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Friday, March 13, 2009


Aren't pigs just adorable?

This blogger has JUST PIGGIES! Her blog says,
"This is my fun little blog, where I'll bring you pics of only the cutest little piggies. Here you'll also find links to the best videos and piggies in the news."
That's it! Need a smile, go visit Cute Little Piggies.

While on the topic of pigs… this is reported with permission.

Hormel worker caught abusing
mother pig and piglets on tape!!!



Indeed, this is what the brutal pork industry is all about! It is happening at every factory pig farm and slaughter house in the country; there is no such thing as humane slaughter, organic meat, or killing with compassion. Pigs are animals with a higher intelligence than dogs. And how horrified are we about those in other countries who treat dogs and cats this way? These animals are aware of their surroundings; they are sentient beings who experience emotional as well as physical pain and suffering. The abuse and cruelty to which they are subjected is unconscionable, perverse and outrageous!!! And we call ourselves civilized?

Many of the people who work in slaughterhouses and on factory farms are sadistic perverts who consider these animals as unfeeling, degraded objects of scorn; in fact it is clear that many who work in such places actually enjoy the opportunity to brutalize, to maim, to torture... and you can be sure, these individuals do not leave those tendencies at the slaughter house when they go home.

Our language is filled with expressions denoting the view we have of these intelligent animals: "dirty pig"...which denotes sexual as well as physical filth; "to pig put", "eat like a pig" (an entirely human quality, expressing gross over-indulgence, and so forth and so on), all of which project human failings/"sins" (gluttony) on these unfortunate animals. For just a few moments of gustatory pleasure, we are complicit in and willing to subject other living beings to pure Hell and to take away their precious lives. Can you live with that thought? Are you able to eat the flesh of another living being that has endured such suffering, with a clear conscience? Every time you swallow that mouthful of flesh you are ingesting the Karma and all the sadness and misery that the animal has endured. The animals' flesh is moreover, filled with hormones, anti-biotics, and drugs to prevent illness and promote growth...and that's what the consumer is eating. Any wonder why cancers, heart disease and other "life-style" illnesses are on the increase, in spite of all the medical advances?

But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh, we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that portion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy.
~Plutarch, C.A.D. 46-C

And so, it is not just Hormel that we need to boycott, but the entire industry, one that systematically engages in the abuse of intelligent, living, feeling beings and also destroys our environment by contributing to greenhouse gasses and polluting our waters and air with the waste from this hideous cruelty.

There are acceptable vegan substitutes for every pork and other animal product on the market...and no reason whatsoever that could ever justify the hideous and inhumane treatment of these unfortunate creatures. Remember, if you don't eat it, they won't kill it!
PLEASE everyone, boycott Hormel and every other product resulting from suffering and slaughter!!!!


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