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Unfortunately, my blog isn't what I set out for it to be. A sick woman in Orleans, MA began stalking me in 2007 on Myspace. Since that time, this woman obsessed over me to the point of having the police come to her home and threaten to confiscate her laptop. She is a racist and anti-Semite.I could no longer blog freely, knowing this nutbag was just going to take the photos I'd post and put them on a child exploitation website.

This site is only up for the information it has that others might need to know about. That information is about "Seal Shepherd" aka Michael McDade, Kat McAboy aka Marilyn McAboy and Veronika Hompo, a self-proclaimed Nazi.

I'm a real person. I'm real and I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. After years of putting up with online abuse by manipulative, pathological liars, attention whores or narcissists, I've had it. Don't bother me with pathetic drama. I have no time for these types of people and their need to absorb others' time and attention.

This blog is no longer used. I've retired it for the most part unless something very important comes up.

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

LUVegans Williamsburg V-Outreach Event: Make a Change that Makes a Difference! - LUVegans (Brooklyn, NY) - Meetup

LUVegans Williamsburg V-Outreach Event: Make a Change that Makes a Difference! - LUVegans (Brooklyn, NY) - Meetup

LUVegans Williamsburg V-Outreach Event: Make a Change that Makes a Difference!


242 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
How to find us
"LUVegans table"

We're bringing the word about [b]Vegan for the Animals to Williamsburg...just in time for the Christmas Holiday! Right in the heart of the busiest street, we'll be on Bedford Avenue between N.3 and N. 4th Streets from 2-5 pm with a Big screen TV showing Meet Your Meat, loads of brochures, fliers, veg starter kits, pamphlets to distribute, maybe even some vegan treats to give out! People can't help but look at a big screen. It's the most direct way to let people know the truth about the food they eat. We want to show a big presence in the neighborhood, give people the opportunity to learn about animals abused for food, and turn them on to a whole new way of living...where no body gets hurt. What will make this a successful event is for YOU to show up! Let people know that there are a lot of us out there who want to support them in making the Change that Makes a Difference. 
We will be joined by members of FAUNNJ, Mercy For Animals, NYC Animal Rights and NYC Animal Advocacy groups. Let's raise a LOUD voice for the animals!

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