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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sirius Radio, You Really Blew It.

Oh well. It was good while it lasted, but this relationship isn't going anywhere, and it can't, seeing as you've changed so much. I asked you months ago, would you be making radical changes? I asked you before I signed up and paid ahead for a year of service, because you said you'd not be dumping my favorite channels, but oooh, you did. You lied. You and your little puppy dog logo. I think it's time you updated your look, Sirius/XM, and put the puppy out of the picture just as you did to so many good channels and DJ's. I'm only hanging around, like that poor little puppy, to see if you change your tune. I filed my complaint/feedback the afternoon you removed BOOMBOX. 27 minutes on the phone with a rep, detailing every reason why I signed up, and why I should cancel, why I shouldn't pay for most of your channels now and why I did pay previously. I hope you pay attention to your customers, because I know it's not just the electronica listeners (Boombox, Area 33), or the punk listeners, or even the hard rock listeners who are really ticked off. It's people who span all genres of music. They're all disgruntled. No one is happy. It's time to sit around that big table and think.

Here's a taste of what's on the net about this disaster.

Sirius-XM Merger Kills Punk, Promotes AC/DC
By Scott Thill EmailSeptember 19, 2008 | 8:00:00 AM

Wonder powers, deactivate! If you were a Sirius or XM subscriber, as well as a fan of Fugazi, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, Ramones, Black Flag and more, then you're probably not too happy that the twin titans of satellite radio merged. Because all of the bands you love will be replaced with one you can hear on any rock station on any given day of the week.


Sirius and XM to Begin Music-Station Merge November 12th

11/7/08, 1:50 pm EST

On November 12th, both Sirius and XM Radio listeners might find that their favorite channel is misplaced or even missing as the two satellite radio companies begin to merge their stations. The consolidation was first revealed on XM Escape, which announced in a promo that it would make the leap from Channel 78 to 28. The merge date was also confirmed by a DJ on Sirius’ the Pulse. The merge actually started in the weeks following the XM/Sirius deal, as Howard Stern was added to XM’s lineup after being Sirius’ marquee star. Neither Sirius nor XM has announced the realigned station breakdown, but Sirius’ oldies icon Cousin Brucie will reportedly become available on XM, meaning XM’s own oldies station is in danger of becoming dead air. Other genres across the board will also face similar showdowns between their cross-radio counterparts. As long as we can still find Eminem’s Shade 45 station (where he tends to announce major career news) and Bob Dylan’s dispatches, we should be okay. After years in anti-trust limbo, Sirius and XM finally joined forces in July to form Sirius XM.

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Sirius and XM Finally Merge, Become Sirius XM Radio

Eminem Announces New Album Relapse, Plays New Song On Sirius

DJ Bob Dylan Returns to Airwaves

Boombox went off the air on Sirius XM in the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 after almost three amazing years. I designed Boombox as my ideal radio station - all breaks, all the time. It came on the air after I wrote an epic proposal for Sirius Satellite Radio about improving their dance lineup. As a result of unbelievable support and trust from senior management - especially Senior VP of Music Programming Steve Blatter - I was privileged to be able to be a key player in getting three new channels - Chill, Area and Boombox - on the air. Boombox started as a pure breaks channel but, after some (as it turned out, much-needed) guidance from Blatter, moved in a more breakbeat/rock remix/bootleg/mashup direction after the first year. 

I’m extremely proud of all the great music we played and for all the people who have written me to thank me for turning them on to artists and mixes they would have never heard without Boombox. It was a great run on a big stage and I am thankful for every day Sirius management let us get away with airing a whole station with nothing but the best remix-tronica available.

I especially want to thank Steve Blatter (for giving us the green light and then a massive amount of support), Jeff Regan (for being the glue that held the whole thing together and for being a damn fine programmer), Geronimo (for helping get Boombox, Chill and Area on the air and for never wavering in his support for my crazy ideas), DJ Icey (for doing “Automatic Static” on Boombox every week without fail - a truly legendary radio show), Gregg Steele (for supporting the channel and empowering us to play what we thought was best), S-Dot and Vanessa (for all their essential behind the scenes work), Kool DJ Red Alert (for his short-lived but great midday show) and everyone else who pitched in to make Boombox happen every day. I especially would like to thank all the wonderful Boombox listeners. We would have been nothing without our faithful and ever watchful audience of super cool cats.

I will continue to play great music on Sirius XM as my Zeros+Ones show moves over to Alt Nation (and maybe even gets a new name) in the weeks ahead.

Liquid Todd

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