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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seal Shepherd — One Man, Dozens of Accounts, Emails, Profiles and Personalities.

Michael's "Marketing Tool."

Abuse Towards Women — A Sample Case:

Kelly Morehead was abused relentlessly last year by McDade
and all his sock accounts AND cohorts, even on groups for animal rights.

In this example, his puppet released to the public Kelly's full address and telephone number.
Note he calls her a whore, a slut, a bitch and then despicably makes false claims of her making sexual advances towards him. Michael McDade IS Gabriel Levy, and McDade has accused EVERY WOMAN he's had a disagreement with as a "whore/bitch/slut who is taking revenge because her advances were rejected." Seal Shepherd / Michael McDade accused Kelly Morehead of coming on to him, just as he accused all the other women he's stalked and harassed.

Stock Photo image file
Michael McDade uses for his sock account
-fake profile "Sacha Cohen." Photo can be
found in a stock photo search via one of the largest
stock image sites. Facial proportions do not match
other images of "Sacha" on the profile.
First off, I'd like to say "Hello!" to Michael.
I know he's reading this. He's a follower of mine, a bit obsessed, and thinks he's going to sue me since he sent me — via his "Sacha Cohen" Facebook profile — a HILARIOUS "cease and desist" message. Michael cupcake, it's not a legal document. Let me tell you something, my little stalker. My cousin in Manhattan is a corporate attorney. A huge corporate attorney. Since you're simple-minded, I'll explain to you why I'm telling you what type of lawyer he is. That kind of attorney is far more educated and experienced with suing others. You can claim to have PETA's attorney's on your side, but I already know you're full of crap. Michael McDade, PETA does NOT back up men wearing animal products — leather jackets, leather boots, leather pants, leather gloves. PETA does NOT high-five and give kudos to men who admit openly to eating the flesh of animals while making gay slurs and ignorantly claiming:

…real men need protein, and protein a real man needs can
Only faggots can survive on a veg*n diet, “___________,”
and this is a fact. I eat meat for protein because I'm a man
and I have to. 

Now that's not 100% verbatim, but it's close enough. By the way, this is not the first time McDade has made bigoted, racial, misogynist or other negative, abusive comments online. Currently you can Google the  creep and find an entry in which he calls a woman by the last name "Whorehead." (Yes, the same woman above) In an utterly pathetic run-in with him on Twitter, he called me a slut, a whore and a "boozing whore." Funny that he would say such asinine accusations when he lives in Canada, cannot see me at home (as far as I know), can't see my personal posts online to know if I drink or not (I don't), and then claims he's going to sue me for libel. Ha ha ha. Note, too, that to him, all women are sluts and whores. I don't think the guy has had a lady friend in quite some time and this is causing some pent-up anger issues.


SEAL SHEPHERD has joined numerous Toronto Motorcycle forums and been banned from most.


I got this message long before the sicko decided to come after me for a dose of McDade-style stalker/bullying. I really thought nothing of it, but did save it because I knew the content was bullshit.
No group was stolen, and I'd already been aware, simply by reading posts, of his "problem" with Kelly.
You've noticed he never posts as himself, yes? It's always via a sock account. I think Sacha here is his favorite. If he was a serial killer, and this was television, the characters of Criminal Minds would have a field day with him.

Oh wait, here's another from two days later…

Let's revisit Michael McDade's Facebook message, sent from a fake profile. Michael should know that anything legitimate would have to come from his attorney, not from a sock puppet account set up on a social networking website. This was one of the funniest/stupidest things I ever had sent to me in the 18 years I've been online.

DO take note of the spelling errors in this pathetic excuse of a scare tactic by this narcissistic CREEP.
The hilarity goes beyond this asinine message he sent me. The content is his delusion. I have no videos posted anyplace. I'm not part of the website pricks4seals. He is INSANE and YES, he's DANGEROUS. DO NOT join groups he sets up, because before long, he'll ask you to do seemingly innocent "advocacy work" for him, and before you can blink an eye, you're actually harassing innocent people. 

Beware of SEAL SHEPHERD on all websites.

Sorry, But the answer is NO, because YOU ARE HARASSING ME.

Seal Shepherd, AKA Sacha Cohen, threatening me.
I was so annoyed, I let some spelling errors slip in my reply. Oops!

The latest attempt to win over new and naive "fans" to Seal Shepherd:


DO NOT join the Change.org group this sociopath has created. He is a fraud! He has no "soldiers" backing him. He's a narcissistic lunatic, a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any moment. Run, don't walk, if this man or any of his fake profiles, male or female, approach you to join his "cause" on Facebook, Myspace, Change.org or ANY website he's created. NOTHING HE CLAIMS IS REAL.
He's always claiming "We're 500,000 strong," but when the going gets tough, the Seal Shepherd stands ALONE. If he was credible, he would have an army of backers, just as SEA SHEPHERD does, the organization Michael is highly jealous of.

I'm on Change.org for a very long time. 

Messages are going out.

SEAL Shepherd is NOT Sea Shepherd.
Dear [Name Here],

I feel I must alert as many people as I can, for the sake of the animals, this website and the good people who are actually helping to save and rescue seals, etc.




Cyber Stalking by Michael McDade (Seal Shepherd)

Beware of the “Seal Shepherd”

I, Captain Paul Watson, have been involved all my life in opposing the brutal slaughter of seals on the East coast of Canada. Throughout those years I have worked with many people to abolish the killing including Cleveland Amory of the Fund for Animals, Brian Davies of IFAW, Rebecca Aldworth of HSUS, Brigitte Bardot, Hans Weber and so many more but there is one person who I never met or worked with or even heard of and that is really incredible considering he refers to his Facebook group as “the largest anti-seal slaughter movement in the world!”

