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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ethical Pizza: We made the New York Times

Ethical Pizza: We made the New York Times


We made the New York Times


Chelsea Clinton's recent wedding has created a media frenzy and since she's a vegan (something I was not aware of), the New York Times decided to write an article about the question whether vegans should offer only vegan meals at weddings or serve animal products to their non-vegan guests. They must have looked for vegan weddings online and come across my post about our wedding.

A reporter talked to Kathleen on the phone and they sent out a photographer to take pictures. The picture of us in our backyard turned out lovely. I am not entirely happy with the article, I felt that the story is looking a little too hard for the "conflict" between offering vegan meals, and "the comfort of the guests". When planning our wedding, it never occurred to us that such a choice had to be made. The article's title asks: "At Vegans’ Weddings, Beef or Tofu?" Our answer: neither. We served a beautiful, satisfying, spectacular and memorable all-vegan meal that people rave about to this day.

And of course the article had to include the utterances of the pastry-chef couple where "he" is not vegan and so they decide to serve meat at the wedding because otherwise the celebrity chefs they hired "would think we're crazy!" Um, okay. Personally, I'm having a hard time calling someone with such an attitude a vegan. I'm getting a very "future 'ethical' carnivore" vibe...

Nevertheless, I'm happy that we were featured in this article. The mainstream media did its thing, and perhaps this article will spur some people to think about these issues and help encourage vegan couples to have vegan weddings. Your wedding is a chance to show people that veganism is, among other things, about delicious food!

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