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(Anyone who knows me knows I'm not actually a bitch, but let's allow this psychopath to think I'm a bitch to her blackened heart's content—it seems to make her feel she has some sort of control over me…and it does not.)

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Michael McDade aka Seal Shepherd aka Seal Shepherd X: SOCIOPATH

The sissy has never saved a seal in his life. I bet he's never saved a cat or dog either. I would bet anything he can't save anything, not even himself.

FACT: HE IS NOT a non-profit. 
FACT: He is NOT Trademarked.
FACT: He holds NO Copyrights. 
FACT: He has NO organization, incorporation, company, etc. Change.org investigated him and that is why they REMOVED HIM FROM THEIR SITE. He claimed to be a non-profit org. and he was NOT.

FACT: He is a FRAUD.

Mentally unstable? OH YES. 
I was forwarded a "kooky" little email he sent to a Hotmail user. I don't use "the dark side," and it's web apps either. Numbskull doesn't realize this yet? Had he paid any attention to anything I've said to him in response to all his threats and harassment, he'd know I don't use Hotmail, MSN, Windows, Bing, or anything Bill Gates. But then again, we're talking about a "dude" with possibly half a deck upstairs, not even three-quarters or close to full. 

Check this out. I think — and oh, I'm not positive, but ha ha ha, I'm almost sure — he sent this as a scare tactic to make me remove blog entries about him, and to feel "skeeeeered."
Sorry, Mikey, but I'm not scared of you, and this attempt to scare me was lame. You? FAIL. 

(Edited for MY privacy, as this email did NOT go to my Blogger email. Sorry, McDorkboy, you don't get access. Boo-hoo-hoo)

You wrote some stuff about Seal Shepherd.  I saw on Google search. Do you know him?

I do.  I wrote some nasty stuff in blog about him and his people, and I got an email one day from his lawyers.

I repled, "go to hell/"

He sued me.  

I have to pay him $54,000 in damages for libel.

You are brave chick.

If you get a cease and desiist from him, do it!

Do what he says and erase what you wrote!!!

I have no money.  My wages will be garnished to pay him, but I have no choice.  

I will appeal, but lawyer said I am wasting my time.  

He uses PETA's lawyers ,and they are very powerful.

$54,000 is money I will never have.

You are brave chick!


OH YES, he uses Peta's lawyers! I should've known! Seal Shepherd is, of course, someone they would back 150%, because he WEARS LEATHER! So YES!!! PETA'S ATTORNEYS are indeed retained by Michael McDade! It makes so much sense! Michael, it's the most believable story of 2010. I wish I'd know about it when you'd sent on Thanksgiving! What a GIVING email it was! A LAUGH LIKE NO OTHER, McSissy! Peta's attorney's backing YOU, the meat-eating, leather "ninja jacket" wearing dork... yes, oh sure. Now I am definitely scared shitless. Peta, and Ingrid, oh please, forgive me for crossing this LEATHER NINJA. And Trent... please forgive me. After all, we were both born on the same day and I've listened to your music since I got my hands on that first TVT release! I own just about everything you've put out...I remember being around 25ft. away from you and Manson in NY; great show! I'm against the Chinese fur farms and have supported your video since you released it. Oddly, it looks a bit different now, but I'll have my *gasp* wages garnished if I don't do what he says and ERASE EVERYTHING!!! OMFG!

No, I was kidding. Sorry, McDade, did I give you a boner there, for a sec, when you thought I was serious? Oh wait, wait, wait... you don't like "girls." My bad. 

STOP wasting my time and other people's time.
I got your little letter forwarded to me. It came with an apology that it was from November, but the person you emailed wasn't quite sure who it was meant for. Listen up, jackass, my email is on this blog. Are you that much of an idiot? Are you incapable of clicking the link called "Contributors?" Obviously, you are! Moron!

