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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Get Ready for Seal Shepherd to Use the Same Old Bullying Techniques, Gay Bashing and Lies.

Seal Shepherd—All Facts, No Fiction.: People Against Seal Shepherd.: Get Ready for Seal ...: People Against Seal Shepherd.: Get Ready for Seal Shepherd to Use the Same Old Bu... : Hold on, Seal Shepherd ( @sealshepherd), for a couple...

This is a REPOST from http://thesealshepherd.blogspot.com/
I've altered the Title because there is more than bullying and lies in the entry about "Seal Shepherd." He's a hardcore homophobic, continually raging out against gay people, especially women. He's ranted about "lesbian bitches" in the past, but here, he targets one woman, and he actually posts personal information about her so he can convince others to abuse and harass this wonderful, friendly and caring animal rights activist. He uses a passive-aggressive approach, claiming that people who want to help save the seals—other animal activists—were bothered by her. Then his own aggression comes out. He threatens her directly. He threatens everyone with a statement,"Any underground orgs that come to this woman's defence will be dealt with as well." He attacks her, makes her a target and then claims that people complained that she is for lesbian rights! Anyone who knows an animal rights activist—a true activist—knows they do not single out people by gender, religious beliefs, color or race for hate and/or abuse.
Only Michael McDade of the one man show Seal shepherd does.
Seal Shepherd has already stated that he wants to move from Brampton, Canada because—as he feels—the "...blacks and turbin wearing are taking over my town...blacks are everywhere I turn, ans so are muslims..." He said he wanted to move ASAP, to a WHITE AREA.

Before I post the blog entry, please keep in mind that this man is not ALF and is not affiliated with ALF. He's a leather-clad, chicken nugget eating psychotic fake. NEVER email the fake email he has posted claiming to be ALF and don't follow the fake Twitter account he's made pretending to be ALF Canada. It's him. He's "Damian L" and any other aliases. Watch yourself on Facebook. He's banned legally from Facebook via a cease and desist order from the law firm Facebook retains. This had kept him off for a while, but he's back, so use caution.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get Ready for Seal Shepherd to Use the Same Old Bullying Techniques and Lies.

Hold on, Seal Shepherd ( @sealshepherd), for a couple of years, you've made it very clear—you are not an animal rights activist. You think animal rights activists are ridiculous. Now you, the one who threatens "animal rights people" all the time, is proclaiming some sort of "protection?" Oh, that is rich.

"I will put an end to your misery very promptly." Can you tell everyone just how you'd go about this? I sure am curious, because I've had threats from someone, and I'm an animal rights activist. I was threatened not once, but many times, by Michael McDade from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Oooooh, wait...that's YOU. So, how will you deal with yourself, and promptly I might add?

"…that come to this woman's defence will be dealt with as well."
You were cyberbullying someone for being gay. You made libelous comments about her, posted them to hundreds of online users and asked them to harass and abuse her. You used derogatory language and you mad it clear to all: you are a bigot. You loathe gays. You found out she was a lesbian, and that just could not be part of your pretend agenda, because homosexuality makes you feel so uncomfortable.

Gay bashing and threats towards a woman.
False claims that animal rights activists would be offended and oppose a gay woman (or man) who is an activist for animals.
Lying blatantly about having connections to Hell's Angels, referring to them as 81's and pretending they back him up.

Animals have no voice. You're correct, partially. You, though, are not their voice. You're their pain in the ass. You actually stated once that the seals in Namibia "didn't call to you" because they weren't cute and cuddly like the Canadian seals. How then are you the voice of animals?

