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Monday, April 25, 2011

Seal Shepherd—All Facts, No Fiction.: Micheal "Seal Shepherd" McDade Makes Public Death ...

Seal Shepherd—All Facts, No Fiction.: Micheal "Seal Shepherd" McDade Makes Public Death ...: "Michael McDade made a very public death threat on Facebook via mass-messaging (emails) from each group he is behind. His request for help in..."

Michael McDade made a very public death threat on Facebook via mass-messaging (emails) from each group he is behind. His request for help in "destroying" animal rights activist(s) that he claims are now "those who support the killing of seals" is not only a violation of Facebook's Terms, but a blatant illegal act of premeditating to harm a person.

Why does this demented man make such outlandish and unbelievable claims? Because he knows he is failing; his tricks and lies aren't fooling many people. He knows that for many years I've been involved in animal rights, rescue and education. He knows that I was the Moderator of the two largest MySpace groups under the "Pets and Animals" category (until myspace changed their format and did away with out wonderful groups). I moderated *Cat Lovers*, the most active and knowledgable cat group on myspace, and STOP Cruelty Against Animals, the largest group—number one—in the category. I began moderating my cat group in 2004, and my anti-cruelty group in 2006 after the moderator for that group left. Both groups were under my administration until myspace changed their format and did away with "groups," replacing them with crappy forums. I've been known as "spookie" since the 90's and since 2004, my reputation online—on social networks and on forums or groups—has been solid. I've always used the nickname (it's not an alias, Seal Nuts!) spookie, and those who know me know my history and reputation quite well. Seal Shepherd can't take an animal activist, a person who has devoted years to educating people about animal rights issues and the proper care of animals, and turn them into "seal killer." Where is this lunatic's proof? There is none. He can't even prove himself to be real, so how could he tell online users of a social network that a complete stranger to him is a "supporter of the killing of seals?!?" He can't. It's an in-your-face lie that he has nothing to back up.

What is Seal Shepherd's history? There isn't any. Where is this man's proof that he's ever saved so much as a cat or dog? There is none. The creep doesn't even like cats. 

For a year, this insane deviant has stalked me via fake profiles on Facebook. Now he stalks me on Twitter. He's sent me bizarre emails to my personal email account, and he's posted online many times in regards to me, asking people to help him take me down, to claim I'm not real, and to do harm to me in any way. "Be creative!" he says. 

All this deranged sicko can do is post libel. He's filled with hatred, racism, bigotry and homophobia. He's  self-loathing. If he really felt confident about himself, he wouldn't have a long track record of harassing and abusing women. He's ill, but untreated. He doesn't see how serious his illness has gotten. instead, he'd rather lie repeatedly, so much that he believes his lies as truths. 

Seal Shepherd makes mistakes. When he's frenzied, he makes typos and posts without checking his spelling (or grammar) for errors. Look at the signatures in his Facebook messages. He is sitting at home, a lone, pretending to be Michelle Macey, and he signs the name wrong. If Michelle were a real woman, would she spell her own name wrong? Of course not. We've seen him make spelling errors many times before, especially in his fake "cease and desist" blog entries. He copies and pastes without thinking. In fact, many of his actions are knee-jerk; no thought or time given to them, but instantaneous. He is so angry, so infuriated that he just blasts off and doesn't take a second to cover his tracks or to make sure he hasn't screwed up.

Now he's made the biggest mistake he possibly could. He posted a threat against my life and asked for help. Nothing he can say or do will make it go away. It's too late for him. He posted it and even though Facebook deleted one of his fake profiles, the messages remain. 

Seal Shepherd can burn as many ink-jet printed flags as he wants and post them to his Youtube account, crediting make-believe people, but he can't change the fact that he's burned himself by publicly threatening my life and the lives of many others. He's going to suffer the consequences, and very soon.

The same message was posted in every group Michael McDade—Seal Shepherd—admins.
There are no other people helping Seal Shepherd admin Facebook groups. All names listed as "Admins" are fake accounts created by Michael McDade. 

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