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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Facebook’s new Timeline: Here come the gifts!

Facebook’s new Timeline: Here come the gifts!

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Facebook’s new Timeline: Here come the gifts!

By Jason

Our Security Advisor Sean Sullivan has playing around with Facebook’s new Timeline layout.
His first impression is that it’s designed to encourage you to share and encourage your friends’ media consumption.
In the endless attempt to monetize a free service that about one billion human beings rely on, Facebook is also encouraging you to give your friends more than just warm birthday greetings. They want you to give gifts.
Here are some of the gifts my friends are recommended to give to me:
Yes, I am over 21 years old. Sean found that if you’re under 21, Facebook recommends chocolate instead of wine.
It’s natural to speculate that Facebook wants to become a recommendation engine that serves you media and gift recommendations based on your interactions. This — as always — will lead to some unintended consequences.
Perhaps, the next time you change your relationship status to “single”, your friends will see this gift recommendation:

Note from me: The last thing I want is anyone using this feature on Facebook. I won't use it when there's a special day for a friend, relative or acquaintance, so I seriously hope no one uses it when my birthday arrives. Unless there is a "The I Have a Psychotic Stalker" Knife Set...in purple or green, thank you. ;)

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