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Monday, August 31, 2009

“Stalkers are lol trollcat”

Stalkers are lol trollcat

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Okay… this was originally posted on my "Stalker Documentary Blog." It's too LOL awesome too not post here.

Stalkers are lol trollcat

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Fucking EPIC! LOL Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks, Trollcats!

IA*, this Trollcat is for you. No, seriously. No, you don't understand. It's really, really for you. It was made just FOR YOU!
Awesome, amirite?

…whew, I'm lol'ing.

(*The Improper Adoptee)

Stalkers are lol trollcat

Fri, Aug 21, 2009


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stalker trollcat Stalkers are lol trollcat

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11 Responses to “Stalkers are lol trollcat”

  1. barmaid Says:

    My fave.

    • slum_goddess Says:

      y’know barmaid? i couldn’t tell you which is my fave cos so far, i’ve copied so many of em (w/their links for attribution) to use in future and this’s one of em.

      keep up the fabaroo work, TrollCats dudes. :-)

      slum_goddess´s last blog ..HTH! My ComLuv Profile

  2. FPJ Says:
    August 23rd, 2009 at 8:42 pm
    I’d kill you.

  3. <3>

    http://www.twitter: spookiecats



    spookie´s last blog ..Long Beach, NY — Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market, Wednesdays and Saturdays My ComLuv Profile

    • admin Says:

      • spookie Says:

        Awww, everyone needs a stalker! STALK MOAR!

        I’m passing on mad props to you from many friends. Everyone is now hooked on Trollcats. I just did a ShareThis of the latest I think the receiver(s) will choke on their own spit LOL’ing.

        My stalker…is quiet. I think she’s lost her marbles after the latest boatload of entries to my STALKER blog. Awesome! (said with a totally silly dance in mind) She loves cats, too, so she’s possibly so offended she needed thorazine.

        Thank you. No, really. THANK YOU. Thank you so very much for the stalker trollcat. ;) heh heh heh

        If anyone wants a crazed hag psycho stalker, just go post on my stalker’s blog. She’ll be sure to stalk you for at least a year, non-stop. I promise.

        spookie´s last blog ..I LOL’ed for Real! “If Everyone Had Their Own Magazine” (Thanks for the Share, Delmo!) My ComLuv Profile

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Miley Says:

I wish I had stalkers.


  • slum_goddess Says:

    y’all can have some-a mine. most–but not all–are particularly dimwitted, can spot em off by a mile whether it’s email or in TRW.

    then i have ‘fun’ w/em MY WAY. *snigger* hey, AFAIC it serves em right for fucking w/me in the first place. :-)

    slum_goddess´s last blog ..i’m fucking honore

  • Godzilla Says:

  • spookie Says:

    slum-goddess, we can share ;) I’ve got some, you’ve got some… we have many to go around for all. and yes, serves ‘em right for fucking with us in the first place. Damn stalkers. These people need to get laid.

    Another problem. Trolling. It’s just not what it used to be. :::sigh:::

    spookie´s last blog ..I LOL’ed for Real! “If Everyone Had Their Own Magazine” (Thanks for the Share, Delmo!) My ComLuv Profile

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    1. My daughter and I were introduced to Choo Choo Soul through the Disney Channel. She would ask the see the music videos again and again. It really got her dancing.