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Unfortunately, my blog isn't what I set out for it to be. A disturbed and manic online stalker and cyberbully has made it impossible for me to post about family, my son, life in my part of New York...so I stopped (for the most part), and I mostly reblog and repost what I feel is important, necessary or close to my heart. As for the stalking sociopath, she can go to hell for harassing me and my family since mid-2008. You can't scare me offline with a few lame threats and dozens of pages of defamation, abuse, depravity and libel. I'm bitchy like that. ;)
(Anyone who knows me knows I'm not actually a bitch, but let's allow this psychopath to think I'm a bitch to her blackened heart's content—it seems to make her feel she has some sort of control over me…and it does not.)

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Unlike those online who lie and hide behind fake photos and insanely fabricated stories, I'm a real person. I'm real and I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. After years of putting up with online abuse by manipulative, pathological liars, attention whores or narcissists, I've had it. Don't bother me with pathetic drama. I have no time for these types of people and their need to absorb others' time and attention.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Veronika Hompo aka Nadia Anett Kiss aka Victoria Feher — You Are NOT Worth My Time.

What part of that can't you grasp, Veronika?

Get your head checked, you sick fuck.
Die Veronika Hompo Nazi Psychotic


  1. Veronika Hompo stalked and harrassed me for a long time after she didn't approve of things I had on my Faceboook. She is a psychopath and dangerous. Everyone on my friends list that was also friends with her on FB always knew she was Nadia Kiss or some form of Nadia and also all the guys that were Hungarians she had comments with were her too. She always posted to herself and liked her own posts, she posted comments to her own posts, just like she did when she pretended to be Nadia (and is doing gain for the 12th time, not even kidding) everyone knew something was wrong with her even a long ago when she was always sticking up for that fake activist who stalked the Barbi Twin. The Hompo chick was doing sock profiles for him because he asked her to and she had her fakes attack anyone who was a Sea Shepherd supporter or that posted to Captain Paul Watson's page. She made threats to people and she did personal background research on them for this creep, then she would put it online public to embarrass innocent people, or shame gays/lesbians, people of color this fake activist hated, and the man hated women a lot, so he went after a lot of women all the time. Last seen she was bragging she was a Nazi Satanist and I checked her sources she had posted all over her 16 or so FB profiles. She was following a front for a cult that recruits people for the Neo-Nazis, all a guise or trap for a fake satanic crap cult but actually just like your typical neighborhood storefront selling beer, cigs and candy up front and drugs in the back, meaning how the sites were set up, to fool and trick people. The site is called Joy of Satan and it's all fake, it's plagiarized and citations can't be tracked to anything legit. There's no real Library of Congress number, they use a bogus #, the clergy is dumb as a bag of rocks and most of them seem like kids or young adults who have some emotional problems. Veronika Hompo accused me of things on Facebook a few years ago and tried to get "friends" to delete me and ruin my name and get me fired from my jobs. I even think she had you send me a message because she sent me a message saying you were going to destroy me. I looked at your FB and blog and knew she was lying and I sent you PM's you never replied to. Maybe you never got them. She was trying to ruin my life and my brother's life. There is no one named Nadia here and no Adrienne. If you need to talk to me off line, I will send you a PM so please check all your places for where you might not look. She's out of control now. Thanks for your time. All readers should just stay aways from her and that group, they're lunatics and total psychos, and the ones that aren't 13 are just people who must've gotten hit on the head as babies or something.

  2. Veronika Hompo is obsessed with me. I unfriended the manic depressive in June of 2014 because she did not like that I said I had zero tolerance for hate. I've received dozens of emails since last year, due to my posting publicly to Veronika in regards to her incessant and annoying attempts to get me to respond to her lunacy. I will repeat it again, as I posted over a year ago. SHE IS NOT WORTH MY TIME. She's a nutbag. She always was, yet a group of us agreed to befriend her after she sent us all crazy emails. She suffers from serious psychosis. I used to feel badly for her because I knew she was lonely and disconnected from reality. That came to a screeching halt when she attacked me and my family in an email and told me I had to make a public statement denouncing my ancestry, or else she would "never stop" her harassment via the internet. She's psychotic and there is no help for her. She's a lost cause. Her obsession with me is just validating her serious mental illness. Rational and lucid are not words I'd have ever used to describe her.

    Psychotic | Definition of psychotic by Merriam-Webster

    having or relating to a very serious mental illness that makes you act strangely or believe things that are not true : relating to or suffering from psychosis.

    She is PSYCHOTIC. There's really nothing else to discuss.