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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Please Help Save Angel's Gate—Urgent Action Needed TODAY

Please Help Save Angel's Gate—Urgent Action Needed TODAY

Angel’s Gate, an animal hospice and rehabilitation center  in Delhi, New York that provides care for special needs animals, many of whom are terminally and/or critically ill, physically challenged, hard to adopt and unwanted, is in desperate need of donations today.   This type of animal shelter is  rare, critical, and we need more of them, not less. If not for PeTA's nefarious, desperate campaign to ruin Angel Gate's reputation, Angel's Gate would not be under siege, urgently needing financial help today. 

Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals recently visited Angel’s Gate and was impressed with the living conditions and level of care and love given to each animal.  

Your help is urgently needed so that the 275 cats and dogs (along with 3 horses and 10 parrots) at Angel’s Gate can continue to receive the medical care they need, and are able to live out their days in peace, dignity and love.

Friends of Animals is helping to defend this shelter from attack and financial distress, and we have committed to help Angel’s Gate raise $5,000 today in order to pay the electricity bill due now. 

Please contribute to Angel’s Gate today with an online donation at www.angelsgate.org   Please email me to let me know that you’ve donated, as we are keeping track of reaching the $5000 goal today.

Angel's Gate Group Pic
Picture taken on 5/15/11 of staff members of AG.

Please also sign this petition to the Delaware County District Attorney to emphasize that charges against Angel’s Gate are nothing more than PeTA's propaganda and machinations:


Edita Birnkrant
NY Director
Friends of Animals
1841 Broadway, Suite 350
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 212.247.8120
Fax: 212.582.4482
E-mail: edita@friendsofanimals.org
Web site: http://www.friendsofanimals.org 

Angel's Gate Statement
On behalf of all of our employees and volunteeers at
Angel's Gate, we sincerely appreciate the overwhelming
support we have received from our friends over the last
several months as this challenging situation unfolds.  Rest
assured that the health and welfare of the animals is, and
remains, our top priority.  We look forward to the day
when the complete and unbiased narrative of our facility
can be told. Until then, we hope that no one will rush to
judgment and will keep in mind that cherished American
legal principle that everyone is innocent until proven
guilty.  Thank you again for your support. We will keep
you updated on this situation as events warrant.
Sincerely, Angel's Gate's Board of Directors PS.  For more
information or to schedule a visit, please call Susan at (607) 746-9211.

Please, sign the Petition and stop PETA. I know many of you think PETA are great, but I wouldn't donate a cent to them. They're a huge organization, with people making huge salaries and people coving other people's asses when lies come out to the public. Yes, PETA does kill animals. The website created about it was made by a bunch of morons, but the facts are facts, PETS kills animals and PETA does lie.

Don't fall for PETA's BS. Please, sign the petition, and if you can, DONATE to help save Angel's Gate.
There are not many places like this, and we can't afford to lose this hospice for our special needs animals.  Too many people have been too quick to jump to judge, to believe PETA's crap. Don't be one of them.

Please help, in any way you are able to.


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