Have you yet to think you know my IP? Are you still delusional and think I "colluded" with Paul Watson? Are you still so unhinged that you are enlisting unstable psychopaths from overseas to do your dirty work, to use the 20 to 30 fake profiles you create to try to intimidate users online, just like you tried to intimidate and harass me? Are you, meatyboy? Of course you are.
Now why the hell are you still even BOTHERING to annoy and harass people in 2011? Isn't all of this OLD? Aren't you bored yet?

And what the hell is with this BS? You STOLE Peta's video that was made with Trent Reznor and you now claim it was a collaboration with YOU? Are you that mentally insane?

Oh yes, people, he did! http://www.youtube.com/user/SealShepherdBlue

Seal Shepherd

Get a load of this narcissistic freak's newest YouTube web page.
The others have all been removed due to violations just like this.
He takes claim to the works of others, he lies about issues and
he libels, defames and basically — he's just nuts!

Trent Reznor For Seal Shepherd and PETA

I hope Trent himself comes across Michael's copyright infringement, because
seriously... of all the sickos on this planet, I highly doubt Trent would align
himself with a narcissistic sociopath that threatened Paul Watson of
Sea Shepherd and rabidly went after many other people who actively try
to stop the killing of innocent animals. "Seal Shepherd" is a lunatic; a disturbed
little child who likes to play mind games through the internet. He pretends to
care about the seals, yet the loser is posing in leather in almost every photo
of himself with his crapp-o motorcycle, and he said he HAS to eat meat
because "real men need to," according to him. Only "faggots" can live a veg*n
lifestyle, Michael McDade told someone, and he said he's a man and needs
protein, and according to Mcdade, you can ONLY get protein from animal meat.
OMG, what are all the vegetarians and vegans of this world thinking!
And protein! Everyone is dying from lack of protein!
Michael McDade knows this, you know. 

http://www.myspace.com/sealshepherd/   <---LOL's what REAL non-profit would HIDE?

Michael McDade, YOU yourself posted these photos all over the internet, especially on MySpace and Facebook, and you said anyone can use them. You wanted online users to use them. you specifically requested that your Hungarian psycho-puppet Veronika Hompo spread your bullshit and your image all over the internet. You never once mentioned copyright. I'm not doing anything wrong by using what you put out there and what anyone can find with a little Google syntax skill. You posted everything from your actual photo to A COPYRIGHTED PHOTO YOU STOLE FROM SUZUKI THAT YOU USE TO REPRESENT YOURSELF — IS THAT NOT COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT OR WHAT. It sure is, Mikey. You have Suzuki's image all over the internet with your birth name and with your imaginary organization of one person — you — and you rep that org. with a stolen image, infringing on Suzuki's copyrights.

Ha ha ha! No, no you are not fighting for any seals or dogs and cats in China. You're too busy at Tim Horton's or harassing the local pet shelter in Brampton. Deny it all you like but the police at Division 22 said you literally try to stop the rescue from saving animals.

"I am mighty ninja of meat and do!"

Michael McDade, that is one of your email addresses. whatever_66@live.com just happened to email ME pretending to be a woman named Kendra L. Cree. "Kendra" claimed you sued her and won $54,000. The problem is, there is no such person in the United States with that name. The second problem is that you, as Kendra, claimed PETA's attorney's sued her for you.

I have solid proof. I also know you have used http://www.mahmoney.com's IP
(IP Tracing and IP Tracking Dedicated Private Host) — to send email to your victims in hopes that they won't find this:


You're NOT allowed on Facebook, yet you blatantly sign your
correspondences with all your friends and with PETA with Facebook URL's.

I see TWO Facebook links in this sig, dated February 11, 2011.

