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Friday, November 06, 2009

Nine Inch Nails: Closer (Uncensored) (1994) on Vimeo

One of my all-time favorite tracks and videos from Trent.

Nine Inch Nails: Closer (Uncensored) (1994) on Vimeo

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Nine Inch Nails: Closer (Uncensored) (1994)

Nine Inch Nails: Closer (Uncensored) (1994) from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

you let me violate you. you let me desecrate you
you let me penetrate you. you let me complicate you
help me i broke apart my insides. help me i've got no soul to sell
help me the only thing that works for me. help me get away from myself

i want to fuck you like an animal
i want to feel you from the inside
i want to fuck you like an animal
my whole existence is flawed
you get me closer to god

you can have my isolation. you can have the hate that it brings
you can have my absence of faith. you can have my everything
help me you tear down my reason. help me it's your sex i can smell
help me you make me perfect. help me become somebody else

i want to fuck you like an animal
i want to feel you from the inside
i want to fuck you like an animal
my whole existence is flawed
you get me closer to god

through every forest, above the trees
within my stomach. scraped off my knees
i drink the honey inside your hive
you are the reason i stay alive
____________________Trent Reznor DOES NOT SUPPORT ANIMAL ABUSE________________

Now Showing on PETA TV: 
China's Shocking Cat and Dog Fur Trade
Narrated by Trent Reznor
Other Viewing Options

Trent’s new PETA video will help show the world the barbarity of the fur industry—whether the animals are domestic cats and dogs or coyotes and minks and whether they’re killed in China or the United States—the demand for fur causes immense suffering for all animals, cats and dogs included.
Every year in China, millions of cats and dogs are killed for their fur—mostly in the form of cuffs, collars, and other trim. The fur is often mislabeled and sold in Europe and the United States, even though it is illegal in the U.S. The cat and dog fur industry is driven by the demand for all fur items. Every cuff and collar means a death sentence for an animal. Want to help make sure that no cats and dogs are killed for their fur? Don’t buy any fur.
“If you buy or wear fur, you must share the blame for the suffering of these cats and dogs. If you know someone who wears fur, please, show them this video,” says Trent.

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