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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long Island vegans can finally wake up to last night's cold pizza - Long Island vegan restaurants | Examiner.com

3 Brothers Pizzeria is the best in the area. I came across it by accident; I was looking through my Mettup.com events and one listed "Brunch at 3 Brothers!" I clicked "Attending plus one" and hoped it would be good. Finding vegan food on Long Island isn't so easy, and when you do find it, it's not always affordable.

After attending the brunch, I knew I'd found my new spot for vegan food close by: 3 Brothers Pizzeria. Brunch was delicious, there was nothing Jay prepared that was left behind or turned away. I highly recommend a visit! Grab a menu on your way out—you will be phoning in orders before you know it ;)

Long Island vegans can finally wake up to last night's cold pizza - Long Island vegan restaurants | Examiner.com

Long Island vegans can finally wake up to last night's cold pizza

3 Brothers Pizzeria also serves nonvegan pizza.
3 Brothers Pizzeria also serves nonvegan pizza.
Melissa Cole
There's nothing like a hot, greasy slice of New York-style pizza. And now, thanks to the fine pizza artisans over at 3 Brothers Pizzeria in Rockville Centre, the same sentiment can now too apply to vegan pizza on Long Island.
A nail shop, grocery store and real estate office are among the other businesses that line the village street, making 3 Brothers Pizzeria more than just a bit of a peculiarity amongst the familiar island facades. With the word "vegan" plastered all over the door, this place makes no apologies for its expansive menu of animal-friendly alternatives.
Choose among specialty pies like the Grilled Portobello and the Pizza Bianca, or craft the perfect personal pizza. The pizzeria has both regular and whole wheat crust, and tomato, garlic and pesto sauces. Toppings run the gamut, and include everything from vegetables to mock meat alternatives like grilled seitan and veggie pepperoni.
But everyone knows that a pizza just isn't a pizza without the cheese, er, "Teese." 3 Brothers uses the soy-based cheese alternative, as well as the tapioca-based Daiya brand, both in mozzarella and cheddar varieties to top vegan pizzas. Cashew-tofu ricotta is also available.
Even though there’s no word in Italian for “vegan,” 3 Brothers still manages to translate classic old country dishes like Fettuccine Alfredo and Pasta Bolognese into animal-friendly dinners. Vegan appetizers, entrees and calzones are also on the menu.
Check the chalkboard scribbling daily for the ever-changing selection of indulgent vegan dessert options, like the peanut butter bomb brownie, pistachio cake and the Italian after dinner staple, tiramisu.
But 3 Brothers isn’t just a vegan paradise—the restaurant also has an entire menu of conventionally made Italian pizzas and food, proving that vegans can coexist with their omnivorous counterparts. Stay and eat in the restaurant’s dining room or place an order for delivery. 3 Brothers also caters events.
3 Brothers Pizzera is located on 212 North Long Beach Rd, Rockville Centre, Long Island (516-766-0752, 3brotherspizzeria.com).

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