To my knowledge, this man has never been to the scene of the seal hunt. I do not believe that he has ever interfered with the killing of any seals and there is no person I know in this movement who has who has ever heard of him.

If you google “Seal Shepherd” you get zero hits on news items and a Facebook site with a couple of thousand “friends.”  A far cry from the 250,000 supporters he claims to have.
Who is this Seal Shepherd?

His name is Michael McDade, and he claims to be the world’s foremost defender of seals.
The very fact that he describes his group as the largest anti-seal slaughter movement in the world is blatantly delusional. No one has ever heard of it!  

All very bizarre and trivial except that he is giving the marine conservation movement a very bad name by allegedly targeting the children of sealers, threatening violence against those who disagree with him and distributing disturbing misinformation throughout the internet.

This man is to the animal and wildlife defense movement what the Nigerian fraud scam is to unsuspecting people who end up losing tens of thousands of dollars.    

He has actually implied that I am the “Seal Shepherd,” or rather that he is me. He signs messages sometimes as Paul and the association is designed to be close enough to confuse. He claims to know me – he does not.

As far as I’m concerned, he is plain and simply a fraud.

Captain Paul Watson

Michael McDade (aka Seal Shepherd)


Camille Marino

In late May, a new associate calling himself Seal Shepherd (Michael McDade) lent his resources to a campaign on which I was working and I welcomed his assistance. A week or so later, Seal sent me a lengthy letter of intimidation advising me that, due to the 250,000 activists to whom he had availed me, I was now to disassociate from a generous and loyal colleague.  I do not play these games and removed myself from the equation.

However, it is now apparent that Seal Shepherd is trying to bring down strong animal activists in rapid succession. He slanders them on facebook through his extensive networks, is attempting to gain notoriety by leveling legal actions against high-profile individuals, and he is attacking others in their professional capacities threatening economic hardship.

The fourth one of my friends became a target yesterday. These are facts to which I personally attest.

I have heard a litany of other highly-disturbing allegations.


Paul Watson

There is a cyber stalker operating under the name of Seal Shepherd who is passing himself off as a Sea Shepherd supporter. Apparently this man, who is a Canadian and signs his name as “Paul” has in many cases attempted to portray himself as Captain Paul Watson. He has been posting malicious messages to celebrities and making threats to women and children.

This man is not a supporter of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and his behaviour is unacceptable and typical of the type of cyber stalker we are beginning to see more of in online social network sites. He is a liar and he is dangerous. If you have him as a “friend” it would be in your best interest to delete him and if you receive or see any malicious or unethical posting or messages from him, you should report him the Facebook.





Paul (The Seal Shepherd)
Michael 'Seal' McDade 
Monique Christina Ford
Sophia Hampshire
Hannah Goldstraw
Izabella N Siegel
Nadia Anett Kiss
Natalija Ivanova
Selena Stevens
Michelle Macey
Oliver Williams
Natasha Siegel
Mike Shepherd
Natalie Hughes
Faye Richards
Oliver Williams
Claudia James
Pamela Smith
Kieran Taylor
Angella Davis
Sacha Cohen
Anita Németh
Gabriel Levy
Gábor Lévay
Patrik Lévay
Paul McKay
Helena Joy
Eldon Bull

Michael McDade (Real Name) aka Mike McDade, Paul McKay , Sacha Cohen , Elldon , Chantel, Gabriel Levy, Gábor Lévy and many, many more.

Cyber bully, terrorist; Bully who threatens the weak; White Male Supremacist; Misogynazi (Woman Hater); Hates Lesbians and Gays; Racist who often uses words like “sand nigger”; Cry baby who censors his critics, hacks their computers and facebook accounts and steals their FB groups after offering to be an admin, threatens them with attacks from Hells Angels (81s) and the lives of their elderly parents and children, publishes their personal information, and attempts to get them thrown off facebook. ; Arrogant delusional megalomaniacal liar, Conceited. Thinks all women are in love with him.

"_____________" I heard this guy Seal Shepherd is a total fraud trying to get leading animal rights activist in legal trouble. Don't trust this guy, and remove him from your Facebook list!!!



So, do as you feel fit. 
I felt it was my duty, for the animals, for women, for humans, to warm as many as I could. No activist for animals wears leather head to toe, eats all animals and cries "I'm the ONLY one doing anything for all these animals!!!"


Michael, when you treat others with such cruelty and disrespect, it comes back to bite you in the ass.
No amount of fat and leather pants will protect your ass from the bite you're going to get soon enough. 
Karma, she's a bitch, cupcake.

A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.
Leo Tolstoy 


  1. If the little dingbat claims to have the backing of PETA's lawyers again show the lad this, I had a lovely conversation with one of the reps for PETA and this is what she had to say.

    I edited her contact information out so McDade couldn't harass the poor woman.


  2. Thanks very much! I've contacted PETA US and UK, and I see that PETA UK has "checked out" an entry with a lot of information, all factual, so I hope that any moment now, his YouTube accounts will be pulled.

    This sociopath needs to be stopped once and for all.

    I've posted his threats which claimed to use Hells Angels; he then claimed 3,000 of them joined forces with him. ALL UNTRUE.

    His days as a fake ARA are limited.
    Thanks for all you do!