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For the Oceans,

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: Important Updates

The tide is turning at Sea Shepherd. With new campaigns being launched and progress being made on legal fronts, we are forever steadfast in our commitment to our mission of defending ocean wildlife worldwide.
Poachers or corruption will not derail Sea Shepherd, and we know that with you by our side we can endure any storm that comes our way. Thank you for your support now and forever. We are all Shepherds of the Sea.
Operation Reef Defense:
Protecting Coral Reefs Worldwide
The world's coral reefs systems are in a state of crisis! Operation Reef Defense is dedicated to protecting these vital ecosystems globally!

Coral reefs represent some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth, providing critical habitat for many marine species. 25% of the world's reefs are already gone or damaged beyond recovery and more than 60% are degraded or under risk of collapse.

Join Sea Shepherd in protecting these planetary life-supporting systems and natural treasures to ensure healthy oceans for future generations to come! (more)
An Anniversary to Remember − May Marks One Year Since Captain Watson's Arrest
This month marked the one year anniversary of our esteemed Founder's politically motivated arrest in Frankfurt, Germany. Captain Paul Watson was arrested on May 13, 2012 because of 10-year-old charges stemming from an incident in which he tried to intervene, at the Government's request, to stop Costa Rican shark poachers.

Since that time, Captain Watson has been added to the Interpol Red List by Costa Rica and subsequently Japan. He is listed alongside serial killers, child abductors, and drug traffickers and still can't make landfall or else he'll face unfair extradition and "kangaroo" trials in Costa Rica and Japan.

Read on to learn more about this situation and how we suggest you turn this tragedy into something positive for the oceans.
Pete Bethune and Sea Shepherd Settle Long-Running Legal Dispute
You may remember when the Ady Gil vessel was deliberately rammed by the Shonan Maru #2 and was abandoned at sea, during the 2010 Sea Shepherd Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign. That episode broke records for Animal Planet, when the incident aired on Whale Wars. Unbeknownst to many, there was much behind-the-scenes dispute about who was financially responsible for the destruction of the Ady Gil.

Sea Shepherd has reached an agreement with the boat's owner, Pete Bethune, and we are relieved to close this chapter in our history and move forward, in solidarity with Pete Bethune, for our common goal of working for the good of the oceans. Get the details!
Jolly Roger Full-Zip Hoodies are Back
Our supporters have spoken! After much demand, our Jolly Roger Full-Zip Hoodies are back in stock and are ready to be worn by protectors of the sea. Please visit our e-Store to purchase this soft, cozy hoodie today.

Proceeds from purchases in our e-Stores help to fund our mission to defend ocean wildlife worldwide.
It is only through the continued support of concerned citizens such as yourself that we are able to persist in our efforts to protect our planet's marine wildlife.

If you haven't recently, please make a donation in support of our efforts. Your gift makes an important difference for the oceans and we are so very grateful to have you sailing alongside us in support of our endeavors. Thank you.

For the oceans,

Your Friends at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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