Oh, sure, I'd fall for this. (holds in giggle) The Animal Liberation Front, using unencrypted email on MSN of all things, sending you messages and asking for your next commands."Please ask Fink..." Ha ha ha, yes, I'm sure you were speaking to Sheryl Fink daily, because she actually does go and DO SOMETHING for the seals and would work with you because…she wouldn't. She wouldn't be bothered with you at all. No one would, and no one has. Dude, the amount of FAIL in your "campaign" is astounding. I can't help but laugh when I read your pathetic prose. "We have ALF investigators, as well as volunteer bounty hunters on the ground in Newfoundland, Canada." I'm sure you did, Seal Shepherd…in your head, I'm sure you had all of your claims going on, in real time. It just wasn't really happening in real life.

And sorry, but that campaign? It didn't make media world-wide. You didn't make anything but an ass of yourself. You failed yourself, and you failed the seals, just as you will again when the seal hunt begins again. You will fail, because YOU ARE NOT REALLY DOING ANYTHING TO HELP SEALS. You're sitting at home, alone, posting ludicrous commands to Twitter users. When you aren't home you're on your iPhone, pretending you're posting from dangerous places when in truth, you're getting humiliated at a bar or local coffee shop—sweating and turning beet red—finally leaving because the laughter inside the walls is echoing so loudly in your ears that you can barely take it. You've been humiliated wherever you go for your delusional story-telling, yet you still think you can go into some of the bars other bikers frequent and you assume they will pat you on the back and buy you a beer, not start mocking you and telling the unknowing curious that you're the "Crazy Seal" guy who goes around pretending to be a "Seal Super Hero." You believe your own stories, but no one else does.

I found one of your big campaigns. "Seal Shepherd Central" you called it in the Information Tab. How did this help the seals? Take a look, and maybe you can explain how putting your time into this (and you put time in hours daily, for months) helped Canadian seals. Since you're banned from Facebook, will you begin informative groups with rich content like this one provided, possibly on Google+? (BTW, Google+ does not allow the use of "nicknames" and we are all reporting your Seal Shepherd Google+ account, since it does not have your real name on it at all. Your other profile is just as pitiful as your Facebook profile was. I'd know. I was on your friends list.

There's more to come. Enough to leave no doubt in the minds of anyone, on any social network, about the reality of this psychotic man calling himself "Seal Shepherd." Michael McDade is a mentally ill nobody, and the Peel Regional Police are very aware of him and his behavior. He's very afraid of getting arrested, so he won't cross certain lines this time around. He's afraid to spend one night in a jail cell, so how could anyone believe he'd "take a bullet" for a seal? He wouldn't. He was almost in tears when he went to the local police and told them he had posted things he was afraid would get him into trouble. He was shaking, rambling and very scared. He'd just threatened and harassed me, in a similar manner as he did to the woman in South Africa. This time, though, he knew I went directly to the police. Anyone claiming to be ALF, claiming he'd take a bullet, claiming he was shot in China, claiming he's the world's biggest activist for the seals when in fact he's the only one who has no proof of any actions at all CANNOT BE WHAT HE CLAIMS. He is a sissy. You can't claim to be ALF and at the same time, be petrified of arrest for cyberbullying women online. That just doesn't go hand-in-hand with those who take direct action seriously. He is not one who would actually say "By any means necessary" and stick to his word. He would run away like a scared little boy. Watch as his lies unfold. Note his blog is mostly about pretending to silence those who really do care about animals. Don't fall for his charade. He's a dolt. Run, don't walk away from him, literally and figuratively. He's a loose cannon with delusions of grandeur. He's a manipulative liar. He's a pansy.


He should change the tagline on his blog to "Nine Crazy Blog Entries Against Real Animal Activists and Three Asinine Campaigns of Uselessness."

I'm ending this entry with a screenshot of email exchanges between Michael Mcdade and a woman in Canada who let him know she smelled bullshit, and she wasn't going to take his abusive crap online. She'd met this lunatic in person, so she knows he's a fraud. She knows him and so do many others she knows. They all called him out on his lies, and he decided to harass this woman, even after she asked him to stop contacting her, to leave her alone. He just can't stop harassing women, straight or gay. It's his favorite pastime.


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