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Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Lost Sea Cat (children's book), Pastel Portaits of Pets and More—Phoenix Chiu @ http://TheLostSeaCat.blogspot.com

A friend of mine does beautiful pastel portraits of pets. She is also the author and illustrator of a children's book. Please check some of her work, and visit her blog, where you can see more and also purchase items if you would like.

Let Phoenix Chui know you found her via "spookie" who bought her book for her son.
You can also find Phoenix and all of the Lost sea Cat info and custom portraits on Facebook.

Sample of Custom Portrait:

Sample of Custom Photo Necklace:
Luggage Tags (行李吊牌)are perfect for traveling in style! Make sure your luggage is labeled while still showing off your personal style! Ever grab the wrong bag thinking it was yours? Luggage Tags prevent them getting mixed up. ~~

The cover is made with vinyl then jazzed up with card stock from original paintings in Pastel by me, Phoenix Chiu. Each luggage tag is signed by the artist (me!). The vinyl makes the cover strong enough for everyday use.~~

Tag: 2 3/4 inches x 4 1/8 inches
Loop: 6 inches

Each luggage has two sides. Except the image on front side is different, all back sides are the same as the following sample:
                                                                                            $3.95 Each, Buy 5 Get 1 Free   (Please scoll down to the end of this page and you will find the Buy 5 Get 1 Free "buy now" button.                                                         These luggage tags are without any text except my signature. The text "All Right Reserved" , "Phoenix Chiu" and blog website on the image is only to protect copyright on internet.                                                                         
**For large ordered quantity, please e-mail me(yourphoenixcat@yahoo.com) to set up new "buy now" button for you in order to save the shipping cost. Thank you!                                                          
* To see the larger artwork, please click the image.
Calico Cat                        Christmas Cat 1                   Grey Cat
Christmas Cat 2                 Grey Stripe Cat                   Kitten
Orange White Cat                Sea Cat Family                   Siamese
Swimming Sea Cat                Tabby Cat                Tuxedo Cat & Frog
Playing Grey White Cat    Tuxedo Cat & Apple    Two Sleeping Cats

Sea Cat Family 1                              Tuxedo Cat 3

Two Sheep                                       Two Horses
Apple Blossom Farm          Cherry Blossom Farm        Fall River

Geese Family                    Maple Tree Sidewalk         Plum Reflection

Winter Sunset                    Blue Hydrangea                  Butterflies

Clematics                            Daffodils                        Pink Cherry Blossom


Pink Hydrangea                  Strawberries                   Winter Sunset1

**For large ordered quantity, please e-mail me(yourphoenixcat@yahoo.com) to set up new "buy now" button for you in order to save the shipping cost. Thank you!

Children's Book

If you can not contact me by facebook, please contact me by e-mail: yourphoenixcat@yahoo.com Thank you.

I would like to share this wonderful story with everyone who visited me. 
Book name: The Lost Sea Cat
Reading level: Ages 6-12
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Sincerity Press(July,2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0982826400
Product dimensions: 8.27 x 8.27 x 0.35 inches
Shipping weight: 0.89 pounds
Printing paper:
Cover: 157gsm glossy art paper + 2.5mm grey board
Text: 200 gsm glossy art paper

Midwest Book Review:
Intended for young readers ages 6-12 (due to the reading comprehension level required for the text--parents are encouraged to read it aloud to children under 6), The Lost Sea Cat is a children's picturebook with a strong positive message about the importance of family love. The story follows a young prince of the sea cat kingdom, who braves great distance and many hardships to find and rescue his younger sister. In the process he befriends a young girl who helps him on his quest for a heartwarming reunion. The warm and gentle bring the beautiful sea cats to life, in this wonderful storybook adventure especially recommended for young cat lovers!    
Story summary:
This is a heart warming story of love and adventure. In order to reunite his family, a young prince of the sea cat kingdom travels to a far away land in search of his younger sister. Can he find her and save the kingdom?  Once you start to read this book, you will love the constant surprises and beautiful illustrations.

Author and illustrator:
Phoenix is my pen name. My family name is Chiu. I was born in I-Lan, Taiwan. My highest diploma is a bachelor degree from the Applied English Department of Ming Chuan University. I worked as English sales secretary in import and export companies for several years. I now lives in the United States. I loves writing, drawing, cooking, and photography. I had dozens of essays and healthy recipes published in the World Journal Newspaper and World Journal Weekly Magazine between 2009 and 2010. Recently, I has devoted myself to creating children's story books and illustrations. The World Journal Newspaper has published eight of my children's stories. They are A Girl Stole a Book” ,“Ran Away Cat”(series) , “The Cat on the Patio”, “The Poor Horse”,“A Little Girl Wrote the Diary,Cat Prince(series)”, “The Poor Artist in the Valley(series)”,, “Sea Cat”(series). Every story of mine is written to inspire children to be their best. My writing is fine and delicate. When children read my stories and see my cute, lively and bright pastel illustrations, they will feel as if they have been transported to another wonderful fairy tale world.

The book has been edited by Mr. Rousso, my native born American husband, who revised this book in American English. He has a doctor of law degree from the University of Washington in Seattle,U.S.A.

Phoenix wrote a letter to parents and grandparents:
For you, what is the most precious gift in the world? When you and your children read this story, you will find out. There is nothing sweeter than the family love. That is the moral of this story. Reading is a good way to cultivate your children's better angels. In this story, they will learn about the brave spirit of Vegas and his love of his family and Susans kindness.

This book is for children age 6-12, but you also can read it for your children if they are under 6.
  I hope you and your children enjoy this book very much.

The inspiration of Sea Cat:
This story is inspired by Phoenix's two lovely cats, Orange and Vegas. Vegas looked like a gentlemen dressed in tuxedo. It was adopted from Human Society. Orange is white as snow except for an orange spot on its back. It was a street cat but Phoenix decided to adopt it after it visited her many times. Orange and Vegas came from different families but they loved each other very much like brother and sister. Therefore, Phoenix writes this special warm feeling into this book.    


My Children's Book Signing:
All the books I send to individuals are SIGNED AND PERSONALIZED! So, be sure to tell me who will be receiving the book so that I may put their name inside.
*Customer Review on Amazon*
Please click the following link to see customer reviews on Amazon. No longer sale on Amazon. If you would like to order, please click the following "Buy Now" button.
Children's Book The Lost Sea Cat
List Price: US$15.95
Discounted Price: US$12.92,
you save US$3.3 (19% off)
Shipping & Handling: US$3.50 (U.S. A. Domestic Only)
Washington Resident's Sales Tax: 9.3% as of Sep 30, 2010
Best wishes to you, Phoenix!
Harry and I enjoyed your book very much.

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