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(Anyone who knows me knows I'm not actually a bitch, but let's allow this psychopath to think I'm a bitch to her blackened heart's content—it seems to make her feel she has some sort of control over me…and it does not.)

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Last Year on 9.9.09… A "Tribute" to RMDHA.

I posted this.

To the women poking around and looking for this "man," I suggest you don't walk, but run as far as you can from him. This man is a narcissist. I'm not speaking about your average narcissist either; R.M.D.H.A. is dangerously mentally ill, and loves to take advantage of women. 

He is possibly woo'ing you right now. Maybe he sent you emails last year, or a few months ago. Maybe it was winter, and he blew you off all summer long. Well, winter's coming and don't fall into the trap.

This is what "Real Men Don't Hurt Animals" is really about. It's All About Him.

That's him: the attention-seeking man-whore, the manipulator, the compulsive liar. He'll tell you you're the only one for him, while he's emailing you those words from another woman's laptop. He'll ask you to leave your husband for him. He loves only you and always has. Do you buy it?

I've a lot to teach you if you do.

www.myspace.com/rmdha doesn't exist anymore. 

If he was a REAL MAN, he'd not manipulate, use and exploit people — women mostly — and then talk so negatively about them, all of them, after he has destroyed the friendship or relationship. There's a handful of women in the screenshot above, and all of them, not some, but all, were lied to for this man's personal gain of ego-stroking and attention. If he was a REAL MAN, he'd not have abandoned and neglected all his cats when he decided in late May of this year to not just move out of his mother's home, but move in with a known whore that does drugs. The cats suffered, and therefor a "real man" he is not. He never went to feed them, to freshen their water dish or to clean their litter box. That's unfair... he did change the litter box, one time, after his sister called him at this pill-popping skank's place and told him to do something. (The latter regarding the filthy whore is not libel; she lost her child to CPS, who handed her over to her father, because of her unsavory behavior. That means she was and still is a drugging, drinking whore... with a few medical issues, *winky-winky* so guys, best be on thy way to la clinicia.)

JASMINE did not deserve abandonment.

JASMINE, may you be in a loving home! 

He lost a beautiful senior cat named Jasmine, and we can only hope and pray that Jasmine found a better home, a home with someone that loves her enough to take care of her. The rest? I had to rescue with the help of my W.A.A.R.ior sisters from a high-kill pound, where they were dumped like trash by his sister's best friend. Real Men Don't Hurt Animals? Well, I'd say he lost the title and the respect of many when he first began eating meat — McDonald's with "Pebbles" for instance — the very thing he was so against on Myspace and on Facebook, the "pro-veg*n" man who turned many an omnivore veg*n. (veg*n means vegan or vegetarian in this blog) Why it even is mentioned? This psycho made such a huge deal about it with everyone, even while he himself was sneaking around eating pizza and pork patties — a complete hypocrite. Then the title had to be revoked when he turned his back on his own cats, neglecting them and leaving them to fend for themselves. 

You, too, will be left to fend for yourself after he's had a part in your life.

Teddy, I see you snooping about. *waves hello*
When you come back to NJ, let's do lunch. LMAO

I thought it was pretty funny that you gave the mug to Keke Reaves, Teddy!
EDIT: Keke, who is actually the man in the relationship, you or Fabrizio?

Further reading: 
RMDHA got in his Douche Canoe and fled to ALASKA!

Sorry, Teddy, but like you said, "The cat's out the bag."

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