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(Anyone who knows me knows I'm not actually a bitch, but let's allow this psychopath to think I'm a bitch to her blackened heart's content—it seems to make her feel she has some sort of control over me…and it does not.)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

“Dude, You're Skinny!”

WOOOOO! I am a size smaller, yes, SMALLER than  before I got pregnant with Harry. I am also a few pounds less, which is a big deal for someone who has dealt with weight issues her entire life. I've always had to be on a diet, and to weigh less than I did before I was pregnant is amazing! Now I just have to hit the NYSC (gym) and work out regularly to tone up the area where the c-section was done, because I'm not an exact size. I'm a size 5 trapped wearing 7's. The 7's are so loose on my thighs and calves, even my butt. I hate that. :( The bagginess on my thighs is the worst thing.

Most of my old clothes are size 5 (I wear Juniors clothing, not womens), but I do have a good amount of size 7 to hold me over. I also have a few bins of size 3 and smaller. I have no intention of aiming for size 0 again. Maintaining a size 0 was far too much work. As much as I love my size 0 clothing, I couldn't see myself preparing special meals for myself and for others on top of making sure I get enough cardio to keep myself into those teeny tiny clothes. 

Knowing I'm almost a size 5 is enough for me :) Hearing a friend say, "Dude, you're skinny!" was really uplifting. Add to that positive little blurb the fact that someone said, "I thought you were in your mid-thirties like me!" and you have enough compliments to keep you boosted for the month...or more ;)

An afterthought, and a plug for a really cool jean company. When I saw KIX perform live this past summer here on Long Island, Brian Forsythe was wearing the coolest cords I ever saw. Well, I found them, and I want them. They're expensive, but I bet they're worth it. The jeans were by Marc Vachon, and at first glance, I assumed they were a pair of Brian's vintage jeans.

This is the pair I wanted to buy a couple of months ago. they were well over a $100. (I think they were around $175., but I could be wrong!), and now they're only $99. each. Yes, ha ha ha @ ONLY!

THE COSMO CORD: A true rock and roll classic. Revamped and better than ever, our Cosmo cord is now being made with the best quality corduroy and die-hards will love the new durable velvety fabric. Perfect on men and women, these pants are truly becoming a cult favorite and we don't just mean Billy's band. Made in U.S.A.

Available in sizes:
26-34 inch lower waist
8"-9" rise
36" inseam

STOCK UP Sale Price:

MADE IN U.S.A. <--That means a lot these days. Also check out The Brazilian.
The Vachon Brazilian is still as popular as it was when MV introduced it back in 2001. It is the most comfortable, sexiest pant on the planet. Just ask Mariah, Christina or Dot. Made of velvety stretch cord with the Vachon flare. SUPER LOW RISE, so measure up 6 inches to figure out what size you take in this style.

Made in U.S.A.
34 inch inseam


  1. Hi Spookie.
    I saw your comment over at my blog
    This is just to let you know that I've now reopened my blog. So please drop by for some Piggy fun!
    All the best,

  2. Hi Spookie.
    I saw your comment over at my blog
    This is just to let you know that I've now reopened my blog. So please drop by for some Piggy fun!
    All the best,