, liar, your "disposable cell phone" is from Sprint Spectrum L.P., Harwich, MA.
Making up a different company was lame. You called, and Called I.D. doesn't lie. Neither did looking up the phone number you called from. It was very much Sprint Spectrum L.P. out of Harwich, Massachusetts. Keep trying to tell me that you do not live in MA. All bullshit points to MA. Isn't that funny? Even your bazillion AOL logins to my blog were from Chatham, MA!

Blah, blah, blah. First of all, slander is spoken word, you total idiot. Secondly, you called my son, a two year old, a bastard, months ago, so I think your demands are a bit silly. My son was around 1 and 1/2 years old and you were calling him a stolen bastard child.

As if you're not having your daughter and other people send you my blog entries. As if you don't read my other posts on other sites. you know too much information, and you post about it — you lurk me and then want to cry wolf? Get off your high horse.

Your demands fall on deaf ears, and I'll tell you why. I've asked you for over a year to remove your libel and hate, and all you've done is laugh. When you started your blogging about me, I didn't even know about it. When I found out and asked you to please stop, you said you laughed for 30 minutes.

I had no idea that your daughter, of all people, was involved in your despicable dirty work. To know that you actually use her to help you spread hatred is so hideous and vile, it makes my stomach turn. I only found out because of Google. I was only suspicious. YOU confirmed it. Yes, you posted the affirmation yourself. Anything I've ever found is on Google. Your crazy ideas about hacking are simply that — CRAZY. I used to pity you; I used to actually feel sorry for someone who might actually be nuts and think people are hacking her, but no, no more. I think you play this part like an actress, just like you say about so many other people, to try to call attention to yourself. You know no one has ever hacked you. If it actually ever happened, something would've been done a long time ago. you're an attention whore. You're the stereotypical drama queen. Worst of all, you are the dictionary definition of a bully.

Yikes. You'll go to any lengths to try to convince people that you're some poor victimized woman, the lady who did nothing and never said or wrote one bad word towards another. Can't you see that it's over? Your lies were exposed. You were never hacked. You bullied not only me, but a few dozen others, and the saddest part about those others is that they are adoptees — they very people you claim you stand up for. You've abused and harassed adopted adults and teenagers for as long as you've been on forums and social sites. You can deny it all you like, but those people will stand up for themselves one by one, and each has their own story of how you hurt them.

After everything you've done to me — from laughing at my father's cancer to refusing to stop harassing me with your libel and posting to other people's blogs your defamatory comments — you have some nerve telling me what to do. I asked you in an amicable manner so many times to remove your blogs about me, and the image you stole without permission. You think that now you have a right to tell me what to do? Are you that insane? You, the hateful and cruel woman who has no regard for others wants me to obey her? Oh, please.

Can you comprehend?

BUSTED. You = Busted.
I bet you're not having a procedure, a surgical anything. I bet your neighbors finally got fed up, and you're going to the local jail to do some time for harassment. Yes, I am serious. you've admitted to harassing your neighbors, so a medical excuse fits so perfectly for you.

Raise your hand if you think The Improper Adoptee is doing jail time!
*dozens of hands fly into the air*

Don't bother trying to lie about it. Every time you make a new blog entry, it gets entered onto the site from which this information is taken from.

Now leave me alone.

To The Improper Adoptee:

Insanities on the Internets!: Blog Entry from December 19th Gets Revisited with a Huge Update and Not so Surprising Surprise: KB, you say? So, WHO'S the Con Artist?


The Improper Adoptee — Absolute Nutter

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this title that The Improper Adoptee used. I crack up!!! It's hilarious! Only a bonafide lunatic would say such a ludicrous thing. I'll LOL every time I see it.
It's coming right up...

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Showing posts with label spookie/Mittens the Cat/Jaymie/Catty For A Cause/Saviourrnr/and many other names she uses on myspace and in comments. Show all posts

Saturday, January 17, 2009



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is spookie On Drugs?

The amount of energy and hatred this person (?) (or demon is more like it) has is ABSOLUTELY not normal and that was mentioned to me in a comment last week and I had been thinking that myself. spookie sure seems like she is on something. Maybe she is a pot head, or she shoots up. Maybe she uses coke. Who knows. She certainly is irrational enough to be on some sort of mind altering substance and that is apparent in everything she writes and in how much she lies. People who are stoned all the time, do not have a conscience, but I doubt if spookie ever had one anyway. She continues to bash Kite Kamp Girl and other innocent people and twist the truth compulsively, writing massive amounts of MANURE everyday with her trash mouth, instead of spending that time with her son. I think it is sad he has a mother who would rather stay online all day engaged in an enraged state of mind, then read him books, play with him or take him to places created for children to grow and develop like museums and parks. And who is spookie anyway? I have a court date set to talk with people who can help me end her tyrannical cyber abuse, so I will find out soon. But it's funny, because when I called the number to the Johnny Agency
last week to complain about her, that she has listed on her my space "spookiecats" as one of the companies she works for and I left a message after I was directed by one man to another man named John Fletcher, spookie got that message right away. She flaunted that fact too on her blog. I had mentioned on his voice mail that someone named spookie was harassing and terrorizing myself and others on the internet from Valley Stream New York and I gave the IP number. Then someone here in Bloggerland told me that there is a woman named Kim Hartwell who is an employee of the Johnny Agency and is from Valley Stream New York. The person who told me this, found her name and that she stated she lives in Valley Stream on a public site on the internet. And this is constantly on my stat counter, day after day:

