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Monday, December 08, 2008

Obama and the Cigs: WHO CARES.

December 7, 2008

Will Obama Set Off White House Smoke Detectors?

2008_12_smoking.jpgDuring today's Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw noted President-elect Obama's recent admission that he slipped up a few times during the campaign and returned to his smoking habit. He then asked Obama if this would be a problem, considering the White House's no-smoking policy. "I have, but what I said was that at times I have fallen off the wagon." Brokaw then interjected, "But wait, that means you haven't stopped." To which Obama replied, "Fair enough. Well then, what I would say is that I have done a terrific job under the circumstances of making myself healthier and you will not see any violations of these in the White House." Could we be looking at the "no new taxes" promise that will haunt him in 2012? In 2007, a Fox News story revealed what they called "Obama's dirty little secret" and asked viewers, "Would you vote for a smoker for president?"

The REAL Question: Do we actually give a flying fuck? I know I don't. With all the "violations" we've put up with for all these years, I think a cig now and then, with all the pressure Mr. Obama has taking over this mess he's been left, is pretty petty stuff compared to the outrageous lies and scams we've been dished. At least he is trying to not smoke, and he is being public about it. We've had many presidents in the past who smoked; back then smoking was not considered dangerous, but manly. If I were in his shoes, taking over the mess that's being left for his to clean up, I'd be doing a lot more than smoking the occasional cigarette. I'd be scoring some hardcore goodies, you understand? ;) Give the man a break.

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