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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Alert to NY Liberationists: Live Animals Being Tortured & Served to Paying Customers

Alert to NY Liberationists: Live Animals Being Tortured & Served to Paying Customers

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Alert to NY Liberationists: Live Animals Being Tortured & Served to Paying Customers

If we have any NIO In the Streets cells in New York who can pay the following sadists a visit, Saturday night might be a prime opportunity to disrupt this hellhole.
Ocean animals are being tormented and eaten alive in some New York City restaurants. The legs of octopuses are sheared off bit by bit, and the animals are served and consumed while they’re still alive and writhing in agony. Lobsters are also cut up and eaten alive and, in some cases, positioned so that they can actually watch themselves being consumed. Octopuses and other animals, including lobsters, are slowly steamed to death in front of patrons—the animals try desperately to crawl away, only to be dropped back onto the burning surface again and again.

Cho Rok Park


Sik Gaek
161-29 Crocheron Ave.
Flushing, NY 11358
For everyone who is not able to visit in person, please see PeTA’s campaign for additional ways to  be heard.
NIO In the Streets is a global and decentralized political collective of autonomous resistance cells united in the goal of overcoming passivity and fear, stimulating resistance against domination in all forms, and transforming an inherently dysfunctional dominator society by establishing new associations based on peace, cooperation, autonomy, equality throughout the sentient community, harmony with the natural world, and sustainable modes of living.
If the nonhumans could fight back, their tormentors would have expired long ago. We have an obligation to expose the abusers. It is the LEAST we can do! I welcome your emails & contributions.
If you have a Facebook account, join the extended Negotiation Is Over network.”.
To submit work to NIO for consideration and publication, please send an email tocamille@negotationisover.com with the subject “submission”.
To receive NIO updates, please send an email to camille@negotiationisover.com with the subject “subscriptions”.
Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. There is no intent, express or implied, to promote illegal activities. We assume no liability for the potential actions of any third party. All data compiled here has been gathered from, and is available through, independent public sources.

____________◉_⊃◉ WTF?!

This video is vile. The person who posted it thinks it's "amazing" and is trying to justify it by playing the culture card. I gave her a piece of my mind on the YouTube site where it's posted.

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