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(Anyone who knows me knows I'm not actually a bitch, but let's allow this psychopath to think I'm a bitch to her blackened heart's content—it seems to make her feel she has some sort of control over me…and it does not.)

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seal Shepherd on Change.org? Not Anymore. And Facebook? Ignoring a C&D?

I saw this on your Twitter page. 

Oh gee. Sorry. You were removed, eh?

Weren't you told to keep off Facebook, aliases included?
Michael McDade, you are Sacha Cohen. You admitted so to a handful of your former cohorts. Besides that, we all knew. I told you long ago, and I told you again recently; you used a stock photo as the first image of "Sacha," then you began pulling images from Google. The sleaziest move was using another woman's Flickr images and then pretending that "Sacha" moved to Queens, NY. You idiot. Do you know how easy that was to investigate? Obviously not!

There is a Cease & Desist that specifically tells you to not use Facebook. That means your "Sacha Cohen" cannot use it either. Neither can your Paul McKay or your Eldon Bull, your Gabriel Levy or your many others. How the hell do you even keep track? Oh, that's right... no job, no real seal rescue and saving, no activism... you have quite a bit of time on your hands, don't you?

You're nuts, dude. Insane. And the sad part is, your little game is coming to an end sooner than you know. Remember this, Michael?
Seal Shepherd June 9 at 4:41am   Report
xxxxx , you up for it? I need cocks as she’s a hardcore gay rights activist from South Africa.
http://www.facebook.com/anique.humanThe bitch got our Fuck of China group taken down!
I have very “special” plans for her!
` SS

Remember? Looks like a threat, doesn't it?

Here's a few more little pieces of your madness to jog your memory and remind you that you've already dug your hole. You just need to jump into it.

You might want to explain to the RCMP what you mean by "81's on. FFNCP, full encode" and why you are targeting a woman. I know it's because she is gay, but they would probably want all the details, if you can separate the truth from your lies.

You don't even like "animal rights people." Remember? You've said it many times. 
So, how would you "put an end to their misery?" Sounds like you're threatening harm again, McDade. That's not too smart. To make matters worse, for you, you then threaten anyone who comes to one women's defense? Are you really that mentally deranged? 

You've never been on the ice. Possibly, in a dream, you have, but in real life, you've never been on the ice during the seal cull. Not a sissy like you. No, you'd not take a bullet for the seals. Not for seals, not for anyone or anything. You're a pathological liar and a sociopath. Good try, though. "Who would speak for the seals then?" Oh Michael. PAUL WATSON and the SEA SHEPHERD WOULD! IFAW would! Seals of Nam would!

And again, you mention Hells Angels. Are you trying to piss them off, or other people off? 3,000 of them are on YOUR team? HA HA HA HA HA!!!


You're very busy Googling yourself. You spent 1 hour 45 mins 1 sec's reading my blog(s). That was just today. I see you spending far too much time on your iPhone Googling yourself and other people, reading about things that can't save seals, cats or dogs at all. I thought you're too busy for anything, to even update your blogs, because you're "always on the go" and doing "undercover covert direct action" to save seals. It's really not so covert, Michael. You're iPhone has a distinct "address," and so do your location(s). 

Maybe you should stop lying to people and claiming you're out there putting your life on the line, in areas far, far from home when the fact is that you're out there grabbing a coffee on the go from Tim Horton's and Googling yourself, right in your home town of Brampton. It's the same pattern I documented when you claimed you were in China last year; you were right there in Brampton, on your iPhone, Googling yourself. (BTW, you're aware you goofed on your China, story, yes? Your first "report from China" had you stating you'd been shot. You later made a statement claiming you'd never been shot at, but the new version was that you were "beaten with sticks.")

I've taken screenshots, so head's up for when you want lie about this. Remember, I'm the one you told thousands of people around the world is a "Newfie Seal Killer." You recently got pissed off because the screenshot of your mass-email telling people to "Destroy the Seal Killers!" and listing my full name and address was posted on Facebook. Do you think I don't know when you have a crybaby outburst and get miffed over the public postings of your threats asking strangers to "be creative!" in how they destroy me? Remember your threat to another woman, about throwing anthrax in her face? Another lie; that you are backed up by thousands of Hell's angels and you're the "president of ALF Toronto." Telling people I'm a "Newfie," though... didn't you think that lie through at all? Seal Shepherd, didn't your mother ever tell you that lying is not nice? You know I'm a New Yorker. You know I'm an animal rights activist. You know I support Sea Shepherd; it's why you started stalking me in the first place, remember? You saw me on Facebook, telling people to follow Sea Shepherd and similar organizations and to NOT follow you because you were not doing anything to help save the seals at all, but you were harassing, bullying and tormenting users on Facebook, and I saw it and called you out on it. You got angry and sent me a message using your sock account "Sacha Cohen." Look at your blog, Michael. It's 95% cease and desist entries and 5% "campaigns" that do nothing whatsoever to save seals, cats or dogs. 

You once said to me "I'm one step ahead of you. I'll always be one step ahead of you."
Sorry buddy, but I'm miles ahead of you, crybaby.

You were denounced by PETA, Animal Liberation Front and all legitimate non-profits and NGO's. Why do you bother lying?

People have been warned that you have a fake Twitter account set up, posing as ALF.
@animallibfront is NOT legitimate, it's you. You actually believe anyone who is an activist believes you, after you threatened one of the webmasters of the Animal Liberation Front website, and posted an asinine cease and desist on your blog? Get a life, man.

You really have too much time on your hands for a guy who claims he's saving the worlds' animals. You're not going to pick up any biker chicks by telling lies and consistently threatening and abusing women, Seal Nuts. You might end up getting slapped in the face, though. Good luck!

Have a good cry over the fact that you lost all your fake profiles, and in the same day, you lost every single group you had on Facebook... except STOP THE SEAL HUNT! That one got snagged and taken over by those you abused and harassed. 

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