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Thursday, July 07, 2011

A town cries out for justice against animal cruelty

Continue reading on Examiner.com A town cries out for justice against animal cruelty - National American Pit Bull | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/american-pit-bull-in-national/a-town-cries-out-for-justice-against-animal-cruelty#ixzz1RZsVM02h

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American Pit Bull Examiner

Chained dog

Slideshow: Chained dog

 “For at least the last past 4 years, there have been dozens of pitbulls chained to trees at 125 Norcross Road, Berlin NJ in Winslow Township.”
The 26 dogs are owned by Ivan V. Murray. The situation is in violation of “multiple Winslow ordinances, including improper tethering and inadequate food/water/shelter.”
Ivan V. Murray, dogs' owner Credit: Busted Mugshots

The address directly across the street at 126 Norcross Road was raided in 2005 for dog fighting.
The citizens of Berlin have complained and begged authorities to help, but  “these complaints have fallen on deaf years, possibly because up until recently, Ivan Murray's uncle was a chief code enforcement official in Winslow Township.”
According to complaints, “last month, Animal Control once again visited the Murray property and issued Ivan V. Murray over 20 summons to appear at a court date to which he was a no show. A warrant was not issued and instead the hearing was rescheduled for tomorrow at 10 a.m. in Winslow Municipal Court.”
Members of the community have established a website to try and draw attention to the crimes being committed against these dogs. These dogs don’t have the publicity and money behind the popular Vick’s dogs. They do not have rich affluent rescues pocketing $50K per dog with television cameras running and their own tv show and book deal. These dogs only have chains and 90 degree heat with no water.
What they do have is the love of their townspeople.
Citizens of Winslow Township are asking for support to help these animals.
Please take a minute to write and call the following city leaders and let them know the citizens of Winslow Township have the support of the nation behind them. The American pit bull and the American people will not stand for animal cruelty in any form, shape or fashion.
SueAnn Metzer, Mayor:   MayorMetzner@winslowtownship.com
Joe Ghallager, Winslow Township Administrator: administration@winslowtownship.com
Winslow Township Police: 609-561-3300
Robert Stimelski, acting chief of police: rstimelski@winslowpd.com
Planning and Zoning:   emcglinchey@winslowtownship.com
Winslow Township Committee: karengibison@winslowtownship.com
Please send all pit bull stories and tips to doggirl1@earthlink.net
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Author - Pit Bull Nation
Pit Bull Nation is a tell all book about rescuing pit bulls from death row for over twelve years.
Now available in e-book and print.

Continue reading on Examiner.com A town cries out for justice against animal cruelty - National American Pit Bull | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/american-pit-bull-in-national/a-town-cries-out-for-justice-against-animal-cruelty#ixzz1RZt5VnsX


Write a Letter, Call, FAX or email. Let YOUR VOICE be heard for these dogs. The dogs and I thank you for helping them.

Contact Winslow Township

125 South Route 73
Braddock, NJ 08037-9422
PHONE 609 567-0700
FAX 609 567-0500

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