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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SUPPORT JAN SMITH — My Friend's Fiance.



JJan Austin Smith is a longtime dedicated grassroots activist. He is a disabled medical marijuana patient charged with transporting a large amount of cannabis with the intent to sell. He was arrested in Henry County, Illinois after a bogus traffic stop and an illegal search and seizure that violated his Constitutional right to privacy and his legal right to not be detained and searched without probable cause. He spent 4 days and nights in the Henry County Jail in Illinois before (aided by a series of marvelous wizardry by his local attorney) he was able to bail out. It cost his family a stunning $16,000—reduced from an original amount of about $27,000—contigent upon the surrendering of his passport and waiving of his chance for a preliminary hearing. To provide some measure of perspective, the young man with whom Jan shared a cell, a convicted (alleged) child molester who violated the terms of his parole, was given a $5,000 bail amount. Jan’s experiences solidified his previous suspicions that ALL prisoners are political prisoners, regardless of the charge. For more proof thereof, we encourage you to investigate the cases of Geronimo Pratt and Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Sticking true to his ideals, Jan refused to cooperate with investigators and become a snitch, though he was offered the potential for a reduced sentence—an option with undeniable allure when you’re theoretically facing up to 90 years. As Jan is now wont to say, financially guilty until proven innocent. Never forget—anything you say can and will be used against you.

Jan has been active for a number of years in the animal rights, environmental, human/gay/disabled rights, women’s lib and reproductive freedom, and medical marijuana movements. He spent two separate college vacations volunteering to help bring food and hope back to the communities of New Orleans after the climate chaos-worsened Hurricane Katrina. When his chronic degenerative arthritis, a horribly painful condition in his spine and knees, disabled (pun intended) his ability to attend protests and home demos, he continued his activism through writing and other projects. He helps take care of his rescued dog Rikki and 7 rescued rats. His social justice-themed writing has appeared in the Louisiana English Journal and the Earth First! Journal. He has volunteered with Go Vegan Radio, helped support treesitters, distributed radical literature, and done prisoner support work (what goes around comes around? Hopefully?) He deserves to be out in the world fighting for change, where he belongs—not in a cage. That’s where you can help! As the legendary comedian and animal advocate Richard Pryor once said, “Lawyers can keep your ass out of penitentiary. But it’s gonna cost…gulp…A LOT.” He is in desperate need of funds to help with legal and travel expenses. You can click here to donate through paypal, or just send check, money order (made out to Jan Smith), or well-concealed cash to the following address:


Jan Austin Smith Support Fund 

PO Box 665 

Willits, CA 95490

We can also be contacted at JanAustinSmith@gmail.com

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