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(Anyone who knows me knows I'm not actually a bitch, but let's allow this psychopath to think I'm a bitch to her blackened heart's content—it seems to make her feel she has some sort of control over me…and it does not.)

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Nicole Rice — Might as Well be McDade.

As most of you know, I've been working like mad lately, and feeling like crap as my entire household seems to be passing back and forth some viral infection. I just recently found out that Nicole Rice has been making defamatory posts about me for days, and it's escalated. She and her friends are posting libel about me in a few groups, and claim I'm very active in anti and pro-sealing groups. I don't even have the time. She knows this. My last interaction in a seal group was with a Canadian man who targeted women with crude attacks, and it took place months ago. Nicole knows this. Because I'm against the seal hunt and she is pro-seal hunting, she chooses to attack me? Did she enjoy it when Michael McDade attacked her? No, she didn't. I recall her saying she was quite upset when he went after her and her family, yet she is now doing the same to me. She's chosen to victimize me the way she was victimized, all because I am against sealing and she is not only pro-sealing, but advocates sealing and whaling. She's begun a hate campaign against me all because I stated that I really could no care less about people who support, proudly, the Canadian seal hunt. It wasn't said to her or directed to her, but she took it very personal and responded with immense volatility.

She posted private information I'd messaged to her. She concocted information "about me" and posted it public. She, in a nutshell, lost her marbles over my stance on the seal hunt.

If this woman does NOT remove the libel, I will send all the online harassment to her local police.

Suzanne Hayes: I'm sorry I'm not as active here as usual. I'm sick (yes, again, or still) and just got a huge creative project with a close deadline. My awesome son is home from school, too, until Friday. Much ♥ to my friends!
 November 10 at 5:24pm

Back in Sept., I had private messages with Nicole, and she has posted them public. To me, that's wrong on many levels.

Nicole has also been posting to groups claiming I'm a boozer. Her "nickname" for me is "Bozy Suzy." A shame Nicole can't spell correctly. She refers to me often as being drunk and makes comments about me "hitting the bottle."

I don't even drink.

Nicole Rice: Hold on a minute. Do you hear that. Thats Bozy signing into all her fake account and messaging all her friends to report this group. She and Micheal would make a wonderful couple they are so much alike. Go ahead tho Bozy, beware tho that while your signing into and out of profiles you will have to put down your bottle. Might lose your buzz, would not want that to happen reality might sink in.
Tuesday at 2:09pm

This is Nicole Rice. She is a cyberbully and she posts libel, bullies Facebook users who are NOT pro-seal hunt and who speak out against it (it gets her annoyed and yes, she will tell you so). 

Here is my message to her. She thinks it's funny.
I'm not laughing.

I just received a screenshot from the group "Sunny Day."
Nicole Rice is badmouthing me and posting libel.

If Nicole does NOT stop the libel and defamatory comments, I will retaliate. This is total bullshit. Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? I never said I was "having fun" with Susan. Learn to read, Nicole. Look below and read all my posts and comments. I said the group creeped me out and the people were pro-hunt. You're an asshole, because of course I want people to know "spookie" is "spookie," I just won't use this account in that group! That's my nickname online since the early 90's, moron. And yes, I did mingle with hackers. So? And? I myself don't. I had joined the EFF, Electronic Freedom Foundation, and attended CFP conferences (Computers, Freedom and Privacy). Studied some cryptology. NOT anything for boozers or drug addicts, sorry to say. I find it all interesting. Same as computer software and hardware. I can gut a computer and put it together again better than it was before. Yes, I can trace IP's. At one of my former jobs, I could tell my boss what applications every employee was using in the entire building. 38 floors. I stopped a virus from attacking the LAN.

You're so right, Nicole, I must be a boozer, slack on my "fake" profiles and slip up. Ha ha ha
My Spookie SassyCat account is my backup, dumb ass. It was actually a profile created by my ex, and when I found it, I demanded it be handed over to me. Want to go after my cat's account, too? How about my account set up so my son, a toddler, can play all the games, but not mess up my Facebook profile? Do you want to make accusations there also? Get a life, Nicole. You have too much paranoia brewing.

This is no joke, Nicole. Don't fuck with me. I didn't start up with you, you started up with me. You came at me with your attacks and so did your friend. I stated my opinion, and you didn't like it. I didn't even say anything nasty or mean. I said the group was creepy. You don't even know HOW I saw. You just assume and jump, and make accusations. You're nasty and you think because you were victimized by McDade, you can victimize others?

If you think I'm just some little FB user, you're very wrong. I don't know what your issue is, but I agree with CG, the Susan character is a fake and you, you're a phony. You were pissed off from the getgo when I was disgusted by that "friend" of yours, the total stranger you have on your friend list that calls women cunts and posts to women "you should've been aborted." "Inbred? hahah Its too bad you're a waste of space, brainless, cunt , who is trying to get attention cause daddy never loved her. Or maybe its because you are so fugly you cant make any friend offline. :) save all you want whore." Now there's a good friend to have. He seeks women to attack, not men. That sounds like McDade, and you friended him. He calls men faggots, and women cunts. You think about that, Nicole. While you sit there on your high horse, remember how long ago that was. That was the last time, and one of two or three times I was ever in a group like that, so you and you pal are just posting libel unless you can come up with a boatload of screenshots. And you can't. Lastly, calling me a boozer? I don't drink, do drugs, or smoke. Sorry, Nicole. Try again.

