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This blog is no longer used. I've retired it for the most part unless something very important comes up.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Classic Sesame Street, Because the New Sesame Street Just Doesn't Cut It.

Today my son wanted to play with my computer. He has his own eMac, but he really wanted the 23" cinema screen and MY desk, MY mouse, MY everything. We'd already made pancakes together, played a few learning games and he played "spill the salt and pepper in a pile so mommy has to use the Dyson." (he loves the Dyson, but is afraid of all other vacuums!) It's freezing outside, so we're sort of trapped indoors. We could walk around a mall, but no. I am not a mall person. He and I have both had bad head colds for weeks, so I caved and let him sit on my lap and "use my computer," meaning I went onto Youtube and looked up some original Sesame Street clips. It's amazing how the new show does nothing for him, but the old songs and learning clips made him want to clap and dance in my lap. I had to play "The Ladybug's Picnic" quite a few times! I'm so glad I bought the DVD's "Sesame Street Old School" a while ago, because I think he'll enjoy them on those long days we're stuck inside and he's not in the mood to read his library of books (and I'm not kidding about "library" — he has well over 100, plus all of mine and my brother and sisters) or play with anything. I even enjoy watching them. Who doesn't? You had to have been a grump to not like those old classic shows. I'm relieved he's not a TV addict toddler. Those shows they have for little kids are really annoying, and not very educational. I just hope he never watches and then likes Thomas the Tank. That show is absolutely frightening! The worst 3D rendering and facial expressions, and people with NO hands! But I digress. Check out some old school Semame Street animations and see why today's television for kids sucks.

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