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Unfortunately, my blog isn't what I set out for it to be. A disturbed and manic online stalker and cyberbully has made it impossible for me to post about family, my son, life in my part of New York...so I stopped (for the most part), and I mostly reblog and repost what I feel is important, necessary or close to my heart. As for the stalking sociopath, she can go to hell for harassing me and my family since mid-2008. You can't scare me offline with a few lame threats and dozens of pages of defamation, abuse, depravity and libel. I'm bitchy like that. ;)
(Anyone who knows me knows I'm not actually a bitch, but let's allow this psychopath to think I'm a bitch to her blackened heart's content—it seems to make her feel she has some sort of control over me…and it does not.)

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Three Years Passed.

It's been three years.
Harry and I spent the day together and we talked, we laughed and I cried. Harry said to me, "Mom, don't cry. It's okay, here, come here," and gave me a big hug. He then said "G, we miss you all the time, so if you want, you can come here any time and I made you a maze on the shell and put it right over there for you, and we put some things you'll like, but please, if you can, come visit us, we miss you." He made sure to say something about doing the maze he had drawn on the shell, saying to my father, "Come down any time you feel like doing it and just do my maze, okay?"

It was Easter, but to us, it was not a holiday to celebrate (we're not religious anyway, not in that way at all) and we only had each other, so we had veg*n dinner and watched some of Harry's favorite shows, played a game, read some books and said goodnight to G and told him we miss him.

It doesn't seem like three years, but it's three years and it felt like last week when we visited last Sunday. Harry and I left seashells he picked, a rock he found right on the beach, washing in and out of the ocean; it had some green color in it and green is Harry's favorite color so he wanted to leave it there. We also left a baby bird figurine, then we draped netting of shells all around the area.

©2012 Suzanne Hayes / spookie Not to be used without permission.

©2012 Suzanne Hayes / spookie Not to be used without permission. 

I can't write more about it because my blog is public, and though it was originally supposed to be a blog about everything in life—covering personal to global issues—it can't be, at all, anymore. It probably never can be again, because sometimes people get on a power trip and decide they need to control other people's lives. They don't actually know you, but they assume they do and then they manipulate situations to fit their agenda.

Then again, there's THE STALKER, 100% legitimate stalker as per the police, and I rather she not know my personal business. It's a shame some people only listened to one side of the "stalker" story and never even knew of the serious, disturbing trauma this psychotic stalker put me and my immediate family through—when it began, how it began or why, my having to get the police involved (and their two visits to this stalker's home to warn her to stop or face the consequences) and how come I had to protect myself by blogging about the stalkers/cyberbullies to keep them from doing any harm on a more serious level. But as I mentioned before, there's no point to having a blog if it's hidden, so due to this insane stalker harassing me whenever she feels manic or the need to abuse strangers and blame them for her miserable life, I have no choice but to NOT blog about anything of a personal nature anymore. Not until this woman is legally stopped; by police or by psychiatric orders by a court.


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