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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

UF Vivisector & Mrs. Bergeron: A direct challenge to the NIO Laws that went into effect on Oct 1

Reblogged from Negotiation Is Over!

UF Vivisector & Mrs. Bergeron: A direct challenge to the NIO Laws that went into effect on Oct 1

Posted by  on October 4, 2012
On Monday, October 1, 2012, the “NIO Laws” went into effect in Florida which essentially criminalize this article and make it subject to third-degree felony prosecution as cyberstalking under vivisection-complex-driven amendments to current stalking laws in this state. While we do not encourage or condone threats or intimidation of any kind against the enemy, we refuse to recognize any contrived unconstitutional law that seeks to infringe upon our First Amendment right to navigate the public domain. Please share, retweet, and repost to your blogs as I am now awaiting my first injunction in the state of Florida that seeks to shut us down and silence us. -Camille Marino, Founder – Negotiation Is Over
UF Vivisector Raymond Joseph Bergeron who has made his fortune subjecting animals to drug experiments and torturing them to death also swore to false affadivits that two activists threatened to burn down his house with him in it… an exemplary human being!!!
According to information publicly available on the University of Florida website:
Office phone is answered by “Miranda”: 352-273-7725
Email is: rayb@ufl.edu
Bergeron is a Professor of Drug Development
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
OFFICE: Medical Science Building, P6-04
UF Vivisector Raymond Bergeron and his wife, Kathy, have built their lives on the extreme misery Ray inflicts on monkeys who are ripped from their own mothers. While her dear old hubby forcefeeds them poisons, injects them with drugs, drives them insane in tiny cages (some for decades), then murders them, Kathy enjoys frequent manicures and pedicures as well as trips to the local salon. Although they have stopped answering the phone if the incoming number is blocked, according to publicly-available information, Kathy may be reached at (352) 373-8776.
A person believed to be a relative of the gruesome twosome, another Kathy Bergeron, is employed at St. Gregory’s Catholic Church in Plantation, Florida. This Mrs. Bergeron works in the cafeteria at St. Gregory’s in the morning, her direct number and email have both been disconnected, but she works in the Development Office in the afternoons: 954-473-6261, ext. 127.
Picture of the Bergeron estate taken from a public sidewalk at a surprise home demo on the evening of July 7, 2012
According to publicly-available property records, UF Vivisector Raymond J. Bergeron and his wife Kathy live here at:
6220 NW 56TH Lane
Gainesville, FL 32653-3117

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