I'm working around the clock for over a week on two expos/trade shows, and taking care of my son, so Nicole, you're telling me you can see into my home and you know I'm not posting in your asinine groups because I run? Ha ha ha ha!!! Listen bitch, I don't run. I have no time for you or the sock account, and I'm posting on my profile when I can. Secondly, my other job is social media marketing manager, so seriously, time for you is sparse. I create Facebook fan pages for businesses. I have access to attorneys. Software for

...oh, gotta go, Nicole ;)

STOP the libel, or I'll take this seriously and you DO NOT want to WASTE MY TIME.

Just got the screenshot of the TOPIC you created about me. Are you a mentally ill woman? You posted private information about a serious incident that the police happened to get involved in. Do YOU want to have the police involved, too? I'll gladly forward the screenshots of your libel to your local police, Nicole. Your libel and harassment are not tolerated. The boozing comments are really off the wall.

I have no posts asking anyone to report your groups or Sunny Day. Are you smoking something?

Remove the private conversations, that mention my father, or I will send the libel and harassment to your local police. You had no permission. That's why they are called PM's, Nicole. PRIVATE. MESSAGES. I am so sorry for being HONEST with you. You obviously are not an honorable woman. And yes, the woman who stalks me? Stalks others. She's currently harassing a former friend of hers and calling that friend "Judas." A dozen of us all just received postal letters, a federal crime. So much for your facts.

I've had it with you. You crossed the line. I receive one more screenshot of you and any online bullying, online abuse or anything that in libel, and I send it to the authorities. I've not harassed or libeled you. You're harassing me and what you are doing is called ONLINE BULLYING.

I will take it all the way.

I have handouts to create for this trade show, so please, get your libel off the site and stop this shit.

This is what Nicole has just posted:
("Seen" this? Poor woman didn't even learn English.)

Nicole Rice
A Bully as Bad a Michael McDade

I will not and do NOT tolerate BULLYING.
Nicole hates veg*ns? Too bad. I hate the people who support the seal hunt so proudly. 
They are disgusting people.

Nicole, I'm so glad you're PROUD to be PRO-SEALER.

I have NO TIME for this crap.
I refuse to participate with pro-sealer bullies. Bullying is bullshit.

Nicole, had you a single good, kind bone in your body, you'd have not plastered the internet with your lies and bullshit. You know damn well you are full of SHIT when you post that I have never once fought McDade. You yourself know what I've done, and you can look it up right here. You also know from other people. You think that because you were attacked, you have a free pass to attack others. Wrong.

He attacked me, too, and because I chose to NOT allow you to bully me, and I told you so, you assume I ran and hid? No, cupcake. That's called NOT DEALING WITH A Canadian REDNECK. You are uneducated and you seem to live for a fight. Not my bag, Nicole! I'm BUSY.

Get the fuck over YOURSELF, Nicole. And when you do, I'll gladly remove this entry.
Let me know when all the libel and hate comes down. Until then, fuck yourself.

"What he done to me?" Dear God, learn English. Do you have any idea how many times you've written such horrible grammar?

You know damn well what I stand for, what I do and have done. LYING about me gets you nowhere.

Get a life, Nicole.

Awww, how cute. Nicole has an "ANTI-SEA SHEPHERD" badge on her little Facebook picture. So cute! So supportive of our diminishing oceans. So caring and compassionate. Oh, break out the box of tissues, everyone.

I'll repeat this for you: Get the fuck over YOURSELF, Nicole. And when you do, I'll gladly remove this entry.
Let me know when all the libel and hate comes down. 
Until then, fuck yourself.

By the way, Nicole, you trailer trash skank, remember how you swore it was fact that I was not part of any organizations that had anything to do with humans, just animals? Here's just a sampling from my Change.org. Sorry, it's an old screenshot and shows no actions, really. You can go snoop for yourself since you already keep snooping here, right? Go ahead, lurk Change.org, too. Don't expect to find pro-sealers who give a rat's ass about you, though.
Now go fuck yourself.

You and Michael McDade would've made quite a team in a different life. Maybe you DO on a different plane. Ha ha ha. OMG, that probably went right over your uneducated brain.



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  1. Nicole Rice is only a dumb, unintelligent, gross trollop. She is the greatest cocksucker of the greatest pro-sealer, Robert Pike (aka Terry Holloway aka Stephen Coles - now he uses the Stephen Coles fake account on Facebook to harass the animal rights activists.)
    Suzanne, great answers and repartees anyway. And I like your blog, too.