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Monday, March 07, 2011

Seal Shepherd — Punk'd!

Seal Shepherd went on Twitter expecting the users to all be as naive as the users initially were on Facebook. Much to his surprise, not all fell for his BOLOGNA stories. C'mon, 500,000 FOOT SOLDIERS? I'd Google anyone claiming that... wouldn't you?

AFOP before researching Seal Shepherd @sealshepherd #SealShepherd on Twitter
Oh SNAP! AFOP did their homework!

I sent them a "thanks!" for exposing Seal Shepherd in their Twitter stream.
Their reply contained info that I don't even know how they found out. Awesome!

Seal Shepherd doesn't think before posting. Click these screenshots to view them at full size.

The forum is going down, huh? And you're the reason why, right?
Wow, you're a tough guy! A big shot! A real hot shot and bully!
Ooooh, I bet those bikers were shaking in their boots!
I think some fled the country due to you! Yes!
Some even got on planes and took off for... uuuh... China!
They forgot you're there with your foot soldiers, OMFG!

So there it was, January 9th of 2011, and you were claiming you are
President of ALL of ALF or just Canada?
I'm really trying not to laugh here, but seriously, in your deluded mind, is it

just Canada or the worldwide numero uno all-time global org?

I see... oooooooh. You're unsure. It's understandable, since people don't go around
announcing to the public "Yo! I'm THE Animal Liberation Front MAN!
You need ALF, you come knockin' on my door!"

"Hello! Saw my URL on a forum or Facebook? Yes, that's me, the President of www.animalliberationfront.com! I'm in Brampton, Canada, that's a short bike ride
from Toronto, so hey, we can meet in the Toronto biz district, or make a date!
I'd LOVE to go to the Toronto Nepali Film Festival on Saturday, March 12, 2011!
They are showing "The Struggle Within,"
(The Struggle Within is a documentary that follows gay, lesbian, bi and transgender youths
in Kathmandu as they prepare for Mr. Pink, an upcoming pageant.)
and I love all people, even gays, from all races!"

Gosh, sorry, I'm mocking you and that's just so mean. Pfffft! 

Quote McDade: "I'm going to take this motorcycle forum out.
Want to help with email addresses?"

Why would you need email addresses, Michael? Not for creating multiple accounts on forums and FACEBOOK, right? You wouldn't do that... OR WOULD YOU? ;) 

So the forum... how did it go?

Gosh, not so good. It looks like you got burned. Punk'd. Outed. 
Ouch, that's gotta hurt. 

Dude, check this out. You're a GIRL. For a homophobic pussy as yourself, it's pretty amusing.

Yes, yes, we all know it's you, and have for a long time.
Even Facebook's law firm knows it's you. You know—Perkins Coie in Washington State.
Isn't that why you deleted Sacha's posts on your Facebook group "Newfoundland?"

Your crappy Facebook page, as it is NOW.
URL: http://www.facebook.com/SealshepherdInc (UPDATE: ALL Seal Shepherd/Michael McDade's Facebook groups were removed by Facebook at the same time they purged all his fake profiles, including Sacha Cohen—his favorite fake profile—after he violated most of their Terms of Service, including abuse, harassing other users (and Facebook staff), using fake profiles to abuse and harass, stalking and making threats, etc. The only group that remained was "STOP THE SEAL HUNT!" and it now administrated by everyone he manipulated, abused, harassed and threatened, and it no longer is a group that asks users to hunt down people of Newfoundland and threaten to harm them.) 

A day after certain persons spoke to Perkins Coie, "Sacha" deleted her posts
that were made AFTER November 1, 2011. Why would she do that... if she wasn't you.

Those are posts that used to be on that group shown above. If you weren't Sacha,
why would Sacha Cohen delete them, and leave the group with posts that end
on October 31, 2010? Are you pretending that you're not Sacha Cohen, and you
didn't delete those posts because they were after your Cease and Desist on Facebook
date of November 1, 2010? ALL posts made after October 31st were deleted.
Hmmm... seems too coincidental.

Oh, let's be real. We ALL KNOW YOU ARE SACHA COHEN. Move on.
Deal with it. There's "friends" on "Sachas' friend list" that know!
Bet you didn't know that! I know, because they've told me and others! 

And you're not homophobic or racist, right? Of course not!

Gosh, sorry, my bad! I keep poking fun of you with sarcasm! 

"Michael is very racist and he was always feeling a kind of hatred towards S because S is Indian. McDick thinks the white represents the highest in the hierarchy of the races..."

"I do eat chicken still tho as I'm a type O blood type, and I need a lot of protein. Vegetables do nothing for me. I mostly eat pasta :-)
You like Indian food? lol Google "Indian Toilet Paper." lol There are so many here, that you learn about their culture. They don't use toilet paper. They eat with their right and use a bucket with soapy water to wipe. Yuk! So, around here, I don't touch anything. I use my sleeve lol. I'm going to move a bit north from here as soon as I pay my house off. I've seen enough turbans for one life time.
There are four white families on my street V. The rest Indian and black!"

"It's very multicultural here too. A lot of Indians. Some places are all Indian. It's quite sickening to see actually. You don't even feel like you're in Canada in these areas, as you don't see any white people."

"...Am I racist? No. Discriminatory? Yes. I see what's in front of my eyes, and I'm not afraid to vocalize it. That's what makes me the Seal Shepherd :-) I like the multiculturalism of Canada. I just have a problem with the Indians. They come here and rape Canada of it's social services. You see them on bicycles with white pajamas' and turbans and beards down to the ground...thousands of them! More than white people. They refuse to assimilate. That's not multiculturalism, that's segregation. There are blacks moving in too. Gangs from Toronto. So next year may be the year to move. I call a spade a spade. I see what's in front of me...my world...and I put it to words. It shocks some people, but they walk away knowing it's the truth..."
Oh crap. I think you are racist, Michael. I call a spade a spade, you know.
You're afraid or and hate Indians and people of color, black people, yellow,
dark or light... anyone who is not pure white!

 I found this book for you to read. Maybe it can help you.

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