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Monday, October 24, 2011

Man Throws Kitten Like Fastball: Brave Teen Comes to Rescue

Man Throws Kitten Like Fastball: Brave Teen Comes to Rescue

By Beth Laurer of Indiana
About five years ago while I was at work, I received a call from my 18-year-old daughter. She was almost hysterical. Between sobs she explained she was visiting a friend and the neighbor next door to her friend’s house appeared with a kitten.  He was raging with anger stating the kitten had scratched his baby.  He proceeded to throw the kitten across a huge field next to where he lived.
My daughter began to run after the kitten and he began to run after her.  She found the kitten and the man threatened to knock her teeth out if she tried to help the kitten.  He grabbed the kitten and threw it on the roof of an abandoned hospital.  She was terrified of the man and pretended to leave.  She waited and when the man walked back across the field and into his house, she climbed up on the hospital roof and found the kitten in a ball. She brought it down with her and immediately called me.
Between sobs she said she feared the kitten was badly hurt.  I told her to take the kitten to the veterinarian and have it examined.  Not only did the vet save the kitten’s life, but he also gave my daughter the phone number for animal cruelty.  She called them and gave them the address of the man and a description of him. It turns out that he was already on probation.
He was arrested for animal cruelty. When my daughter talked with the animal cruelty officers, it was learned the distance the kitten was thrown was as big as half a football field.  She was a miracle kitten.  She is now grown up and lives with me. My daughter named her Cleo and she is loved by me, my daughter and all my cats.
Photo of Cleo All Grown Up

Have You Ever Saved an Animal?
Please join us in a worldwide event to rescue animals like Cleo.  Simply go out in your own community and help an animal in need, then log on to The Great Animal Rescue Chase to share your story and photos. And for a little extra inspiration, have a look at the gorgeous photos from this recent ginger kitten rescue.
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