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Unfortunately, my blog isn't what I set out for it to be. A sick woman in Orleans, MA began stalking me in 2007 on Myspace. Since that time, this woman obsessed over me to the point of having the police come to her home and threaten to confiscate her laptop. She is a racist and anti-Semite.I could no longer blog freely, knowing this nutbag was just going to take the photos I'd post and put them on a child exploitation website.

This site is only up for the information it has that others might need to know about. That information is about "Seal Shepherd" aka Michael McDade, Kat McAboy aka Marilyn McAboy and Veronika Hompo, a self-proclaimed Nazi.

I'm a real person. I'm real and I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. After years of putting up with online abuse by manipulative, pathological liars, attention whores or narcissists, I've had it. Don't bother me with pathetic drama. I have no time for these types of people and their need to absorb others' time and attention.

This blog is no longer used. I've retired it for the most part unless something very important comes up.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Improper Adoptee is a Cyberbully, Stalker and Lawbreaking Blogger — BEWARE, You Who Think You Are Her "Friends."

My next blog entry is going to really tick Marilyn McAboy—The Improper Adoptee—off, but everything in this world as we know it does, so there's no point in ever trying to make her see the truth, or make her understand right from wrong, or to straighten out a misunderstanding; which is what I did so long ago, and why she's been harassing and abusing me ever since. I asked her about my adopted friend. She flipped her wig.

Those of you, the naivé, or the ones who just take her side because you're adopted as well: watch your back. Don't think for a second that this woman won't flip on a dime. She wrote to me once about how she was so happy about what I was doing for animals, and for the animal group(s) on Myspace, and signed it "Love, Step." She vehemently denies this, even though she herself posted her own message containing the very sentence it's in. She liked me…until I had a friend who didn't hate being adopted. Wait until you time comes and she comes after you and refuses to stop. Wait until IT'S YOUR TURN for hatred and cruelty. Wait until you crack those eggshells you tip-toe on while chatting with her, and you'll see what happens. Forget about the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Watch as she steals, blatantly, your images from your site(s) and posts them on her blog, ignoring your copyright notices. Watch as she laughs publicly about your requests to her asking her to cease and desist. Just YOU wait until IT IS YOUR TURN. That goes for A., who blinding stood up for The Improper Schizopath and not only took her side blind as a bat in daylight, but blogged about me while not knowing anything at all. (A. no longer agrees with The Improper Adoptee and in fact has requested that IA/Kat McAboy remove all inflammatory content from her blog site. A.'s reaching out and requests have been ignored by Ms. McAboy just as I have.) That goes for Gershom*, who refused to even see two sides, and when she probably did, she didn't do anything about the fact that her friend was lying over and over again about supposed "hundreds of emails" or messages, and threats—claimed by The Improper Adoptee, Marilyn McAboy of Orleans, Massachusetts (formerly CT and FL) to be from me to Gershom when Gershom knew in her heart that these accusations were not at all true. This is to Teresa, "Ungrateful Little Bastard," who was just a nasty little bitch instead of being a decent human being, a person, and decided to act like a high school twat instead of having a rational, adult discussion after I sent her a very polite message. No, she had to be a nasty, mean bitch…because why? She's adopted? This is ludicrous. And lastly, this is for Joy, who is "the tough one" and thinks that because "nothing can rattle her cage," I should put up with The Improper Adoptee's abuse and just sit back and allow this insane, disturbed psycho to exacerbate her cruelty and hatred online towards me and others, and to start harassing my friend and his business and his employees?!? No, people. It does not work that way.

The Improper Adoptee has broken laws–real, legitimate laws. Not babbling threats like she rants towards me, but legitimate laws. One is obvious—Copyright Infringement. If you look at my blog, and you look at my MySpace profile, there are Copyright Notices. That's a civil suit right there.

Copyright Notice from MySpace Click the link for the full view.

They are binding and that means that she illegally uses my images. The bulk of the blogging is called "Aggravated Assault" in New York according to the District Attorney's office. As for the other broken laws, I'll let it come as a surprise to Marilyn. You'll be surprised, too.

Remember, keep a set of eyes behind your head. The Improper Adoptee can turn as you as quickly as she turned on Marley Griener. As fast as she turned on me. Who she chooses to stalk and abuse is probably chosen with a simple game like Russian Roulette.

Who will be the next victim?


*To The Improper Adoptee: You can stop mentioning Gershom already. Our last correspondence was 08/20/08, and was not hostile or harassment. Gershom can verify this.

A. would like you to stop mentioning her and to remove all the libel and derogatory content. You are well aware of what you're doing and whom you're harming with your vitriol.

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