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This blog is no longer used. I've retired it for the most part unless something very important comes up.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paws in the Air! Snuggly Kitties...

Thanks to
Paqaris Safe Place cat Rescue & Home

About Paqaris:

About me:

I feed, adopt & rescue stray cats in a small town in southern Chile. Most people don't spay or neuter so there are a lot who run wild without food, shelter, medical care or love. I rescue cats & kittens I find who need help; when they show up at my house I feed them, doctor their injuries & try to let them know they are welcome here. I don't always have money for the vet so I treat a lot of injuries, abscesses, mange & earmites myself plus spay & neuter everybody I can. I've got some strays who started out feral but have learned to trust me, several who were wild but after being spayed & neutered decided to live here & are permanent residents & many others too wild for human contact who simply come, eat & leave. If I open the door or they see me, they take off out of fear but they fight traffic on a busy street, mean people & hungry dogs when they leave the safety of my yard. Also many kittens are dumped, abandoned or neighbors bring me their unwanted ones so after getting them healthy I try to find homes for them. I keep the babies nobody wants or who have special needs so I've got 8 of my own now plus 3 newer arrivals who need homes. My income isn't sufficient for me to be able to feed them all so I ask for help from donations. My income covers basic living expenses & I buy cat food before human food but there's not enough to be able to buy cat food, iodine, bleach, mange soap, ringworm treatment, laundry detergent for washing blankets & towels. Without donations it's not even possible to feed them all, let alone buy the supplies I use plus do the spaying & neutering needed. There are no shelters or humane societies here, there's no where for these strays to go, all they can do is fight to survive on their own & it's a hard, cold life for them. If you'd be able to help us, to contribute a small amount it would be so much help & I would be so grateful. Nothing that comes in goes for anything but feeding & caring for the cats, please help if you can. If you would like to contribute message me for more information
Thank you for visiting our page & for caring.
Paypal to: kittyhelpers2@yahoo.com

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