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Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Hearts Break Over the Death of Wasabi-chan | Catster

Our Hearts Break Over the Death of Wasabi-chan

The kitten gained fame wearing a crocheted mushroom while recovering from a crow attack.
  |  Aug 27th 2013  |   13 Contributions

When you woke up this morning did you notice that your heart felt a little heavy? Mine sure did. I didn't know why until I saw the news on Catsparella: Wasabi-chan, quite possibly the world's most adorable kitten, has died.
She died this morning in Hokkaido, Japan after being rushed to the vet in critical condition. Though the three-month-old kitten had suffered from epilepsy following a June attack from a crow, she seemed to be recovering well with the aid of a series of adorable crochet swaddling intended to keep the kitten still while she was fed with a tube. It was her mushroom outfit in particular that propelled Wasabi-chan to Internet fame via Reddit.
From there we followed Wasabi-chan on her journey of healing via Instagram. She had aGolden Retriever dog friend and, according to Twitter, Wasabi-chan died in the company of a different Golden Retriever at the vet's office, so at least she didn't feel lonely.
It's tough news following the death of Homer the Blind Wonder Cat, though there's some consolation in the knowledge that Wasabi-chan received the best care possible during her short time on Earth. I hope Wasabi-chan and Homer are curled up together at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge, nestled in a sun puddle that never migrates, even when the sun sets.
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