6th December 2008 10:09:21 PM
Safari 3.2
unknown Returning Visits:
Referring URL: 0
Valley Stream, New York, United States
Optimum Online (cablevision Systems) [Label IP Address]

Valley Stream NY is right outside of West Hempsted NY, where spookie says she lives. All information on the Johnny Agency website is for public view, including the names and phone numbers I got from it too. But personal information about me, which I choose NOT to make public is NOT LEGALLY allowed to be put online. So with that said, is spookie's real name Kim Hartwell? Or does this woman just know her? Or is spookie really a guy named John Fletcher? Or is she related to him? Or is she the snotty man who directs you to Fletcher when you first call this company? I don't know his name yet, but I will find out. There is another woman in this company I am compiling information about too. Whoever spookie is, she needs serious mental health help. I have never met anyone on internet who has gone around to everyone someone else knows and tries to get them to go against and hate that person. That is so immature and low class you would think spookie would be embarrassed. But maybe she is too high to be... spookie is the only one too, who has said boo to me about the people I have listed on my blog who harassed and abused me on my space for months. She has the biggest, loudest, most primadonna, attention whore mouth of any one of them, and is the most mean spirited person on the Internet. Period. But people who watched how things went down on my space know that spookie harrassed, picked on and made fun of me on animal forums when I never said anything to her. The poll on my blog is proof too, that the poem Lisa Marie wrote was there to provoke and hurt Adoptees and BSE Mothers. So again, after I criticized it, I was attacked ruthlessly by 30 people and then spookie joined on in. spookie also denies she started a blog or has written entry's to cut down BSE Mothers:


"What BSE means
by "Guess Who" Guest Blogger
BSE is the name for MAD COW DISEASE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy).
If ever there was a group of MAD COWS,
this is it!!
Big fat, mad, angry, dried up milk, COWS...with saggy drooping udders.
They're UDDERLY pissed off!
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)
also Known as 'Mad Cow Disease'
Can you say MOOOO?"

But it is an interesting coincidence, that on spookies other blog "Catotonic Digressions" (and catotonic is right considering her bizarre behavior on the internet, which screams she is schizophrenic and possibly a user to boot)


she has a picture of a child that she claims is herself and right above this picture it says "Guess Who".
And that is EXACTLY the name of the poster who wrote the cruel What BSE Means post directly above. (And gee, now that I have pointed that out, since she is SO predictable, she will either delete the "Guess Who" heading, from her stupid blog that no one reads or ever comments on or she will go off on another rampage lying left and right and screaming oh, I have nothing to hide, oh, I didn't do anything, like the hysterical neurotic she is...) When I was getting bashed on that my space forum last year, someone had asked what does BSE mean anyway? since I had made post after post about how BSE Mothers were victimized, and someone, had said it sounds like Mad Cow Disease. I have that thread on a cd, along with all the proof that I was being beat like a pinata by these people and anything nasty I said, I said in return to getting ripped apart which is perfectly normal. What isn't normal however, is the horrific way spookie treats anyone who talks to me, and the temper tantrum she is having because I choose not to write back to her and because I tell the truth about her. And for that, she will be paying very soon....and again if she begins to harass or terrorize you, call the police in your area. Some people already have and the more legal complaints made against her, the less credibility she will have.

About Me (about HER, errm, her version, or shall we say, delusion. ha ha ha)

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I am the poster child for Adoptions Gone Wrong. I am living proof that Adoption does NOT work in the best interest of the child. I am an abused adoptee, a seeker of justice, a threat to oppressors, a lover of Natives, a defender to the handicapped, a gentle hand on your shoulder, a compassionate ear that listens, a bear hug when you need it, a dreamer, a liberal, a radical, a rebel, a vegetarian, a psychic, a mother, a cat lover, a bastard, a loner, a human being...

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What an evil, sick bitch. Maybe the surgery will go wrong. Oh, oops, she's not having a surgery or medical procedure...she's going to be in jail. I bet bucks on that.

I'm tired of having to deal with this lunatic who was obviously not supposed to be released from whatever institution let her walk out those doors years ago. Lock this cruel fucker back up, people. Why should regular, everyday people have to deal with this nosybody weirdo in their neighborhood, and now on the internet?

DO YOUR JOBS and get her off the streets and off the damn internet. SHE IS DANGEROUS TO OTHERS, and probably has abused herself and her only daughter. Wake the hell up, authorities who slipped up on this nutball. Who is the District Attorney for this nutball's area? Do they know this woman's name by heart? I bet.

Let us bloggers take our blogs back, and not have to keep our open blogs so boring all because some lunatic you let free is out there.

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