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Monday, November 10, 2008

A little Ha Ha from The Gothamist on Palin…oh, oh I'll Miss Her.

Ha ha ha, NO. I hope a wolf pack bites her ass off.

As we know, I LOVED Sarah Palin. PFFFT! Thank goodness this freak isn't getting into the White House. WHEW! I was worried, yet deep down, I knew that McCain couldn't win with this wacko as his running mate. Choosing her was his biggest mistake, and THANK GOD! I knew people that were on the fence, and once Palin was at McCain's side, blabbering with that creepy smile, not one was still even thinking McCain. Ha! Cry more, Sarah.

Cry, Republicans, cry. Boo hoo hoo. But do us all a favor and cry in your own room or in the restroom. We're all so tired of hearing you people whine since the election. Fair is fair; what did you want? Another theft? Seriously now, you can't pull that off twice in a row. Maybe next time, crybabies.

I just read this and found some of the comments amusing. Enjoy.
To view the comments and the actual posters, go to the blog.

November 8, 2008

Palin Calls Post-Election Attackers "Jerks"

2008_11_palin2.jpgSarah Palin came out swinging yesterday at insider attacks against her that surfaced after Tuesday's election calling them "cowardly." She also said that those from the McCain camp who leaked out implications that she didn't know which countries were involved in NAFTA and whether or not Africa was a continent were "jerks" and that the comments were taken out of context. Other campaign aides came to Palin's back yesterday, no more than McCain adviser Nicole Wallace. Wallace made headlines in the waning days of the campaign as internal tensions boiled over into the press by saying she would lie under a bus if those in her camp were throwing her under one. Yesterday she said that Palin was “perhaps the most un-diva politician I've seen" and that "the only thing I’ve seen her ask for is a diet soda.” Palin later confirmed the diet soda comment, specifying it was a Diet Dr. Pepper.

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