McDade / Seal Shepherd, if you have a problem with me, my blog or anything else, email me directly, not via your fake aliases, sock accounts or through threatening emails from fake people you made up. You NEVER reply to anything, even when I've asked you to cease threatening me, stop harassing me and others and stop claiming to be what you are not, while using hate as a marketing tool. You know my email, you can use it to send me a message without making threats, demands or bullying me. Remember, Michael, YOU STARTED THIS with your THREATS and ONLINE BULLYING. Not me. I didn't even know who you were when I received my first "warning" email about "aligning with the enemy," Sea Shepherd. Paul Watson. McDade, it was a Facebook "Like" and that bothered you so much to send messages from aliases, chock full of libel, personal information about people you don't know personally, and passive threats towards me? 

Get a mental health evaluation. I'm serious. You just don't know when to stop and leave me and others alone. 

Harassing, bullying and threatening me and others online.
Harassing, bullying and threatening me and others online.
Cease and desist your almost daily aggressive email, biker forum and/or Facebook threats. STOP YOUR ONLINE ABUSE, or I will keep documenting it. 


Seal Shepherd, What the hell is this?
You posted this on a biker forum:

This is me, I'm The Seal Shepherd. I lead one half a million people against the sealslaughter in Newfoundland Canada. I go out on the ice and face off with sealers. I use brutal tactics that have never been used in the history of Canada, like unleashing my 81 (Hells Angel) friends on the sealers themselves. I've been in the media in NL, and have many requests to do media there to which I declined. The Playboy playmate I dated last year is Sia Barbi of the Barbi Twins. Some of my friends and supporters are Paul McCartney, and Julian Lennon (John Lennon's) son. He is offering me much needed support. I talk to him weekly,'he's awesome guy. A lot of celebs contact me as they know the seal issue is one that can revamp their career, as my seals are "cute." Some of them like Lennon and Pam Anderson are genuine friends tho.

So, please don't "out me" on the forum

McDade, you are NOT friends with Julian Lennon. You are NOT friends with Pam Anderson! It's as insane as when you claimed to be friends and in relationships with other celebrity-types. You are delusional. "Please don't out me?" Are you joking? You outed yourself! I also hold the email (not posted on here) in which you state you really never met "the twins" or dated one. Lastly, look at the violence you publicly posted you are involved with. "I use brutal tactics" — would that include the threats on the lives of not the sealers, but their children and wives? YES. "Unleashing my 81's" — you have NO 81's. You are stating to all that you are backed by Hells Angels. You're not. They want nothing to do with you. They called you a nut job. 

You can't go around the internet posting violence, threats, bullying women and think there will be no repercussions. You can't keep threatening to sue those of us who post the truth. You are harassing us when you do that. I asked you to stop, so listen up... stop your online bullying, your posts full of racist hate and ideas and stop the libel. 
OR YES, I will post all of the really nasty dirt I have on you, that you've sent to people over the last 12 months. Do you want the REAL SEAL exposed? The one who hates everyone not white? The one trying to blackmail those in the spotlight? Do you want your blackmail letters posted public? Then cut it out.

Below is a screenshot of a homophobic hate group Michael McDade created to use to incite hate and violence against the LGBT community, but more specifically against a specific woman he did not like — he was bothered by her not being heterosexual and her passion for helping to save animals, especially greyhounds. He was always attacking her with not one ounce of emotion or remorse for his actions, and asking homophobic men and women to help him abuse her and "put her in her place." He would play upon the religious, even though he himself was not religious at all, and entice them to do hateful online harassment towards her and others in the animal rescue and activism circles because he, as what he thinks is a "man," felt she should have been attracted to him.

"I don't do well with women that don't talk to me with respect."
"Those 250,000 members came from me, my ideas, 
my writing, my hard work. I have given it all to you."
"Respect me tho V. I won't tolerate anything else."

Back when McDade lurked online looking for foreign girls to help him run his scams, he found Veronika Hompo and saw that she was willing to go to any lengths to hurt people for a cause, even if she didn't really know what that cause was or if it was real. Eventually, she did turn on him. She denies it now, but she released every email and detail of the inner workings of his sick and perverted, vile mind to me and to others because he replused her.

Need more?

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