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This blog is no longer used. I've retired it for the most part unless something very important comes up.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RMDHA got in his Douche Canoe and fled to ALASKA!

I don't even have to worry about the use of this douchebag's real name here, because he used his favorite pseudonym here:
I told you to go and you did! Ha ha ha! 

I remember your lame call three days after this Facebook post. "Happy Valentine's Day, Babe." Anyone want to guess just how many Valentine's Day calls he had to make that day and night?


Teddy was and still is the Ultimate Liar. He's currently trying to play someone, and he thinks he's actually fooling them. What a dumb ass!

Gee, see what it says? It takes a REAL MAN to admit he's wrong. (That's one reason why you can't have the mug, Teddy! LOL, oh yes, *BURN!*) "RMDHA" is incapable of doing that, so no, he is NOT a real man. As you already know, he seems to not care much for cats anymore, either. He abandoned them for over a month while he lived in "Pebbles" home, only going to see the once because his bitch sister called and demanded he come by. She then "had enough of his shit," and asked her best friend Amy to take the cats to the pound, and the pound turned out to be a high-kill "shelter" that my friends and I had to go through hell to locate to rescue the poor, innocent cats. Some of the cats were "lost" in the chaos.

The flier we emailed and posted all over the internet when the cats were missing, and Teddy's sister refused to tell us where she had her friend dump them. She did actually threaten me and my animal rights friends, but she's all mouth. I kept asking her to just allow me to come get them and hold onto them; foster them or adopt them (which Teddy had asked me to do long ago, before this incident, God forbid anything should happen to him) and she still said no! I said why dump them at a shelter when I can come put them in a house with my cats, and take care of them? She claimed they were going to "a nice lady" and then told me to stop asking, she'd made up her mind, and then she said she'd call the police. Well, there was no "nice lady..."

We located the cats and the creep got them back. They were at a high-kill shelter in Paterson NJ, and if I'd not sent photos of Jinxy and Mishu to all of the different agencies in NJ, they would've been killed. My photos and emails tipped off a group called START that rescues cats. They put two and two together, emailed me back and let me know that they had just "turned away a rather chunky girl who tried to give us two cats that look just like the cats in your photos. She was taking them to Paterson, so call over there fast. Paterson is a kill shelter."

The wonderful woman (HAHAHA NOT!) in Alaska paid for them to be cared for until she arrived in NJ and took them back with her, to her home. THEY ARE SAFE, THEY ARE LOVED! BTW, "MizzFabz"... did you have a good laugh that day with Jay-D and your mom? Yes, I'm talking about the day Keke Reaves says you all stood out front with MY belongings in cartons (for the trash) and called me cruel names and said some really rude things about me. Me, the one who was practically taking care of your brother, especially mentally! Well, newsflash bitch: Teddy LIED to all of you.  Another thing, you fat oxy-popping slob; I was at the house more times than you know. He lied about everything. Don't ever step out of line with me again. Keke lied too. Keke has some serious mental issues. You know Teddy and Keke spent 10 years beating the crap out of each other? Then he came home to NJ and conveniently forgot to tell me she existed and she told you and your family bullshit stories, followed by turning around and telling me dozens of stories about you and your siblings.
p.s. I was told you party with oxy's like Pebbles does. I was told you and Pebbles used to be best friends and both did oxycontin and drank until you were both obliterated. Teddy told stories like this all the time. Keke told them more them more than he did, though. Keke was the master of stories about you. 

"Real Men Don't Hurt Animals" — but this guy sure did, for over two years. And no, he never liberated any animals. He told everyone this amazing, shocking tale of liberating animals in Alaska, and leaving behind a partial print... leading the feds knocking on his door. A story of being a lone ALF member. A fabricated story that to this day, I suspect he might believe he really did. Not fact. He was asked to leave and taken to the airport, sent back to Jersey. If he told you that he did liberate animals, it was to woo you because you were probably a vegan and he wanted to try to get into your pants. He never did anything but sit at the computer and try to con women, handfuls of them all across the United States, for all the years he was in Alaska. Once tossed back to New Jersey, he decided to see who he could really take advantage of. There are many women willing to step forward and tell their story. This guy is one to avoid. He's a manipulative liar (a very good liar, as he's trained his entire life and comes from a family of liars), and if you've read this far and you know him — and you're in denial and you're shocked and appalled — you need to keep reading, because this is not the last of it. There will be more.

Yes, even to you, Jessica. I know you're in shock, but he played you like a fiddle, too. Feel free to send your sob story in as well. There's been a few women who privately emailed me their "drama" with this creep, and most are married with children. Feel free to share. No last names will be used. He was playing YOU while playing me, and three others we have found so far. Still think he's worth your attention? He's not interested in you, just interested in what he can gain from destroying you... and your family.

