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Sunday, September 06, 2009

New York City Graffiti @149st

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train photo

graffiti New York Cover Graffiti New York
Author: Eric Felisbret (DEAL CIA)
Contributions by: Luke Felisbret (SPAR ONE)
Forward by: Jim Prigoff
Publisher: Abrams ISBN-10: 0810951460 ISBN-13: 978-0810951464
Published: October 2009

Decades after the movement globalized, New York is still the mecca of graffiti culture. Painting there is a badge of honor, with graffiti artists from around the globe making pilgrimages to New York for that purpose. This is the city where it all began, yet few know the back story. Graffiti New York fills that gap, detailing the concepts, aesthetics, ideals, and social structures that have served as a cultural blueprint for graffiti movements across the world. The book features approximately 1,000 images, complemented by texts by the authors and relevant players in the movement, as well as descriptive graphics and sidebars.

Pre-order this book at Amazon.com

Murry Book Broken Windows- Burning New York
Authors: James T. Murry and Karla L. Murry
Publisher: Gingko Press, ISBN: 1584230789
Published: September 2002

Hot new book to be released September 2002. Includes many interviews and color photos. Over 180 artists. Featuring tags, pieces, and many elaborate murals called "Productions". Features many wall paintings from the 1990s by some of New York City's top aerosol artists such as NICER, DAZE, PC KID, STAN 153, REVOLT, SEEN many others.

Purchase this book at Amazon.com

Visit the Author's Web site burningny.com

Subway Art Book Subway Art
Authors: Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.
Published: 1984, 1995, ISBN 0-8050-0678-8

Best documentation published on New York City's late 1970s early 1980s subway paintings. This book is credited with being a key element in triggering aerosol art movements across the world. Often referred to as the graffiti Bible. Many color photographs.

Purchase this book at Amazon.com

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