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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wait Until You See This Spammer!

So, this local Long Island guy (@sstard) spams my blog TWO times.*

He spams me from Delhi, India no less! I fill out the contact form on his poorly designed website, to inform him of the spam, spam that he posted to a Long Island web designer. If this jerk had researched who he planned to spam, he'd know I'm a designer and a Long Islander, but Rae is far too busy showing his "macho stupidity" to his little buddies to use his pea brain and have his spammers in Delhi, INDIA filter his spam for him! And who likes spam? No one. I know plenty of people who have went to a site and used the "Contact Us" form to tell a company or organization that someone is spamming. (and since he did it twice to me within 48 hours, I also let him know his text is all overlapping on his main web page. Overlapping all over the place, and badly.)

This total jerk replies and plays dumb, claiming no one from his company spammed anyone, and that maybe I should have tried to find out who actually did spam me before attacking... and then he called me a twit. Let's take a look-see!

His contact form isn't even formatted correctly. It's signed from him instead of the sender. Ha ha.

Poor "Rae" should never have lied about spamming me, and trying to pull people to his awful site with spam. Now I have no choice but to show what a douchebag this "company owner" really is. His email correspondence is to come in the next day or two, right here, right in this blog entry. Trust me, the douchebagery he displays is indisputable; he just doesn't know when to stop, and when I push that right button, he admits he did indeed spam me. It took this dumb ass three full days to finally think to himself, "Gee, oh, wait, Google. I bet I can Google this person's email." What a moron. I'd nailed his name, real name and full dox in under 24 hours. The dude thought I was a guy and was begging for a fight. I don't mean an email war, I mean he wanted to meet and fight it out! Hilarious! Tough guy!

rae@rpaxis.com had this to say:

Bigshot Rae Parth wants to "set up a meet!" In douchebag loser lingo, that means "I want to meet because I'm so man I need a tote bag to carry my balls in, and I'm gonna kick the shit out of you and brag about it on Facebook, after posting a few Depeche Mode remixes!!!"

You just have to love a dude who thinks nothing else but "LIES! I can/will kick your ass!" as the first response to being told off for spamming.
People has issues!


(Sorry Rama, but you didn't learn people skills in Hofstra, and one of them is apologizing when you're wrong, and you, jackass, were wrong—and lied about what you did—and then continued to be an aggressive *sshole.) You don't look (aka "spam") for potential clients and then call them twits and pussies. Tsk, tsk.

Oh, don't "Leave a Comment!"
Rae doesn't like it much!

◀━ Overlapping text. LOL

(Camels FTW!)


Now keep in mind, this is what I found on my blog, so I went to the website that left the spam comments and let them know. Notice that Rae Paxis, or his outsourced spammers, spammed me on 6-15 and then again the following day, 6-16. I told him about it, and he denied it. Not only did he pretend to not know about the spam, he called me a twit for saying something to him. I'm betting this kid was the one who didn't get laid until his wedding night.

"Are you still 5 mins east??
I am very eager to meet the numb nuts we spammed!
My cell is below call me if your serious and bring some body armor to give you the advantage!!!"
Rae Parth

Yes, after that email from Rae, I knew his FAILBOAT had arrived.

This lying big shot thought he was going to get away with spamming by being a bully, and when I pwned his dumb ass, he just hid his "macho" (◀━ read as "awful bragging small-penised dude") idiotic Facebook wall and SHUT UP.

This next email from Rae Parth might be used in his upcoming marketing campaign for RPaxis. It needs a little tweaking, though. I think he should drop the "reek of pussy" commnet, but Rae's the BOSS, so if he wants to talk like he does to his wife to possible clients, who's to say it's a bad idea?

I wonder what this FAIL DUDE's wife is like. Seriously, is she a wuss, or does she speak up for herself? To be married to such a douche... wow.

One would think that Rama Parth learned his lesson after this, but no.
The dumb ass spammed me again today! He's using some outsourcing in Dehli, India. Look at the spam; the spammer can't even compose a sentence in English. Psssh!

Hey Rae Parth, you "would like to make friendship" huh? Hahahaha!!!

Further SPAM counts as well, dick.
(The above...)

"You still reek of pussy."

Like I said, no bad mouthing your wife. Just get her to bathe, man! If that stank isn't her, then you need to lay off the Jackson Heights hookers!

"The only thing your displaying here is that your a  coward."

I'm wondering how "eager" you still are to "find me" and do what...oh, kick my ass in? Dude, you have THE FLIP. No guy can kick ANYONE'S ASS with The Flip! And yes, I'm talking about your hair. As long as you have The Flip, I'll win, every time. Williston Park from a Faggoty Windows Box running shit-ass XP.

Congratulations, Rama. I hope you tell your wife what you've been up to. 
I can if you aren't tough guy enough for the job.
I'll also gladly tell Google if you're falsely inflating AdSense ads. Easily, too, since a friend of mine works in the NYC office.

Hey RAMA, let's go back to your initial BULLSHIT for a moment.

"what is wrong with you? Instead of attacking  - maybe you should find out if someone from here in fact spammed you. 

I would love to meet the twit who wrote this... "

What's wrong with YOU, TWIT? You didn't think you'd get caught, did you?
I did find out, and even when I played the part of "gee golly maybe it wasn't you..." you were STILL AN ASSFUCKED DOUCHEBAG.

You spammed me TWICE. Don't fucking LIE or play games again.

Number of Entries:
6 (3 this visit)
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2011.6.16. 05:57:57 AM
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4 mins 48 secs
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Delhi, India
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Bharti Broadband ( [Label IP Address]
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Watch who your fat fuck ass spams next time, eh cupcake?


Trust me, Rae, Rama, Dumb Ass... you don't want to keep spamming me.

*Make that THREE times now.

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