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Monday, April 27, 2009

Cupsogue Seal Walks for 5/2/09 and 5/10/09 Cancelled Due to Warm Weather — Seals Left for Migration

That warm weather we had sent the seals on ther migration. It was unusually warm; on Sunday, it reached 92 here on Long Island, so we spent the day on Long Beach. It was a perfect, beautiful day, and there was no humidity. None of the children, including my son Harry, wanted to leave when the day was over. The seals at Cupsogue Beach did, though. All that warm weather, the boating action and other activity that was too early for the season made them all leave for their northbound trip.
Dear CRESLI seal walk registrant,

Please be advised that the spell of warm weather and increased boating and other activity at Cupsogue Beach and Moriches Inlet has caused the seal population there to leave for their annual migration northward, slightly earlier than expected. Therefore, we have decide to cancel the last remaining Cupsogue seal walks; although the Montauk Point CRESLI seal walks are unaffected.

We thank you for your support and hope to see you on seal walks next year.

Please also note that CRESLI and the Viking Fleet will be offering regular single-day whale watching trips from Montauk every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout July and August. We also offer our multiday offshore wheat and seabird trip to the Great South Channel in August. Please go to our website for more information.

Arthur H. Kopelman, Ph. D.
Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island
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