UPDATE 9.22.2010: Jessica. Do you clearly understand English? I seem to think not. If you can't really understand English, I'll have a Puerto Rican translate the facts for you, because you are in the dark like a mushroom, if you grasp that hint.

YES, IT'S ALL TRUE. HE IS A BIPOLAR NARCISSIST (AND DIAGNOSED AS WORSE), AND "THE SIZE OF HIS DICK" HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. HE IS SIMPLY AN ASSHOLE UNDERNEATH THE SURFACE. He does a fabulous job fooling everyone, even the most cautious of people. He does appear to be a very funny, friendly and sincere person — until you get to really know him. He's a charmer, there's no doubt, but the "other side" eventually comes through. His life is well-laid out, like a novel with chapter after chapter of drama, loss, hurt, anger, struggles, neglect, abandonment, misfortune, sexual escapades galore... but the stories become too rehearsed. All is well, until that day comes that he suspects you're on to him. Until you unearth the first dark secret and find out it's a lie. Once the first lie unfolds, the entire facade crumbles, and he runs, runs as fast as he can, to escape the truth and to escape the reality.

Teddy is a manipulative, compulsive liar. He's lied so much that he seems to believe some of his most disturbing lies. If you want to keep your little image of love as it is and not accept the truth, that's up to you. The rest of us know the truth. He does not know what love is. He doesn't know how to love or what being in love is. He only knows how to get attention for himself and make himself feel good — stroke his own ego — and to him, this is enough. No one is a worthy woman. No one is a good woman. He calls all women he has relationships with, friendships or romances — whores. Ask him yourself. He has used the word "whore" more in his life than he has used the word "love." He does not care about anyone or anything. He is void. He is empty. He cannot feel. He only knows how to lie and how to destroy friendships and any semblance of relationships he comes close to.

Beware if you have a little child or children. Fabrizio/Teddy expressed to numerous people that he had a serious desire to "put a baby in an oven and cook it" and no, I don't mean he wanted to knock someone up. He literally said he wanted to go out and steal someone's infant and put it into his oven at home and cook it "to see how it would taste."

No shit.

Lying like crazy. What was the point, Teddy? Why LIE?

Sauvé bullshitter!

(emailed to Jessica) Been there done that... can you say CONTROL FREAK?
Remember that YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE, NO ONE ELSE — sure.
(emailed to Jessica) There's the typical TEDDY, exploiting your emotions!

"I love you more.!!!" How many times did EVERYONE hear or read that line?

UPDATE 9.30.2010: Jessica. You were obviously a victim of Fabrizio's smooth talk within the last year, and it's clear he messed with your head, but none of it was real. He did it to many women. He was emailing, messaging on Facebook and calling many women at the same time, saying the very same things he told you.

I see you downloading the pictures of him from this blog. My God, Jessica, do you want all the fucking images I have of this self-absorbed, inconsiderate person? He does NOT care about you. Can't you see that? If he did, don't you think things would be a lot different? You were just a game, just like every woman who was ever in his life. EVERY WOMAN. That means all the women he ever had any type of relationship with. None meant anything to him, though he sure pretended they did, until he was tired of them or they realized what he really was. Right now, this very moment, he thinks he's got a couple of women fooled. Maybe more. Trust me, the fool is HIM. We're all playing stupid. 
Keep your family together and if things are not working, make change for your children, NOT for this liar. He tells no truths. It's all to feed his ego. He thinks all women are in love with him to the point of obsession. That would include you. Show him you're not his puppet. 

If you or any other woman wants to lose everything or risk emotional distress over this person who pretends or pretended to give a shit, then go ahead. You'll learn one day he carefully words his emails, letters and phone conversations so he seems like the wonderful, caring and supportive "MAN OF THE YEAR." He's far from that. He's a liar, a creep and has NO respect for anyone at all. He talks about everybody behind their backs. You included. RMDHA is a FRAUD. He pretends to be this awesome, fun, caring guy who is an animal rights activist, but he really is a jobless loser that preys on women, uses them, then does his best to hurt them, to degrade them and pretend they never existed in his life while he goes around lying about his entire life, his actions, his relations and more. He's despicable. He doesn't respect women at all — not even his own mother. To him, all women at whores and all women are just "to fuck" and he thinks, in his mind, he's "not a one woman man," but the truth is, what woman would deal with this penniless, useless dude who can't even please a women in bed? Sorry, but no real woman! Not even the skanky whore who he popped pills and ran about getting drunk with was able to take his shit for long. She tossed his ass to the curb after a few weeks. LEARN, people! You deal with this guy and he'll eventually turn on you, threaten you and try to have you believe you're the one who is "bipolar!"

NOTE: I don't care if my name is here, because I have nothing to hide. He does. 



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