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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Negotiation Is Over: 6/15/13 update on Camille Marino

6/15/13 update on Camille Marino

Posted by Negotiation Is Over on June 15, 2013

Brutus kissing Camille

On June 3, Camille was removed from Sumter County Jail in Bushnell, Florida (where she had been held since May 22) by the authorities and transported to Wayne County Jail in Detroit, Michigan.  She was booked into Wayne County Jail on June 11.  The next morning, Camille was brought to court to be arraigned on the charge that she violated probation.

Although Camille’s attorney came to the court to represent her that morning, he was told that she was not present.  Meanwhile, Camille was brought before a new judge, Hon. Vonda R. Evans, instead of the judge (Hon. Bryan H. Levy) who had heard her case and sentenced her back in November and December.  Camille was then told she would not be allowed to consult with her attorney.  Instead, oddly, the court assigned a court-appointed attorney to her for that appearance.

While in the courtroom, Camille was shown paperwork describing her apparent “violation of probation” (VOP) which showed that University of Florida Police Department (UFPD) detective Jeff Moran initiated the report of the charge.  This violation is called a “technical violation.”
What occurred was the UFPD discovered one instance of an old NIO video that had been posted to a You Tube account by other parties back when Camille was in jail. Because Camille had not registered that You Tube account, she was unaware that the video existed on that channel.  As soon as she was made aware of this, she removed the video.

Please note, the University of Florida (UF) has supposedly nothing to do with Camille’s case in Detroit, yet they take it upon themselves to task their detective to locate a technical violation they can pin on Camille.

Camille pled “not guilty” to the VOP.  Then, Judge Vonda Evans stated that Camille is being held on $100,000 bond, because she is a “flight risk,” an interesting assessment of an individual who has never missed a single court date or probation appointment.

Camille Marino’s hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 18, at 9am in Judge Vonda Evans courtroom.  There will be no trial.  The judge will decide the matter herself.

Camille Marino is the Founder and Director of NIO Florida.  After being arrested in Florida and extradited to Michigan, she has been brought to Wayne County Jail.  At the moment, she has no pencil, paper or envelope to write back to anyone.  But, when you are locked up in jail, receiving mail is the high point of the day.

Camille Marino
570 Clinton Street
Detroit MI 48226

Please send a donation via PayPal to help Camille.

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